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4 Books You Can Try While You Are Enjoying a Short Trip




A short trip to a nearby place is no doubt an overwhelming idea. However, when you are relaxing, you can add some finest colour to your trip just by picking one of these books. As they say – books are the best friends of human. While taking a sip of your favourite poison, reading a few pages of these books in a weekend getaway destination near Kolkata can make your mood.

#1. The Alchemist

A renowned novel by Paulo Coelho, acclaimed worldwide for its stunning plot and storyline. Originally written in Portuguese, in the year 1988, became an international bestseller within a few days of its first edition. A young shepherd Santiago is the main character who learns to listen to his heart and started discovering the soul of the World. The story revolves around the journey of this boy.

#2. A Night @ Call Centre

Modern weekend getaway cum wedding destination near Kolkata is the perfect place to enjoy a book like this one by one of the most prominent writers of this generation Chetan Bhagat. This book is a true reflection of the modern IT world in the package of an exquisite storyline. Sip, savour and enjoy.

#3. The God of Small Things

Another classic creation by one of the most eminent Indian writer of all times Arundhati Roy. This book has won the Booker prize in 1997. The main storyline is about fraternal twins. Family issues have kept them apart for many years. However, after a long period, they reunite as young adults.

#4. The Namesake

Timeless and exquisite. This can be your pick while having a short trip to a weekend getaway destination. Written by Jhumpa Lahiri, this is also an acclaimed novel that won Pulitzer. The plot revolves around a Bengali couple and their newly born son Gogol and his crisis regarding his name and the culture he brought up into in Massachusetts, Cambridge.