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5 Things Santa Did NOT Tell You About Moving During the Holidays



Once again, the holiday season is here! Santa and his little helpers can be seen everywhere, magnifying the holiday spirit by a thousand. If you were considering moving during the holidays instead of celebrating with your loved ones, it is high time to rethink your decision. Not because you won’t be able to feel the Christmas spirit or because you won’t be able to decorate your house. It’s because moving during this time is as challenging as it can be. Take a look!

The weather will be your worst enemy

It doesn’t matter whether you are a person who functions best in the summer or during the winter – the freezing weather will make it hard to plan your relocation. Even though you have moved before, moving during the winter is a challenge on a whole new level. So, what can you do in an attempt to protect yourself from the winter?

  • Wear warm clothing and dress in layers on your moving day.
  • Shovel away any snow that is on your driveway or porch.
  • Use salt to help you defrost any ice that may have formed due to sub-zero temperatures.
  • Make sure you have a warm beverage every once in a while.

If you follow these rules, they should help you combat the freezing temperatures winter brings. Just be careful – there are some states where even every measure of precaution won’t be enough. Also, no matter where you live, make sure to check the weather forecast for any blizzards and storms. It really isn’t worth it to take such a huge risk and try to move in extreme weather conditions.

You risk having moving-injuries when moving during the holidays

Moving-injuries are a real safety hazard when it comes to relocation. While they are present and threatening during every season, they are ten times more present and dangerous when moving during the winter. There is a simple reason behind this – there will be ice and snow everywhere. All it takes is one slip on a patch of ice while carrying a heavy item and who knows what may happen. That is why hiring professional movers is always the most advisable option. When moving during the winter, make it your task to find moving and storage assistance in Columbus, New York, California, or wherever you live. And why do you need a moving company that offers storage solutions? You are about to find out!

A storage unit is your safety net

Have you ever heard of moving companies being late for the pick-up, which put a family in trouble since they had no place for their furniture? This scenario is more common in the winter than in the summer. It is due to the fact that traffic can sometimes be shut down if there is too much snow or ice. This is especially true in places such as Hilliard where witnessing a lot of snowfall is nothing unusual. But don’t worry, as there is a solution even for the worst case scenario, and it’s to start looking for storage in Hilliard, Ohio right now! Lock in a unit before your moving date and watch your troubles sail away.

Your budget will suffer

If you decide that moving during the holidays is the right thing for you – beware. You will have to pay for much more than a moving company, their services, and a storage unit. Have you forgotten that it’s the time of giving and receiving? That is why your budget for this month will have to include much more than just your moving expenses. It will have to include presents for the entire family which can cost an arm and a leg. You can rest assured this will create a stressful situation, and that’s the last thing you need right now. So try to stay calm in stressful situations, and if there is one thing that is for sure, it’s that moving will bring lots of them.

Alas, you may not get to celebrate with everyone else

While your friends and neighbors will be busy decorating their trees and unpacking their Christmas decorations, you will have to worry about completely different things. Your primary goal will be to get everything about your move straightened out before the moving date comes. And, you will try to keep the holiday spirit present, but it won’t be your number one priority. If you have to choose between buying a Santa costume for surprising your kids and doing research about moving companies, it’s clear what you will do – not because you want to, but because you have to!

However, do your best to enjoy the holidays as much as you can. Just because you will be moving during the holidays does not mean you can’t put up a Christmas tree. If all else fails, you can always ask some of your family members to take you in for the holidays. The positive side about Christmas is that everyone feels charitable, so more people will be inclined to open up their homes to you.

This is not an impossible endeavor!

It is just not the easiest one. However, the first thing you would learn in a moving 101 class is that every move is challenging. Whether your relocation will be successful or not depends solely on you. And that applies to the prospect of moving during the holidays just as much as it applies to the prospect of moving in the summer. You need to do everything in your power to make this situation bearable for your family, and understand that there are some circumstances that are out of your hands. So, just relax, and make sure you don’t stand alone on your moving date. A moving company will significantly help you improve your chances of having a successful move!


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