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5 Ways to change your life

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you change your life and improve its quality.




Since you picked this article to read, we will be honest with you from the start. You have only one life and you don’t want any regrets when your story comes to an end. We will reveal one truth to you now. People are not afraid of dying, they are afraid of how they spent their life. If they had a good and happy life, they will have a happy ending. If not, you get the picture… We can’t help you much but give you 5 ways to change your life. These are not set rules, more like a guideline, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow. The best definition would be 5 lifehacks. Although you are not noticing it, one thing that never changes is that life is always changing.


Find out how you view yourself in certain situations in the past or how you would react to possible future scenarios. What is your attitude in those situations? Are you doing what others expect from you or are you reacting from beliefs that are deep inside you? These are important questions that require introspection and some honest answers. Getting these answers is the first step towards necessary change or realizing that maybe you don’t need a change after all. Consequently, maybe you just need to tweak a couple of things and you will be just fine. On the other hand, you will figure out that honesty removes you from always having excuses. Firstly, remove outside factors from your thoughts and secondly, focus on what you are doing.pensive female 580611 960 720 1

Learning who you are

In the first place, you need to find out who you are. How do you see yourself and what do others think of you? In order to change, you have to start with changing these. This doesn’t necessarily mean to change yourself, just perception about you. Continue to nurture things you are doing well.

On the other hand, figure out what you want to develop. That is important part of the change, developing new skills. Because change is not just about changing things that are not bringing you joy and happiness. Also, it is about becoming somebody new.

Be thankful for all your strengths and flaws. Yes, flaws, perfection doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. In order for this to work, you need to accept yourself, every part of you.

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Small short-term goals

When you have decided what you want to change, you have to set small achievable goals. Not only will this bring positive thoughts but it also will bring a sense of progress as well. Because all those small things put together are actually one big change. Baby steps.

Improve your physical health. You don’t have to go to the gym, start running or biking. Additionally, you can start competing, with yourself at the beginning.

Change your hairstyle and/or start wearing things you are comfortable with. For example, if you need to wear suits to work, invest in tailor-made ones and smile away. But you have to be neat and tidy, there are no shortcuts there.

One other thing you can improve is your living conditions. Of course, you need to clean up and unclutter. Only then you can consider implementing big changes like new furniture.

Long Term Goals

Let’s start with light stuff, do something you always wanted to do. Indulge yourself with some new hobby or visit the place you always wanted to visit. You need the motivation to continue.

The next step is dealing with the people around you. This process is as hard as dealing with yourself. There is a saying “Blood is not water”. In other words, changing your family and relatives is impossible. You will have to work on your relations with them. By all means, sever some ties but then again work on others. In contrast, friends are a different story. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Job and location

At one point you might want to figure out that you don’t come to work with a smile. Changing job is something that is more common these days then you think. Job cycles are around nine months by the latest recruiting data. You are not a tree; you don’t have roots. Just be careful to be realistic about your skills and possibilities. Maybe start with some additional education as that might improve your work performance, if that is the problem to start with.seaside 371229 960 720

Re-evaluate the place where you live. This might be an easy decision but bear in mind that relocation is pretty stressful so organize your own on time. If you decide to start over in Tennessee, New York, Miami, or anywhere else in the USA, be optimistic and just enjoy it.

Take care of yourself

Changing your life is not an easy thing. Taking any steps towards change and deciding what you are about to try to change can be very intimidating. Reduce stress that comes your way. Try to relax as much as you can. Sooner or later, you will need help and support, talk to your friends about your endeavor. When the pressure is high, learn how to reduce stress. Even meditate 10 minutes a day, create a habit out of it.

At the same time, you have to remember that making the same mistake for the second time is actually a choice. You have to accept that this “change thing” will not happen overnight. You will inevitably fail, and some of us will never have a feeling of success as we encounter adversity more than others. This is not an excuse, in most cases, it comes from within, some people simply need “drama” to feel alive.

And don’t forget to reward yourself now and then, as following these 5 ways how to change your life is not an easy task. Best of luck.