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5 Best Vape Pens for 2019

So, there you get it. Our top 5 choices for the most exceptional marijuana wax vaporizing pens in this industry.



Best Vape Pens A

So, there you get it. Our top 5 choices for the most exceptional marijuana Wax vaporizers pens in this industry. We have simplified the section as possible to assist you in making an informed and educated judgment on which vape pen you should buy. Every pen we have enlisted here are verified for top-notch performance, sound manufacturing, and reputable distributors sell them. If you want to know more about these pens, check out our review:

Best Vape Pens B

  1. Kandy Pens Special-K

Special K is a rather high-end pen! You can put it in your front upper-pocket and still look classy! It uses a 510-thread hence quite compatible with liquid extracts and pre-filled oil cartridges.

 The sophisticated casing has a small slit that allows you to monitor oil levels in the tank. You don’t have to disassemble the whole thing if you need to know how much oil is left. This device is quite portable since it can easily fit into your pocket. There are several positive reviews of Special K due to its excellent performance with thick oils.

  1. PCKT One Plus

The PCKT One Plus is a 510 thread vape device designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis oil. With a 660mAh battery capacity, it will take you 2-3 days before you recharge it. The pen is compatible with most CBD oil cartridges and weed oil pens. It has got three power settings and can be charged via a USB.PCKT One Plus is a robust device machined out of a block of metal, so it is a lot more resilient than standard oil pens.


 For the price, it sits a bit more than your typical stick battery or oil vape, but you get what you pay for. If you vape oil carts regularly and don’t mind spending a bit more for a vape that that’s resilient and pocketable, then make sure you have a look at the PCKT One Plus.

  1. O-Pen Vaper

O vape pen is thin, elegant, and feels light and pleasant to hold in the palm. It is 6 inches long (slightly longer than average vape pen size). It will not offer you full discretion when carrying on hand, but this is a small concern.

The O- Pen is a stable coil-less vape pens for concentrates. It doesn’t come with pre-filled cartridges, so basically, you have to fill in the preferred oil. The accessory kit contains everything to get you started; you only need to get your concentrates before filling the tank. There is also a Micro USB rechargeable battery.

  1. Linx Hermes 3

Hermes 3 is a very advanced, sleek, and portable design devoid of plastic materials. It is one of the smallest vape pens in the market synonymous with low viscosity oils. This device makes use of a ceramic heating element that replaces the conventional coiled atomizers.

The accessories included in the purchase package are USB Charger, Hermes atomizer with a mouthpiece, and a pleasant carrying case. It has a 290mAh battery and holds 0.5ml of CBD oil.

  1. CBDfx VapeKit

The CBD vape kit is durable and compact. It features accessories such as USB cable, ceramic cartridge, and a robust 1000mAh rechargeable battery. It is relatively costly, but at the lowest price, you can order the pen only without the additives. The temperature controls are great for CBD oil. There are up to four various settings to ensure you inhale comfortably. Additionally, these heat settings will safeguard your oil for burning or wastage.

 If you are looking for a more flexible option, you might probably want to consider the Cannastick Arter 4 in 1 Starter Kit. The kit allows you to buy separate cartridges for use with different materials. However, the entire CBDfx kit remains the right choice for newbies who find it hard to assemble a complete vape kit.