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5 Natural Remedies to Get Over Herpes



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You are going to be told 5 cures to get rid of herpes that you can do at your home. Herpes is a skin disease and it is an extremely annoying condition in which infected person can’t have relaxation but irritation, soreness and inflammation in different parts of the body such as tongue, gums, and genital organs. There are three types of herpes, one is genital herpes, the second is herpes simplex and finally, you may see that is herpes simplex virus.

The genital herpes is sometimes caused by getting off with someone who already has been suffering from this disease and that is why it is also called sexually transmitted infection. Secondly, the herpes simplex is an oral infection such as on lips, mouth and gums and this is because of the virus of herpes simplex. Lastly, the third one is a virus which is a cause of these two conditions.

Home Remedies for Herpes

5 home remedies are given below for you to treat herpes at home.

1) Soaking infected parts of your body

It is very important to know that by soaking the affected areas of your body, you can get relaxation. As all doctors suggest that if you soak in warm water for giving instant healing to these areas, you will definitely reduce irritation, inflammation, discomfort and pain from these all parts. Try cleaning your sores with detergent soap flushing warm water then dry properly. If you think that towel may harm and irritate your body, you may go for hair drier.

2) Go for a loose dress

Due to facing this problem, it is very good to select a loose dress from your cupboard. Try cotton undergarments to be free of genital herpes. If you wear tight clothes containing fiber, these will not be effective for soothing your skin. Another disadvantage of wearing a tight dress is irregular blood circulation.

3) Baking soda application

It is a very reliable thing for reducing many skin problems. Using baking soda is extremely beneficial for drying your moist lesions. By filling in lesions, the disappearance of herpes can be seen fast. Baking soda is also known as a dry agent which cleans well. Remember! Sometimes it is not recommended by doctors. Before you go for this, you should have a consultation with your doctor.

4) Select Echinacea and Aloe Vera

For years, it is effective to fight against infections and colds, as it is known a natural thing to cure the scratched areas of your skin and lots of people take it for treating skin issues. To some people, it is not a hundred percent good remedy in order to cure. If you use aloe vera cream, it will turn out to be extremely helpful to provide you with relaxation.

5) Use Latex Condom

So far as using latex condom is really protective. According to gynecologists and sex doctors making sex with your partner while having symptoms of any skin disease, always use a latex condom. If you are worried about sexually transmitted infection, you should meet your doctor so that you or your partner will not face this bad situation.