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5 Tips to Enhance your Vaping Experience



E-liquid flavors

Whether you consider vaping a healthier smoking alternative, a way to get rid of smoking or just an option to do with your leisure time, vaping is increasingly becoming a popular habit. This can be regarded to the notion that vapers can customize their vaping experiences in many different ways. The current global vaping market comprises of many vaping products, like different e liquid flavors to choose from. However, for vapers with busy lives, finding out the best way to vape and have an awesome experience can be very challenging. Well, we have come up with some useful tips to help you enhance your vaping experience-

Consider Quality E liquid Flavors

Vaping is all about e liquid flavors. No matter you have the best e-cigarette but vaping low quality e liquid flavors won’t provide you a satisfying experience. Usually, it is possible to purchase cheap e liquid flavors. But, they will not be able to provide you that flavor hit as they have a thinner carrier liquid; making the flavor bland. Also, some e-liquid flavors contain full of unpleasant things like additives. In order to enhance your vaping experience, try choosing quality e liquid flavors. Though their price might be higher, but you might get at affordable price if you buy them in large quantities.

Maintain the Coil and Tank Hygiene when Changing Flavors

You must clean the coil and tank when changing your e-liquid flavors. In order to get rid of nasty and strange flavors mix, clean the vape coil and tank whenever you go about changing e-liquid flavors. It is advisable to clean your vaping device to remove the remains of old flavors that that could still be sticking in you device as you try out new flavors. Remember, continuous cleaning is an imperative aspect for e-cigarettes.

Try Experimenting New E Liquid Flavors

It is safe to say that you stick to only one juice flavor. However, there are many e liquid flavors ringing in the market so that you can try them out. If you want to taste different e liquid flavors without having to clean the coil and tank post every vaping session, try investing in the best e-cigarette brands. Thus, you shake things up by relishing different flavors without any hassles.

Control your E-liquid Properly

Begin your vaping sessions by shaking your e-juice a little to make sure that everything gets mixed up before refilling your vape tank. And doing so can really make a difference in terms of your vaping experience. And also, avoid leaving your e juice open or exposed to air as it ends up compromising the e juice flavor. Hide your e-liquid flavor from direct light as it tends to break down the vape juice very quickly. So, in order to lower the chances of e-liquid degrading, place your e juice in a dark cupboard.

Avoid using Plastic Vape Tanks

Though you might save a lot of money by purchasing a cheap e-cigarette, but don’t use an electronic cigarette with plastic tank. Some vape starter kits come with plastic tanks and vapers often get attracted because of their cheap rates. The plastic tank is not capable of resisting the damage caused by acidic flavors because these flavors can easily dig into plastic coating and might mix with the taste of your e liquid flavor. Hence, go for glass tanks if you prefer vaping strong e liquid flavors.

However, changing colors is also an important aspect in your vaping experience. Since coils cannot be washed, change it whenever it starts giving a burnt taste. Moreover, also check your e cigarette battery regularly for e juice gunk. Keeping all these things in mind will make vaping fun. So are you ready?

Sanjay is an avid smoker and is always ready to unravel exciting developments in the smoking community.