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5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Organizing A Successful Corporate Lunch



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Successful events take a great deal of time, effort, as well as attention to detail, plan and execute. Catering plays an essential role in conducting a corporate lunch. And there is no better way to reward employees than delicious food. If someone has got the responsibility of handling the food department of an office lunch, then he/she could hire professional caterers who can provide corporate catering services

To assist you in this challenging endeavor, here are few tips that can get the job done successfully:

1. Know Your Audience and Plan Accordingly

The very first step is to know your audience. You can determine it by defining the goal of your event. Be clear, whether you’re rewarding your employees for a successful quarter or trying to impress a possible client. Or maybe you’re just trying to make the most efficient use of a packed work week and want lunch catering for an employee training session. The aim of your event and the people you are serving will dictate what catering options you want. There are various catering services that have a diverse menu to meet the need of any event that requires corporate catering.

2. Have A Good Head Count

Not ordering enough is much worse than ordering too much food. Therefore, it is important to have a good idea of your head count. In order to get exact idea and to make the event a success, you should start planning in advance. Make sure to send invites first as it will give enough time for  people to respond.

3. Be Ready With Vegan Options

It has become a standard to have vegetarian and vegan food options at all events. Various corporate caterers have developed unique vegetarian and vegan dishes that are just as attractive and delicious as the rest of the menu. But, before planning menu, you should make sure about any food allergies your guests might have.

4. Look For Seasonal Special and Rotational Menu

When it comes to corporate catering, you want a company that can handle events and employee lunch on a regular basis. But, it becomes monotonous for employees when the same selection of menu is offered  to them every week. As a replacement of this, add in new alternatives and seasonal specials that will make your food delicious and attractive to your employees. A caterer that is regularly mixing up the menu, while keeping accessible favorites, is a winner.

5. Setup Is Critical

If you are coordinating office lunch catering, keep in mind that set-up is everything. If the office lunch isn’t set up with time to spare, the gathering can be quick and uncomfortable instead of an enjoyable recompense. Make sure that your office lunch has ample of space for each person to sit, sufficient utensils for everyone, and options for everyone to enjoy. A little bit of advance planning can go a long way to make your office lunch catering successful.

Event planning is not rocket science, but it requires a significant organization and constant attention to detail. When you work with a corporate catering company in Londonderry, you get a partner that knows how vital it is that your employees or coworkers are satisfied with the catering service.