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5 Types Of Security Systems That You Should Know About

Running a business involves keeping a lot of imported goods and information safe. Read more to find out about the security systems that you can integrate into your office to protect it better.



Security Doors

The doors are not just a beautified entry point of your house or something that keeps the elements of the environment out; one of their most prominent features is the security of the place. People had been installing locks on the doors to their houses and offices for hundreds and thousands of years ago. But the development that has been seen in technology over just the past couple of decades is insane.

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The security system installed in your office or on the commercial property should be much more advanced and precise than the one you use at your home. Before you go out to the market in search of security doors in Landmark, you must carry your own research regarding the types of security doors. Here are five types of security door systems that you should know about.

Card Entry Security Doors

The type of security door that is most popular due to the movies is the card reader security door. Now you must have seen a lot of people on the T.V to walk into a high-security enclosure with just the swipe of a card (it is most likely to be a stolen card in the movies).

This type of security door is ideal for offices that have multiple security zones and would want only specific people entering the zones. It issues different levels of access depending on the person carrying it. There are also different types of card reading system; the three most popular ones are the code scanner, magnetic stripe, and RFID.

The magnetic stripe is the oldest method to be used in the security doors; it is that popular swiping you see in the movies! Although very attractive looking, it is inefficient due to the delay for the user who has to stand a couple of seconds before it verifies. The code scanner type of security doors are fairly quicker systems than the magnetic stripe, the delay is cut short from a few seconds to just a one second. The user is only required to flash it in front of the reader to get verified. The quickest and most convenient method is the RFID scanner; this method doesn’t require the user to flash or swipe the card anywhere; it can be kept in the pocket or hung by the trousers. 

Password Entry Security Doors

The problem that kept on coming up with the card reading type of security doors was that it was very easy for the card to get stolen and someone unauthorized to gain access. After this came a more advanced security system of keypad entry security systems. 

The keypad or password access type of security doors requires the entrance of a numeric or an alphanumeric passcode that grants the entrance to the user. You can issue a lot of different passwords to different sections of your property and only inform the authorized personal about it. This gives you a higher level of security, as there is no risk of it being stolen and used otherwise. 

Positive Signal Security Door

The sending out of positive signals to grant access is the type of security system most common to observe in the garage door at your house. This type of a security system involves the sending of a positive signal from a transmitter, which is received by the opener and opens the gate up for you before you reach the place, it has huge benefit of being efficient in time-saving but also a higher risk of security due to the time delay in opening and closing.

The positive signal type of security doors is most applicable in place with huge traffic of vehicles coming in and out. Just like you need the automation of the garage door at your home, big companies and factories also save a lot of time and effort by introducing this to their security systems. This also gives the ultimate advantage of not having to get out of the vehicle in bad weather to gain access.

Security Garage doors

Magnetic Lock Security Door

The magnetic doors security systems are probably one of the most advanced types of security systems out in the market. With the catch of losing force due to power being cut-off overcome by the manufacturers of the security system, it is one of the most reliable and efficient types of security systems to include in your property.

The magnetic locks are basically a pair of electromagnets that latch on to each other by using up the power from your main; they are not to be mistaken for lesser strength as they can resist a force up to 1200 pounds. They are also an ideal investment for the long-term, as there are no moving or mechanical parts. They also take out the possibility of the pins getting locked in, or being stuck.

The magnetic door locks require an additional type of security system to be attached and integrated along as it is only a locking mechanism. It is typical, either keypad lock or a card reader lock integrated into this system. They stand ideal for uses in banks and emergency exits where time and security both are of the essence. 

Buzz It In

The buzz it in is not the latest type of security system but the type that you must already know, either from seeing people getting buzzed into apartment buildings or footage of security team granting access after recognizing the person on CCTV footage. Either visual ID or a voice ID is used in this type of a security system, but both require the presence of another person at the other end.

This type of security system is either used by voice recognition or CCTV integration. The CCTV connection and integrated can be said to be more accurate but it is also quite very expensive. The voice ID used is quite cheap to install and very convenient to use in apartment buildings and offices, but it doesn’t give you the level of confirmation and security a CCTV integrated system does.