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5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following 2019



Creating a good presence on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook is incredibly important in today’s internet age. Instagram is an amazing tool for getting the word out about your products and services and – in particular – for helping you position yourself as an expert in your chosen field.

But where’s the use in promoting your business via Post if you only have 10 or 11 followers, and most of those are friends anyway?

Try the following tips over the next week and watch your followers grow!

  1. Follow Others

‘Follow’ 10 additional Instagram users every day. Choose these people carefully – you are looking for people who you think might be your ideal client themselves OR whose might be your ideal clients.

You will find that many of these will simply follow you back automatically (as is often seen as good etiquette on Instagram) – others will only follow you back if they are interested in your Posts / profile but that’s fine.

Tidy up the list of people you are following every few days – ‘unfollow’ people who aren’t following you back for now (unless you are really interested in what they have to say) or who aren’t posting regularly. It looks bad if you are following 1,000 and only have 20 followers yourself AND you could be in danger of breaching Instagram rules and regs.

  1. Be Generous

Make sure you re-post posts from people you follow, that are relevant to your own followers. Try re-Post at least 3 posts from different people each day. you will often find that when followers of the person you have quoted, see your post they will follow you too.

Don’t forget to thank others when they re-post your posts.

  1. Don’t Be Pushy

Instagram is best used as a networking tool. Filling your followers’ screens with special offers and sales pitches will NOT get you sales. It is more likely to get you ‘unfollowed’ pretty smartish.

Make sure you have a good mix of free information for people (links to useful blog posts etc), re-post from other people, personal posts (such as letting people know what you are up to during the week) AND business posts (e.g.special offers, product launches etc) sprinkled round and about!

Remember – people buy from people, and your followers will only want to recommend you if they feel like they know a bit about you and you are happy to help others out.

  1. Post Regularly

I suggest you post 9 or 10 posts each day, throughout the day – say 2 free information, 3 re-post, 3 personal updates and a couple of business Posts each day.

You can use interfaces such as or to schedule Posts and facebook/linkedin posts so you can prepare your full day’s posts on a morning and they will be delivered at intervals throughout the day.

  1. Biography Profile

Make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about your profile paragraph – it’s much more client attractive for people to read about YOU rather than your business – again, PEOPLE buy from PEOPLE. Try to put together a few lines that describe your personality and interests and mention what you do for a business at the end.

I guarantee you will increase your Instagram followers if you follow these simple steps for a week. Let me know how you get on!

Happy Post, folks!

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