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5 Actionable Tips to Handle Any Wi-Fi Network Error



If you are one of those – struggling with various mywifiext issues, then this post is for you! In this article, we have included the 5 actionable tips with which you can deal with any setup issues for your new router.

There are frequent issues reported by the users, but the most common of them is “unable to access the configuration” page.

Most of the time, the error message that you get is “unable to connect” or “Cannot Open”. The reason being, this website is not just an ordinary web address. In fact, this is the doorway to navigate to the smart wizard (genie- router’s settings Interface).

And the computer that you’re using for the setup, must be either connected to the Ethernet or to the wireless Internet with a stable and reliable Internet speed. Inconsistent or no connectivity results in errors like:

“Server not found”; “Unable to fetch data”; “Not connected to a network”; “Page can’t be displayed”.

Also, while configuring your extender, the computer must be connected to the same extender. Else, you will face errors like:

“Check your network connection and try again”.

The other thing to take in consideration is to correctly type the web address. Sometimes users mistype the web address that results in various errors. So to get rid of all these errors we have discovered these 5 actionable tricks. Let us guide you in brief detail.

Tip 1: Reduce the distance and examine the power status.

The first tip is to minimize the distance between your router and the extender and checking the power status. You should place your router and the extender at the least visible distance.

Also, you must avoid placing your router or extender near to any other interference creating appliances such as microwave etc. Apart from this, you also must ensure that both – router and the extender are well connected to the power supply.

Keep the power cable connections tight and rigid. Check the power indicating LED, if they are lit or not. In case the power lights are not glowing then power-cycle both gadgets. And if still power lights are not lit, then there might be a hardware issue with your device.

For the hardware issue, you can consult with any local technician or the manufacturer itself. Also, check the PC to extender or Extender to PC LED.

Tip 2: Do this if you’re unable to navigate to the router’s page.

If your not working, then you must restart your web browser. You can also try different web browser. This would verify that the issue is not related to the browser.

But if nothing works, then the only option is to power- cycle your computer.

Next thing is to verify that you are typing the correct web address. Even a tiny miss-spell could result in the error. Also in the all – odd scenario, you can hardwire your extender to the computer.

Tip 3: Reset The Extender.

Tip 3 helps a lot – as per remarked by the users. Sometimes the extender becomes crappy and gives a hard time while attempting the initial configuration.

This tip is to reset your router using a paper clip or other tiny pin. Insert the paper clip in the tiny reset hole to press the reset button and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. This tip works as a charm.

Also, instead of mywifiext, you can try the

Tip 4: Ensure that your computer is not connected to any other Internet connection.

This happens a lot when your computer is connected to various internet connections (wired or wireless), it results in IP conflicting.

These IP conflictions result in the generation of various setup and configuration errors like “Page not found” or “Page timed out”.

Tip 5: Take help from experts.

Last but not the least tip is to seek assistance from experts rather than just doing blind troubleshooting. This is because sometimes issues are core technical and can only be sorted out with the expert knowledge.

So these are the five tips with which you can handle every issue related to mywifiext. If you still have any query left, comment below.

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