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5 Myths about Mobile Phone Repair that you should avoid




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Now a day’s mobile phones are impacting everyone’s life in very surprising ways. And these smartphones have made massive changes all over the world. A survey stated that 80% of the world’s population makes use of mobile phones. 

Mobile phones have made everyone’ life much easier. You can very easily communicate with anyone. Moreover, you get great exposure to all the things happening around the world. If your mobile phone has a good internet connection then you have everything in your pocket. You don’t need to go here and there for accessing any type of information. 

Most of the people are taking help of this technology for searching about anything. And some people are even taking the help of these mobile phones for fixing their phone too. You indeed will get many good solutions but there are millions of incorrect and fake suggestion which can misguide you. 

This post will discuss some misconceptions related to mobile phone repair that should be avoided. Sometimes these myths can cause great problems for you.

Have a look at the different type of Myths:

# Myth 1

Repairing Mobile Phones will Cost too much

Most of the people think that repairing their phone will cost them too much and instead of getting their phone repair, they prefer buying a new one. It’s a fact that there are some black sleeps in this repairing business who will charge a large amount of money for repairing your phone. So, now it depends on you, on what criteria you choose a mobile repairing shop. 


Sometimes expensive parts of your phone get damaged and it is very difficult to get these parts from a local vendor. So, these repair service providers have to ship them from outside. As a result, this service provider will charge you the repairing cost as well as the price of the part which is installed on your mobile phone. Therefore to avoid such circumstances it is better to take proper care of your mobile phone.


# Myth 2

Water Damaged Phone can be very easily fixed with rice

This is the most occurring misconception among all the people. People believe that rice will absorb the moisture of the cell phone. But do you know that rice does not have any property of absorbing moisture or water of the mobile phone? Imagine about the water that has seeped inside the mobile phone. How can you get it dried? And this seeped water can only be dried with a hairdryer or you should take your mobile phone to a professional repairing shop. 

If your mobile phone doesn’t start even after drying then this indicates that your mobile phone is dealing with some serious problem. So, try to avoid all these fake suggestion and use your mind.

# Myth 3

Your Mobile Phone Warranty gets null if any other Centre Repairs your Phone

More than half of the population have this misconception in their mind. And this is the reason they don’t take their damaged mobile phones to any other repairing centre. People think that if they take their mobile phone to any other repairing centre then their warranty will become null. This is one of the biggest myth.

If your mobile phone is facing some small technical problem then every time it’s not possible to take it to the service centre. It’s better to get it repaired from a local service centre near your place. 

# Myth 4

Your Mobile Phone will never be the same even after Repairing

It’s not true because it depends upon the type of repairing centre which you are choosing to get your phone repaired. Moreover, it also depends on the condition of your mobile phone. If your phone is broken due to accidental dropping or mobile phone screen is damaged then it can be replacedvery easily. 

The main problem arises when the motherboard of your phone starts facing problem. And if it gets damaged then there are very fewer chances to get it repaired. Plus if your handset is old then it becomes difficult to get its spare part but it’s not impossible. So, you can expect to get back your mobile phone in good condition after getting it repaired.

 # Myth 5

Repairing Centre’s Hack the Data of your Mobile Phones

This myth is invalid and not true because no repairing centre or technician has that amount of time or interest in checking your phone’s privacy. Moreover, the technicians are not allowed to hack your phone or access your personal information until it is required. Plus inside the repairing centre, there are CCTV cameras and officials who are keeping an eye on all the technicians.

You don’t need to worry while handing over your mobile phone to these repairing centres.

So, these are all the myths which you might have heard from here and there. You just need to payproper attention while choosing the service centre for your mobile phone.

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