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5 Successful House Flipper Tips

Looking for the best way to start house flipping, or even grow your house flipping business?
Following these simple house flipping steps will help you dominate your market and get more flips this year!



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House flipping has never been more lucrative! Making a profit and cashing in on your ROI is easier than ever.  

Looking for the best way to start house flipping, or even grow your house flipping business?

Following these simple house flipping steps will help you dominate your market and get more flips this year!

Step 1: Use the Market To Grow

House prices are on the rise, and the market for move-in ready flips has never been this great!

Now flippers can almost immediately list and sell, instead of sitting on a property, waiting for the market to rise. This makes house flipping a much more lucrative industry than in years past and allows flippers to make more profits in a year. 

Since the market is doing so well, investors are looking to fund, and want to get in on the action. Any improvements big or small are making it easier for properties to sell with high ROI’S. More house flippers are using hard money lenders in Arizona to get fast money for their properties.

Step 2: Keep Learning

To be successful at flipping, make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut.

 Keep researching and learning everything you can about house flipping. Getting stuck in a rut will only hurt you in the long run if you aren’t paying attention to your market needs. 

Carve out time to listen to podcasts, read reports and reach out on forums. The more you know about house flipping and the market the more successful your flips will be.

Step 3: Find the Best Neighborhoods

It’s worth repeating: Location is key. 

While researching, you need to keep an eye on the best rising neighborhoods around. Where are people moving too in your market?

 Find the best areas and flip there. Finding the worst house in a great location is superior to flipping the best house in a bad area. 

Keep an eye on new business parks being built and the best school districts in your town. Find what upgrades locals want in their houses, and make sure your flip can give them that!

Step 4: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Look at the way you are doing business, and if you don’t start tracking everything! Use apps to track how fast a project takes to be completed and how well you stick to the budget. Time your flip and try to see how you can reduce time spent, and try to see how you can get your budget smaller. 

Maybe it’s as easy as opting for some smaller changes in the next home. Network with vendors, and learn how to haggle. 

Be fair but build a constant flow of business with them, and they may be willing to reduce some prices.  Do something that makes you nervous, and earn a steady stream of passive income that could change the course of your life. You decide.

Step 5: Get Your Finances In Order

Keeping a clean checkbook is not only a good idea but essential in the house-flipping industry. Once you have your house flipping budget under control, you can look into the right kind of funding for your projects. This can be with private money lenders Arizona hard money lenders or even traditional lenders. 

Traditional lenders will offer the lowest interest rates and longer terms, based on the borrower’s credit which can be great for owner-occupied investments. Private and hard money lenders base their loans in the property value, meaning they can fund quickly but offer higher loan rates and shorter terms. Which are ideal for investments. 

Whether this is using Phoenix hard money loans to get fast funding for flips that you need, or building passive incomes with rentals to afford bigger flips. 

Catherine Way is a content marketer for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. She has written real estate articles for Prime Plus Mortgages, The Paper Source, Active Rain, and Progressing Income. She currently writes for Prime Plus Mortgages - Phoenix hard money loans.