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4 Pest ProblemsThat Are the Enemy of Your Peace of Mind



Experts often recommend exhausted professionals to spend more their hours in the house to offset the mental and physical burnout they incur at work. It is also prettycommon to say that the bestquality time one can have in his/her daily schedule are the hours spent with the family in the comforting confinement of the house.

But do you know that all these pacifying and warmingattributes of yourSeattlehouse can be shattered with certain pest infestations?We generally associate a pest problem with annoyance and disgust that they cause. However, there are some pest problems that don’t just cause minor inconveniences. If homeowners don’t deal withthem in time with professional help, then theycan actually aggravate into slaying the peace of mind.

A peaceful nighttime sleep or healthy dining experience becomesa distant dream when you and your abode are suffering from certain pest problems. Let’s have a look at all those pest species that can ruffle the peaceful ambiance of your house in Seattle.

1) Mosquitoes

There is a general misconception that mosquitoes swarm residential setting during particular seasons. It is true that some seasons favor the reproduction of mosquitoes and during this time they are more likely to attack homes. However, the mosquito problem is not strictly seasonal.

Wherever there is abody of stagnant water, mosquitoes can make their colony. Moreover, the presence of plants,even a few of them, facilitates the life cycle of this flying pest. Due to these easily available nourishment conditions, Seattle homes remain the target of mosquito swarms all through the year.

When the presence of mosquitoes exceeds a certain threshold, it starts bothering the real inhabitants of the house. Even though mosquitoes are not feared for causingserious viral diseases anymore, but still their constant buzzing sound and stingsare more than enough to disturb anyone.

At night they can’t let you sleep in peace by constantly buzzing around your head.  And during the day, they keep on stinging the uncovered parts of the body. Some mosquito species have a stingso potent that it ends up in rashes and extreme itching.

Whether you are sitting in your lounge or having a meal with the family on the dining table, the buzz and the bite of mosquitoes don’t spare you anywhere. This definitely not makes for a healthy and peaceful home ambiance.


Don’t leave any water stagnantin and around your property. Moreover, spray insecticide on the plants and othervegetation spaces in the house on a regular basis. Also, a seasonal visit by any reputable pest control services in Seattle can also help in the prevention of acute mosquito problem.

2) Flies

You must bid a farewell to peaceful eating if your house is infested with seriousflies’problem. Many homeowners continue to ignore thepresence of flies and fruit fliesin the house just because they don’t bite. However, it is important to understand that there are many other ways through which they can cause troubles for you and your family.

To begin with, they won’t let you eat in peace. Flies thrive on food items and there is no way you can fend them off just by wagglingyour hand in the air. Besides causing an extreme disturbance at the dining tables, they can contaminate the food by sitting on it.

Diahhrea is usually the most common outcome of eating flies-infested food too often. No one likes it to have an upset stomach and disturbed bowel movement every other day. And remember that a severe fly infestation can do that.


Take care of the general sanitation of the house. Take out the trash bin daily and don’t leave kitchen counters uncleaned and undusted for overnight. These simple cleaning measures can protect you from all hasslecreated by flies.

3) Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small brown insects that usually infest wooden furniture. They don’t make any noise and also keep away from the light. But these characteristics don’t make their infestation any less bothersome. In fact, their silent and nocturnal activity makes them more lethal during the night.

Bed bugs feed on blood. In any residential setting, they fulfill their feeding requirements by bitinghuman preys. Bed bugs are infamous fortheir super itchy bites. If you wake up in the middle of the night while insistentlyscratching your arms and feet, then there are strong chances that you have just been bitten by a bed bug.

During an extreme bed bug infestation, you might experience these middle-of-the-night awakenings more often. Ask yourself for what a home is good for if it can’t ensuregood night sleep?The repeated abrupt awakeningsfrom the deep sleep can ultimately disturb your sleep cycle, resulting ina bad mood and poor productivity for the rest of the day.


Since beg bugs are silent pests, therefore it is extremely difficult to detect their infestation right at the onset. With regular inspections from the professionals, however, it is possible to detect the presence of bed bugs before they become a full-blown pest problem.

Many times bed bugs are transferred to a home through second-hand furniture that is already infested. So, whenever buying used furniture particularly the one carved out of timber, inspect it thoroughly for the presence of bed bugs.  The small dropping spots on the planks and upholsteryarethe most telltale sign of the presence of this pest.

4) Cockroaches

This is another seemingly harmless pest issue and hence doesn’t get the needed attention from the homeowners. Like flies, cockroaches also infest houses with poor sanitary conditions. Their overwhelming presence in bathrooms and kitchens can make the life of all those people living hell that are suffering from entomophobia i.e. the fear of insects.


Cockroaches thrive in a warm and moist environment. The ever-damp kitchen and bathroom floors provide a good breeding ground to cockroaches. Make sure all the spaces with extensive water use are regularly mopped. An occasional insecticide spray will also help in keeping their presence in control. You can deal with the above-mentioned pest issues to get back your peace of mind with diligent house cleaning routine and through the assistance of professional exterminators.

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