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Kids’ skin is extremely delicate. In their early developmental stages, the skin is prone to more damage and scars. The skin of children does not heal nearly as fast as that of the adults. Therefore, you need to stay vigilant while selecting the best clothes for kids. The fabric of the clothes that you select for your little girl will determine how well does it rest on her skin.

People are usually comfortable in lightweight and airy outfits. This holds true especially for young and energetic kids. The best fabrics for kids are breathable. These fabrics help active kids move freely. The best online e-commerce stores for little girls’ clothing never compromise on the quality of fabrics. If you are on the lookout for the most comfortable fabrics for your little girls’, here are the 5 options that you should be on the top of your list.

Viscose Crepe – Free Falling Fabric

The viscose crepe fabric is one of the highest qualities of rayon/viscose fabrics in the market. It can easily form beautiful creased lined designs. Therefore, it looks great on the traditional lehengas with a flat colour scheme. A few professional kids’ clothes manufacturers can create beautiful styles with these fabrics with the use of high-tech digital printing machinery. Traditional Punjabi dhotis and Gujarati lehengas made with the viscose crepe fabric feel naturally light.

The floaty crepe material flows beautifully in a multi-coloured theme. It never causes any rashes or irritation on the delicate skin of the kids.


  • Long-Lasting: The outfits made from the viscous crepe fabric can easily last for 2 to 3 years.
  • Breathable: The breathable fabric is extremely light on the skin of kids.
  • Easy Draping: The light material drapes well around the delicate skin.
  • Excellent Colour Retention: The fabric retains its colour scheme even after multiple washes.
  • Dry and Rough Texture: This texture gives the dress an easy-going feeling. Quick and dry ironing can remove excess creases on the fabric very effectively.

Viscose Georgette – Flawless Fabric

Georgette is known as one of the most versatile fabrics in the fashion industry today. The viscose georgette fabric is comfortable, free falling, having a sheer feel creating a flawless and flowing effect enabling a perfect blend for draping the design due to its lightweight nature. Georgette clothes are great at retaining heat since they can create a cushion of fresh air between the atmosphere and the skin. The natural insulative properties of the fabric make it the ideal choice for winter fashion.

The versatility of the viscose georgette cloth helps it achieve the necessary hybrid clothing characteristics for a funky design scheme. It can be mended with the other fabrics on the list to give the overall design a fresh and unique feeling. The viscose georgette cloth requires little to no maintenance and works well for the soft skin of kids. It also retains the colour extremely well just like the viscose crepe cloth.


  • Good Absorptive Properties: The viscose georgette cloth absorbs heat very well. It can easily absorb and retain heat for a long period, thereby making it the ideal choice for winter clothing.
  • Lightweight: The material is lightweight and breathable, making it the ideal choice for the clothes for kids.
  • Easy Shaping: The versatility of the fabric extends to its easy shaping nature. It can be cut and mixed with other fibres easily.
  • Robust Design: Robust material prevents the development of nicks and cuts easily.
  • Easy on the Skin: The cloth is easy and forgiving on the skin, thereby making it ideal both for toddlers and young kids alike.

Viscose Satin – Shiny and Premium Fabric

The satin fabric is naturally shiny and appealing to the naked eye. The viscose satin fabric is a step up from the common satin fabric because of its static build-up prevention characteristic. Unlike the natural satin fabric, viscose satin is made from woven threads with lesser space between the weaves thereby helping it prevent the build-up of static charge. This characteristic makes it ideal for a dress for the little girls.

The viscose satin fabric gives a premium shiny feel to the overall dress that makes it look elegant and classy. The solid colour scheme of the fabric holds its premium appeal for a long period.


  • Soft and Breezy Nature: The breezy nature of the fabric allows the dress to breathe freely in a breezy manner.
  • Shiny Appeal: The shiny make of the fabric makes it ideal for elegant floor-length dresses.
  • Comfortable on the Skin: The fabric is extremely comfortable therefore; the kids can easily adorn a viscose satin dress for a long period.
  • No Static Build-Up: It prevents static build-up.
  • Lightweight Build: The lightweight fabric looks heavy and premium.

Viscose Silk – Comfortable and Inexpensive Fabric

The viscose silk fabric is the most affordable and skin-friendly compared to the classic silk material. It is comfortable for little girls kids and adults of all ages. The fabric retains its colour scheme easily for a long period. It can hold small pieces of decorative jewellery too. The shiny jewellery pieces in the embroidery compliment the overall shiny look of the viscose silk dress.

The fabric is extremely smooth and feels premium. It can retain the shiny appeal for years to come. It is relatively lighter than pure silk. It is strong and robust and looks great in a solid colour scheme.


  • Easy Dyeing Process: The dying process of the viscose silk fabric is extremely easy. Therefore, you can easily find the fabric in a variety of dark shades.
  • Excellent Colour and Pattern Retention: The fabric retains its design as well as colour scheme for several years.
  • Inexpensive: Viscose silk clothes are relatively inexpensive than pure silk garments.
  • No Static Build-Up: Just like the viscose satin clothes, the viscose silk clothes prevent a static build-up.
  • Shiny and Premium Appeal: The shiny and premium appeal of the viscose silk garments can easily attract the attention of every person in the room.

Pure Cotton– Airy and Breathable Fabric

Pure cotton materials are the go-to materials for kids’ clothing. It is the most lightweight and skin-friendly clothing materials on this list. It is breathable and absorbent. Pure cotton dresses are perfect for sunny and tropical climates. It is the best material for lightweight sunny dresses.

Pure cotton dresses are extremely inexpensive and affordable. The investment in cotton dresses is even more worth it since they age extremely well. They do not need a lot of maintenance either. Washing them with the right detergents can help you retain their colours for a long period.


  • Shrink-Resistant: Most modern-day pure cotton dresses are pre-treated to prevent shrinkage.
  • Extremely Durable: They can last for years with the right care and maintenance.
  • Highly Absorptive: They can absorb water and sweat easily.
  • Very Comfortable: Cotton dresses are extremely comfortable and breathable.

The best e-commerce fashion stores use these high-quality materials to manufacture clothes for kids. They prevent the use of polyester fabric that can easily harm the skin of kids with rashes and irritation. These fabrics are extremely fashionable and offer a subtle aura traditionalism underneath the gorgeous scheme of colours. The best feature of these fabrics is their long-lasting nature. They can easily last for several years with a minimal amount of maintenance and could be stored easily in your wardrobe occupying minimal storage space.

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