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5 Visual Merchandising Tips to Lure New Customers




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Displaying hand-crafted, specialty garments properly can be the difference between making a sale and having a customer walk past your display with hardly a look. Because merchandising is so critical in the buying decision, it is important to make sure that all the best techniques are in place to capture the customer’s attention!

How Visual Merchandising Can Help You Move Product:

Merchandising, in general, is having a strategy in place to help you win customers and move product.

According to Bob Phipps, The Retail Doctor, there are several key merchandising and display tools that can help gain your customers’ interest and sell more merchandise:

Change Displays Monthly – This is especially important for items that are seasonal. Elegant New Years Eve clothing shouldn’t still be on display in the middle of summer.

Group Items Together – If you are showcasing a new line of designer slacks, group it with a matching top, purse and other accessories that showcase an entire look.

Showcase New, High-End Products – Put the newest and most expensive closest to the door. By using this technique, you will draw customers in the store and hopefully make a purchase.

Display Your Items Properly – Special items should be displayed by using overhead lights or spotlights and always displayed on the proper hangers, so they look their best.

Rotate the Displays – Move displays around to different areas of the sales floor, always putting the focus on the newest items.

A Must Have for Every Clothing Display:

One of the most important aspects of merchandising is how a garment is displayed, and this comes down to using the right hanger! Many retailers don’t understand the right hanger is a “must” for keeping clothes looking their best and keeping their form, especially when delicate materials like silk and linen are used.

Hangers come in many shapes and sizes. Wooden hanger suppliers make specialty hangers for coats, suits, skirts, slacks, blouses, and even delicate lingerie. Each is made to retain the form of the garment and keep it looking its best while on the sales floor.

Go With the Best Wooden Hanger Supplier for Your Visual Displays

There are several quality wooden hanger suppliers available, but one that stands about the rest is Butler Hangers. They offer a wide range of hangers for the retail and hospitality industry. They have been in business for over 17 years and are considered one of the premier wooden hanger suppliers on the market. While most designer garments are displayed on wooden hangers, they also offer a variety of metal and plastic hangers depending on your visual display needs.

If you want to move inventory, then visit Butler Hangers today. They’ll be happy to help you plan our your next set of customer-pleasing visual displays!