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4 Key Elements for an Engaging Mobile App Development



Organizations want apps and, they are ready to invest in mobile application development technology. But, what are the key elements they should focus on to come out with successful product? Here are the things any organization should keep in mind to reduce the cost of development and, of course, increase the probability of success. 

Go with a growth hacking plan

Consider growth hacking as a science to engineer the mechanism of growth of a product and regularly iterating on it to boost your user base. A good example is the invitation-only account of Gmail when it was first launched. Another way to do this is incentive and an example for it was set by Dropbox. It offered free storage space when users referred it to their friends.

It works like a viral mechanism and, it’s of course essential in some cases. You have to make it sure that your mobile application development team understands A/B testing and have knowledge in analytics, too. The most successful products have been those ones which have strong sharing incentive schemes.

A pleasant, intuitive and practical UI

But growth hacking will not work alone if your app doesn’t have a pleasant, intuitive and practical UI. You may have expert designers who have done fantastic jobs in their life, but to come up with a practically useful interface, you have to bring someone, particularly none-tech, other than designers or developers, to get advice for the user interface of an app.

Remember to bring these none-tech guys early in mobile application development process and ask them to feedback the UI as frankly as possible. Whatever they will say be the most valuable inputs to enhance your product.

Audience insight

You must have information about how users are reacting to your application. You can learn it by going deep into consumer insights that will tell you whether or not the product addresses the real need of users. Insights will also help in discovering where most of the users leaving the app so that loose ends can be tighten up.

But these enhancements should go side-by-side so that you can take care of most of the problems during the development. What a smart mobile application development team does is spotting most of the problems early in the process with the help of customer insights.

Non-programming members in development team
There are a number of researchers suggesting to have the involvement of users who will really use an application you are creating. They should be those users who download apps from app stores. Understand their varying perspectives so that you can come across the actual standing of your app.

Author Bio :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.


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