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5 Reasons To Wash Your Bed Sheets Regularly



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How heavenly it feels to sleep on a crisp clean sheet! Having freshly washed bed sheets is more of keeping up to the appearance than offering comfort. You never know how much dust mites, bugs, bacteria, dead skin, food, bodily fluids, sweat, and oil your cotton double bed sheet accumulates. This can be avoided by washing them regularly. In fact, dirty linens are an indication of poor hygiene which can have a negative impact on our health.

Bacterial breeding ground

The bacteria that houses in our body feed of everything found in our bed. These are small organisms which grow rapidly in large numbers. If you have cuts or pimples the bacteria can aggravate it by causing infections. So, sleeping in the clean cotton double bed sheet is very essential.

Dust mites

Generally, dust mites love to live in our carpet and rugs but they can also breed in our beds and pillows. They feed on mold spores and dead skin cells of human bodies. It can trigger asthma and allergic reactions with symptoms like

•    Coughing
•    Sneezing
•    Skin rashes
•    Irritating eyes
•    Running nose
•    Wheezing

Fabrics like cotton and wool house dust mites easily. So, if your double bed is covered with a cotton double bed sheet then washing the sheet once a week is the perfect way to remove the dust mites.
Pets on the beds

It is tempting to get your dog or cat curled up on the bed, but they add too many dead skin follicles and excess hair on your sheet which carries unfriendly bacteria. These unfriendly bacteria can cause many skin allergies and can get transmitted from human to human.

Spreading infections

When you are suffering from any disease, it gets even more important to wash the linens regularly to avoid spreading the illness. A disease like a rotavirus, viral fevers etc are infectious in nature and soiled sheets have good potentials for transmission of infection.

That cleaning feeling

Sliding into a clean sheet is enough reason to wash the bedding regularly. If someone is not cleaning their dirty linens regularly that means they are reinfecting themselves with bacteria and dust mites and making themselves; prone to diseases.

Therefore, if you do not get time to wash the dirty linens regularly go for online shopping for cotton double bed sheets and keep them in stock so that you can replace the dirty linens with them on a regular basis.