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5 Steps to a Deeper, More Connected Yoga Practice




The article presents you five ways to enter into a deeper and concentrated Yoga practice.

The journey of Yoga is a beautiful way to relish the most mesmerizing aspects of life. It presents a complete reflection of how a pleasing life looks like. Many of you might have taken the first step into the Yoga-sphere and some of you might be just looking to experience the beauty of this science. It is very important that you enjoy Yoga, not just practice it. To make your Yoga practice more connected, profound, and impassioned, here are some of the ways you could walk on.

Begin with Mantras

The spiritual science of Yoga should start in the same fashion- spiritually and devotionally. There is nothing more soothing than Sanskrit Mantras when it comes to presenting a spiritual environment. Whether you are starting your day or about to practice Yoga, Mantras are the best way to inculcate harmony in the atmosphere. Every day in the morning, when you wake up, join your palms in prayer and chant OM NAMAH SHIVAY to remember the ultimate yogi, Shiva, who is also known as Adiyogi. You can also utilize the power of AUM to promote the flow of cosmic energy in the body while you are indulged in Yoga asanas.


Meditation is all about focus. At times, people lack proper concentration, which forbids them to concentrate and enjoy the practice. It is suggested to all the yogis around the planet that follow the Mantra session with intensive practice of Meditation. This will pave way for a more attentive mind. Meditation is also great for relieving all types of mental issues such as stress and anxiety. In a Yoga teacher training in India, Meditation holds a significant spot, since it keeps every Yoga aspirant connected and calm for a month-long training.

Revolve your practice around breathing

The role of breathing in Yoga is enormous and incredible. Every pose and step of Yoga is adorned with the beauty of breathing. For the success of a Yoga session, more and more breathing is needed. According to the legend of Yoga, breathing is compared with life. It is about the flow of pranic energy in the body. Whenever a person gets time, he/she should take a deep breath to rejuvenate the body and soul. Pranayama is the biggest breathing exercise and it should be enjoyed by every one of us.

Select a serene time and place

Yoga is probably the most peaceful practice in the world. Amidst all the intensive Yoga exercises and practices, the ultimate goal of Yoga is solitude. The ancient science should be practiced early in the morning when hardly anybody is awake and the environment is extremely calm. The cold wind that blows in the morning encourages you to go deeper into the delight of Yoga. Jungles, mountain trails, riversides, etc. are among the best places to practice Yoga as the lap of Mother Nature is second to none when it comes to offering tranquility.

Practice self-love

Self-love is an important aspect of human life and Yoga. It teaches the bonding one should have with his/her own body and mind. While you practice asanas, make sure you are not hurting yourself too much. Your body is the biggest friend of yours. In a number of cases, injuries and frustration are found the major reasons for the irregular practice. One cannot concentrate on Yoga until he/she is fully fit, mentally as well as physically. If you are a beginner, practice only those poses that resonate with you till you are comfortable with advanced ones. Learn to love and care about yourself first.

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