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5 Common Underfloor Heating Problems & How To Solve Them



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During cold, shivering winter days, nothing beats the comfort of a cozy, warm room with underfloor heating system installed. The system of underfloor heating is now being used vastly in Europe and in mostly newer establishments and also as an added luxury to home amenity.

Underfloor heating is not the typical conventional way of creating a controlled climate however the concept is not new. It can be traced back to hundreds of years ago as humans paved a way to combat the chilly weather.

Like any other modern systems, this a little bit of lavishness in a room with a controlled climate has also some anticipated  drawbacks, notwithstanding, there are also the ways how to counter them or rather to eliminate them.

Here are the enumerated  five most common problems with the underfloor heating system and their corresponding resolutions.

  1. Floor issues

Since the underfloor heating kits had to be installed under the floor, it is very important to consider a very detailed and methodical ground structure before the installation process sets in. There are many factors that should be put in mind like the floor height and design. It is important that it will be able to accommodate the installation of the kits, that is where the crucial planning stage sets in.

The materials to be used for flooring must also be appropriate to ensure that the optimum effect of the technology is boosted not reduced and that the heat is evenly distributed throughout. Also to prevent the floor from finishing from unnecessary wearing and tearing.

On the other hand, it is a good news that the system has been known to be compatible also with wood and laminated flooring also not just on solid ones, almost if not all.

  1. Cost

It has been mentioned that this underfloor heating system has been used for quite sometimes, in fact it has a long history of its own, however, its value is still priced, a little bit heavy in the pocket.  Since it is not the conventional way of warming up a room that involves radiators, installation of the system comes with a corresponding cost.

Aside from that, you also have to spend some bucks for its usage toll. Consider also the more appropriate materials to be used for  the flooring are quite expensive compared to the commonly used ones.

When it comes to affordability, since this system is still being developed then, there are greater chances for it to be more budget-friendly in the near future because of continuous innovations and expanding market for this kind of technology.

  1. Installation time

Using the system can also have its disadvantages in terms of installation time. It will take sometime to  meticulously install the underfloor heating system kit from the planning stage up to the execution.

Nevertheless, this is where the experts come in. With loads of experience and expertise in combination to proper planning you will be sure to enjoy the heating system in no time.

  1. Restrictions

Restrictions in the system involves choosing the right materials to be used to complement the underfloor heating. Even the furnitures and appliances that maybe used in the establishments must also be checked. One can never be too bold to use just the common items since the insulation should importantly count.

In regards to this, this system was design to be able to maximize the space of a room to give space for furnitures, fixtures and etc. There are just guidelines to be followed that are very vital for the heating system in order to promote safety, you just have to follow it. For example is with regards to carpets, they’re TOG rating should be 1.5 and below.

  1. Maintenance

With maintenance also comes the periodical upkeep of the system for continued optimal function which maybe a hassle especially for a busy household. The parts and valves should also be checked regularly to prevent any untoward malfunctioning.

Nonetheless, no worries when it comes to this since there are many reliable companies and services to choose from when it comes to maintaining the heating system. In addition the system’s concept design was maintenance free and  is designed to function for years.

As it is being said, no system is considered absolutely perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages. In order to create a more functional system especially when it comes to an underfloor heating system, it if of great help to be aware of the setbacks  and to be able to identify solutions to lessen if not counteract them.