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5 Essential Components for Home Recording Studio




If you are a music person and do not have a studio, you are probably not making the best of your talent. We understand you got a great sense of music, you can create very well music, but without the great accessories or components, you can’t create something that people love.

So if you are someone who is looking forward to creating your own recording studio and want to invest as less as possible, then this article is for you.

Here we are going to share the 5 essential types of equipment arranging which you can start your own studio right away. But, remember that this doesn’t mean that there is only 5 essential equipment need for studio, there are hundreds of equipment which are used in the studio. But using the 5 listed below you can give your music career a head start.

1. Computer

It’s never ever about Mac or Windows when it comes to music production. It all depends on the program you are using with them. As for what we have tested all the major program come for both the operating system. But yes! Since the program is heavy and is memory hungry, always focus on adding larger Ram to your computer.

2. A Quality Studio Microphone

A studio without a microphone is impossible. We understand you might not be a singer, instead would be a mixer or audio engineer, but still, at some point, you will need a microphone.

Since there are so many microphones available, for beginners you can easily find something great under $100

3. A Pair of Studio Headphones

You need to listen what you are recording, right? Normal headphones do not work when it comes to studio recording. Since they mainly focus on noise cancellation and bass, they are of no use.

Studio headphones come with better frequency range and most of them come as open back headphones, which are the best type of headphones use for studio purposes.
Though the studio headphones go as high up to $1500, you can find a really good pair for around $150. You can see this review article to know about best studio headphones in the market.

4. A digital Audio Workstations

As we said it’s not about the computer, it’s about the program you are running to edit your music. Trust me! There are so many great workstations available on the internet to use. But in the end, it all depends upon, how easy you find a workstation to work with. You can try these several workstations to know which one suits best to you.

5. Studio Monitors

Now monitors are not compulsory if you already have some studio headphones. In case you own some monitors beforehand then there is no need to buy the studio headphones. Both the headphones and monitor perform the same task of observing the music which you have created, so basically it’s all up to your preference