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4 Most Popular Website Monitoring Tools You can Use for Your Website



When you visit a website, you want it to run fast without any breaks, don’t you? Similarly, when your target users come to visit your site, they want it to run fast uninterruptedly. If what they expect is not available or if your site has uptime with poor quality, then they will promptly switch to another website. Thus, they go off without performing their activity on your site. They then hardly come back to your site due to poor speed or downtime.

Therefore, the experience of your customer is directly proportional to the business of your websites. Users with bad experiences on your siteharmyour business. This is the reason stability and constant uptime of the websites is important.

Using website monitoring tools is always reasonable than a manual team to continuously monitor the screens for the downtime issues. In this post, we are going to discuss most popular uptime website monitoring tools that are available in the online market.

Site 24×7

Site 24×7 is available for free of cost for 5 websites. It gives as many ten alerts every month. After which, you will be charged per month for ten websites in eight different test locations.Site 24×7 allows you to monitor a website’s page load and pace, in all the key areas of the globe. It does transaction monitoring, server monitoring, network monitoring. It also monitors critical cloud-based applications, identified different errors. The tool also supports sever other protocols such as HTTPS, HTTP, DNS, TCP, etc.

Webmaster Ninja

Webmaster Ninja is one of the growing tools, used by website owners to monitor their website. One can use this tool from anywhere at any time. The tool takes care of alerts via emails, SMS. It includes monitoring of page speed and offers extra features which might not be available in other uptime tools.


SiteUPtime is an open source platform. It gives a limitation of one website uptime testing. The time period is 30-60 minutes. As a user, you are able to validate for eight different locations across five continents. Key features include validating the uptime testing status with quick reports, monitoring SSL, HTTPS, Web Page content, POP3, DNS,FTP, SMPT, TCP Ports, and pings. You can configure alert triggers or email for 1 to 5 errors. When your website is up again, you will get an email or alert.


Montastic is an old andeasy-to-use open source uptime testing tool. By using this tool, you can validate the availability or the uptime of the website and acknowledge the same by sending warnings of the websites crashes via RSS or e-mail.Montastic allows users to monitor hundreds of websites with five min check intervals. For this, you need to have a paid account. For free usage, only people in the USA are able to use this tool. For paid users, they additional locations worldwide are available. This tool supports HTTP, HTTPS and an end user interface. It allows you to acknowledge uptime and downtime in the reports.

These are the four popular website monitoring tools. You can find them online to track the performance of your website.