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5 Trends About to Transform the Field Service Sector in 2018



Over the past few years, field service industry has seen plenty of changes in the productivity and working behavior. The entire industry started using Field Service Management software and its related devices to see growth and to manage the enterprises at ease. The Field Service Sector always focuses on digitalization in each of its small sectors.

Since technology and its inventions are taking place in the Field Service industry, we would get to see a huge boom in the Field Service Sector. In the coming days, we would get to see even updation in the industry with new technologies for automation, for storing data, for collecting data etc.

Field Service Management Cloud service will be the superior service in the coming days. This Cloud service will let you store all the important data over the cloud so anybody and access the data from anywhere.

They can even submit their tasks and assignments and more on the cloud. This will increase the productivity in the industry in the coming months. and lots of company already started works on Artificial Intelligence for Field service management, Like Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Kloudgin etc.

Today, we will share you the upcoming 5 trends which are there to transform the Field Service Sector in the year 2018.

5 Trends About to Transform the Field Service Sector in 2018

1- Mobile work in the Field Service

Field Service Management engineers need to recollect the data from the current trends. Today’s world is all about digitalization and almost everyone uses a smart phone.

Increasing more mobility in the field will engage the workers and other employees to the admin department and other useful departments where they can share things, get assignments, or can announce something new.

This will increase the ability to see data and productivity in real-time through smart phones. Most of the FSM application is available in the market for iPhone and android. Field Service Management Cloud will be handling the data upload by the workers, employees, HR departments, Administrators etc.

2- Automation in the Industry

Men power is being wasted in most of the industry as they don’t know how to work smartly with the Field Service Management software and its related tools.

Inaccuracies, high costing, waste of man power and many other factors are there for low productivity in the company or industry.

In the coming months, manual processes will die and automation will take place in all the departments with the inventions in the FSM industry.

By acquiring automation services through FSM, workers and employees can focus more on work than the admin department to submit paper works and given assignments. Automation in FSM will handle many tasks with accuracy and in real-time. More industries will acquire this software and its technology in the coming months.

3- IoT in the Field Service Industry

Internet has become a daily part of an individual’s life and without Internet, one can’t survive a day. The same thing applies in the Field Service Industry. Internet of Things or IoT is a crucial part in the industry.

It makes it easier for predictive field service as the devices can be connected to each-other internally. In the coming months, the industry will make use of the IoT and predictive Field Service through advanced Internet based platforms and tools within the FSM Software.

4- Wearables in FSM

Internet of Things will also engage in the industry through Wearables and it is going to impact hugely in the industry in the coming months. Wearables will make the users to exchange data wirelessly and in real-time through Field Service Management Cloud.

The shared data will be saved on the Cloud so anyone with proper access can see the shared files and data easily. Such wearables will see greater adoption in the coming months in Field Service Management Software and in the industry.

5- Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management is known as EAM in the Field Service Industry. With proper use of EAM, it allows the workforce to manage long cycles of tasks easily.

You will be able to handle various tasks such as managing production, scheduling maintenance, available assets and its inspections.

It handles customer service related tasks and will provide efficiency in the work. EAM will be highly acquired to for proper work allocations to the workers to see growth in the industry.


Field Service Management Industry is growing faster with the help of FSM software. The services offered by Field Service Management Software is constantly updating and acquiring new trends and technologies.

We get to see an advanced Field Service Management Software and tools in the coming months.


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