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4 Vital Questions That Can Be Decisive in an Interview



Questions asked in an interview are not only crucial just because they can give you a job but also these questions portray an image in the mind of the interviewee about the organization. However, there are some common questions frequently asked by almost all interviewers. These questions are generic in nature but can form the foundation for the entire session and are also taught in some of the top B-schools.

A. Why should we select you?

Mention personal skills and personality traits.
E. g,

I work hard under difficult conditions I have consistently met targets and deadlines in project work.
I am a good team player flexible and can cooperate with members.
I try to stay calm under stressful situations.
I have good analytical skills.

Always remember that for each of the above-mentioned keep an example ready to support it.

B. What can you do that someone else cannot?

This is the time so “sell-yourself” strongly to the interviewer. Give examples to substantiate it.
E.g. I am good at coming up with innovative solutions for difficult problems.

C. What do you know about our organisation?

I have read up a lot that is in the public domain. It is the leader in its segment. That is why I will be able to learn more. Working here will be significantly challenging and give me the opportunity to contribute as well as win recognition for my achievements.

D. Mention and discuss a current affairs problem you have been aware of lately.

To answer this you have to be well informed. Read quality daily newspapers and information provided by your MBA institute thoroughly for at least a week before the interview. However, do not express strong political or religious views.

Prima facie, these questions are simple in nature, however, if answered properly can give the entire interview session a positive impact which is not only strong but also seems decisive in most of the time.