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4 Steps to Optimize Local Search on Google



Around 73% of all online activity on Google comes from local searches. Most of the web users turn to local search in order to learn about the businesses available in their nearby area and compare what companies they would like to prefer. Optimizing the website for Google local listing is the best way to take the advantages of the local searches. These listings are prominently featured in the local SERPs on the top search engines and are the best option to get the attention of web users. We understand the importance of Google local listing hence we are giving you the top four steps in the below-given lines of this article that will help you in optimizing the local search on Google.

  1. Ensure the Details Filled in the Application form are Correct and Complete

The recent study conducted by SEO Web Advisor, the leading Digital Marketing Agency, shows that 1 out of 3 consumers do local search on a smart phone before visiting the store in person. These consumers are very clear about their choices and often looking for valuable and practical information about the company, like of the contact address and the working hours.

So, you need to make sure that you fill the information correctly and completely in order to make your listing more effective. A thoroughly filled-in listing form not only help you in answering the queries of the visitors performing local searches, but it will also help you in ranking well in the Google. The search engine giant gives priority to the completed listings over those that are incomplete.

  1. Use Precise Location and Keywords

Google local listing uses Google maps to give the exact locations and information to the customers so that they could know whether the business or company is located nearby to their current location or not. Hence, it is very important for you as a business owner to fill out the precise location in the Google local listing form. Google regularly check the local listings for businesses. If it founds any discrepancies between your business listings on different directories, it will lower the ranking of your listing.

SEO Web Advisor studied the impact of different factors on Google local search and found that the consistency of Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) on local business listings had a 16% influence in determining the performance of any business. Besides location, you should also integrate the location keywords into your local listing content. Google gives priority to those listings that use keywords in the Title Tag, H1 heading and URL.

  1. Reviews Matters

90 out of 100 customers trust reviews posted by the other customers over the company’s advertisements. According to world’s renowned survey organization Nielsen, 92% of the customers trust advertisements and reviews from actual users more than the traditional paid advertising on the search engines. Having multiple positive reviews can be very helpful. In addition, the feedback given by the consumers are displayed right by your company name, encouraging people to click.

  1. Add Your Company’s Website URL in Listing

We recommend you to include your business website URL in Google+ local listing. This will help you in communicating with the consumers and also driving traffic to the website. Moreover, keep one thing in mind that your website must comprise of a well-developed About Us page and Home page that contains your targeted keywords, business address and well-written content giving the information about the company’s product or services. Rich snippets, like of an embedded map provides tremendous value.

Hope! The above-mentioned tips will help you in optimizing your Google local listing. If you need any help in digital marketing, visit our official website: SEO Web Advisor.