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5 Not Obvious Ways to Promote Your Blog




Are you looking for ways to promote your blog? Ways that you might not even think about at first? Blogs are now the order of the day when it comes to getting the best information on the internet about different topics.

Blog traffic is essential in building your online reputation and increasing your passive income by affiliate marketing. This is why each blogger should learn how to promote a blog.

Knowing how to promote a blog with a low budget or even without a budget will make blogging easier in the long run. You’ll also have higher chances of getting more traffic and exposure thus resulting in a larger audience from a strategic perspective.

Use Advantages of Pinterest

While Pinterest usually focuses on images, bloggers can find success by targeting their audience using starting boards. Since Pinterest works as a visual social media network, you’ll be able to make blog posts using visual images. Search engines not only dig for text content but bus also visual content too. Hubspot says that visual content like infographics, for example, can increase web traffic by up to 12%.

Creating blog posts with images will increase your chances of getting a higher ranking on google. Also, try to be creative when experimenting with different Pinterest headlines, and also try to launch memes related to your product or brand. Try converting every blog post into a beautiful and likeable visual content.

Find the best time

If you’re a blogger, you should likely look for the best time to make you’re your blog posts. This can be achieved using google insight and analytics tools. You can also use social media tools to keep your audience engaged within the first hours of posting. Finding the best times to post your blog posts can help in providing your audience with a personalized experience.

The analytics tools will assist you in knowing the best time to post based on your audience’s social media behaviour. When the posting times are done right, there are higher chances of your audience seeing and interacting with your blog posts — thus more reach and engagement!

Find the partners

It’s also an excellent idea to connect with other bloggers via Pinterest and asking them to share a board. Building a good blogging network involves working together with other bloggers to promote each other’s blogs by guest blogging. This will work well if your partner has sites which have better search engine rankings.

If such sites frequently mention or promote your blog, you will receive a great deal of respect when it comes to Google and other search engines. However, your network partners should be carefully chosen. Also remember that their websites should be relevant to your niche, and vice versa.

Here are some steps to find reliable partner blogger. Search for relevant blogs in your niche, list down those who have the closes style and vision as yours. Find mentions and reviews on those blogs you’ve listed, you can do it through social media or other online tools that can help you with that. And after you narrow down that list you can contact those bloggers who get through that search.

Share your knowledge

Writing blog articles on specific niches and sharing them through your blogs and article directories is an excellent way of promoting your blog. As research shows 61% of U.S. online consumers made a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog they trust. This not only develops mutual respect among your audience but also helps you to gain new followers.

The knowledge should also be made available to your readers in several useful formats, including video tutorials, infographics, and even pdf tutorials that are downloadable. By lead generating using the unique knowledge on your blog, you’ll find your blog among the first results on Google within no time. However, the number of articles published should be consistent.

Use your hobbies as a communication tool

Lots of people are very passionate about their hobbies and interests. This obsession makes them spend lots of time online searching for information and communities that share the same hobby. Nowadays, most hobbies are growing in popularity. These hobbies include everything from gaming and travelling to wine tasting and hiking.

If you’re engaged in any of these activities, you probably already attend in the forum related to your hobby or other community of the people who share this interest with you. To promote your blog, you can mention it at these communities or you may include a specific hobby-related category to your blog. It can even develop into an entirely new blog that’s based on your hobbies and other passions. This blog could even generate you extra income by adding affiliate links after every blog post.


Using these ways to promote your blog will help you build a tribe of followers interested in your blog and business. It will also give you additional exposure to your content and leverage your online audience.

On the flip side, these methods may bring random comments and messages to your blog. Although this might seem like a con, it can also be positive in helping you build an active online audience.

Mark Meyer works as the content manager at Spokeo, a service company that offers reverse number lookup. His field of expertise includes business, marketing, and self - improvement. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and surfing.