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5 Technology Trends for Retail and e-Commerce Business in 2019



Blue Evolution of Telephones Technology Presentation

Due to anomalous propagation of the internet and the advent of mobile technology, a lot of unheard things have been possible over the world wide web. There has been a complete transformation in the way the businesses are being conducted, and processes are being performed during the past few decades. 

Businesses nowadays need to stay updated and must integrate the technology and eCommerce trends in their system to stay ahead in the curve. It would have an ultimate impact on the user’s choice, tastes, and behavior and would bring advancements in the technology as well. 

E-commerce and retail sectors are witnessing unprecedented disruption at a technological level. With the endless needs and ever-changing lifestyle of the customers and their growing adoption of online shopping, it has become quite essential for the players in this particular industry to easily leverage the technology to offer services that can lead to consumer delight and satisfaction. 

However, when it comes to contemporary revolutionary changes to find a niche online, the retail industry is buzzing in the market. There have always been the perennial shifting of the customer trends and their needs and the occurrence of innovative changes in the technology front. Here, we could see that the retail industry now has become a game-changer and technology plays a crucial role in the e-commerce and retail industry; it does not only helps businesses grow fast and comprehensive but also making things easier for the companies. 

Making e-commerce shipping faster:- 

E-commerce is growing popular each day. And emerging new trends and techniques have made it confident that it remains one of the best in the industry. We can not skip the fact that businesses have their online presence and they offer competitive prices in the market. Now, all the existing top brands can provide fast and standard delivery to its customers. For instance, Amazon is a top brand that has set a certain standard to ship in 2 days. 

So, in general, the customers are now willing to wait for the delivery for a maximum of 3-4 days on average rather than 5-6 days. Hence, the businesses need to cut down the shipping time to be a priority brand. The trend will help brands differentiate themselves from a growing number of online stores. 

Multi-Channel Selling:- 

Online influencers have a tangible impact on today’s modern buyers, and in Multi-channel selling, it is noticeable that users prefer a different number of channels when they shop online. 

Therefore, it has become a necessity to keep track of the various channels your customers are browsing, so you could make yourself available across all the channels they use, and this would automatically help in generating revenues. Then after, you can sell your products and services through social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and other shopping portals and more, apart from your website. For instance, you can use tops shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and many more.

When business owners decide to use the various channels to sell their products, the e-Commerce development company can effectively and efficiently help them manage the orders while it’s challenging to manage the rules on multiple channels. So, the e-commerce development company could help you manage customer’s data, shipping procedures, and more. Besides, there are many e-commerce platforms like Magento, big commerce available to make things easy for you. 

AI-Powered Personalization:- 

  AI-based processes have transformed the overall shopping experience of the customers as AI assistants are capable of handling different types of methods, such as managing inventories and responding to queries. Undoubtedly, AI technology is helping several businesses by targeting the customers smartly and effectively, offering personalized experiences, and more. For instance, nowadays, users do not get ads to see, but they use pop-ups of advertisements for the products they are looking for. This would save enough time and energy of the user and hence benefits the brand. AI technology has made things more comfortable for the users are now sure about what they want to see. 

Ubiquitous e-Commerce:- 

The emergence of mobile devices has impacted our lives significantly. Most of us are now depends on them to complete our tasks and daily routine. Mobile devices have made the lives of the people easy and convenient as people can pay bills, book orders, and since it is easily accessible and handy, the number of users is increasing tremendously. 

Network connectivity also has helped mobile commerce increase as it provides users with faster and reliable mobile internet experience. And as per the reports, many businesses are getting most of their business through mobile apps. Hence, mobile devices help businesses amazingly to reach out to the massive customers. 

 Smarter-Payment Processing:- 

This could happen many times that even after deciding for a product and making up their mind, customers slip away for the reason that the payment method is complicated. So making the payment procedure all seamless and straightforward is essential. 

Also, it is crucial to ensure smooth payment options available as per the area. Because at times the mode of payment tends to vary across markets. For instance, the USA market is dominated by credit card payments, while many other developing countries are based still based on cash. 


Technology is transforming the e-commerce industry dynamically. Each year you get to see emerging new trends and e-commerce provides a more personalized experience to their consumers, and that’s what makes the sector powerful and incredible. Also, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, as several enterprises pitching for their market share in the E-Commerce industry. 

Apoorv Gehlot is the founder of Matellio LLC, a software engineering studio based in California, USA. Being an avid learner, he takes a keen interest in exploring various aspects of the digital realm, and ideate some of the finest solutions with his team of innovators. Apoorv believes in sharing his time-tested experience and deep-rooted knowledge with the readers across the world to enlighten the audience through concise and meaningful write-ups.