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4 benefits of using an online portal to buy or sell your car



A lot has changed over the years. However, our need for transportation has stayed the same. This is why year after year, you will see more and more cars being bought and sold. While other industries suffered due to slowing down of economies, the automobile industry has continued to grow. In 2017 alone, 73.5 million cars were manufactured worldwide.

Many people sell their car to buy a new one. And a growing trend is to use an online platform to buy and sell cars. There was a time when buying and selling of vehicles were solely done via dealerships. Now, consumer preferences are changing. Millennials usually prefer shopping online. In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey, at least 70% of worldwide respondents reported that they indulge in some form of online shopping.

Now, the two worlds are colliding. The automobile industry is converging with E-commerce and delivering online portals to buy and sell cars. You can easily opt for a free valuation from online platforms, who will then claim, we want your car! and take it for you without your need to physically go to a location.

Here are benefits of selling and buying vehicles via online platforms.

  1. A Simple Process

Most online car buying and selling portals have very easy to understand interface. The tech-savvy consumer of today is bound to find the process of buying and selling online very easy.

For instance, when buying a car online, you can filter your searches based on car models and other specifications. Rather than sifting through a catalog or driving to a specific dealership that has your dream car, you merely search for it using the built-in search system. When you do so, you will be provided with all the information about the vehicle, including mileage, engine capacity, and price.

The process remains as simple when you are selling your car. Rather than placing ads on newspapers and other forums, these sites get enough traffic to ensure that your vehicle will be sold. The process of enlisting your car for sale is straightforward as well (in most cases).

  1. Getting a better deal

Whatever role you assume in this equation, online portals allow you to get a better deal in your transaction. In case of purchasing a car, this is because you can easily compare the price offered with other online platforms and select the one within your budget. Also, if you are purchasing a used car, the sellers are usually not professionals. Instead, they are people like you. Hence, they are easier to bargain with.

As a seller, because you are not dealing with dealerships, it is easier to get your car sold at your demanded price (if you are good at negotiating). After all, the chances are neither you, or your customer knows the intrinsic details about cars. While they will ask the significant things that matter, they won’t demand a price decrease for little stuff because they might not consider asking about it.

  1. Avoiding professional hagglers

Car dealers are out to make a sale. They get paid for it. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they are very persistent in getting you to close the deal. For some people, this can get overwhelming. You end up making a decision you later regret. Post-purchase dissonance always exists, but it is higher when you think you were forced to make a decision. The best thing about online portals is that it eliminates the physical interaction between dealers and buyers. Sometimes you aren’t even dealing with professionals at all. Either way, it is easier to avoid professional haggling on online platforms.

It gives you more time to think about your decision and select a car accordingly.

  1. Diverse options

A dealership limits your choices. Actually, anything which is sold and bought on a physical location limits your choices. However, there are no such boundaries in online portals. Instead, you can sit in one city and purchase or sell a car to another. Yes, travel expenses may be incurred. However, when you are getting a great deal or a chance to buy the best car for you, the chances are you won’t mind the extra bucks spent.

In terms of selling cars, this characteristic of online platforms means that the sky is your limit. Again, if you are willing to bear the brunt of travel expenses, you don’t necessarily have to sell your car in your locality. Instead, you can close the most profitable deal regardless of where the customer might be located.

Tips for using online portals

Since there are a lot of online portals out there that can allow you to buy and sell cars, make sure you pick wisely among them. Here is how to do so:

  • Look for platforms with easy to understand interface. You don’t want to spend time understanding how to use a website
  • The best portal is one which is equipped with advanced search options so that you can easily get to the car of your dreams
  • Ensure that the portal only has verified accounts. You don’t want to deal with frauds and suspicious strangers
  • Always consider using multiple platforms so that you can be exposed to different prices and offers

Word of caution

While online portals are a great way to carry out automobile transactions, there are some flaws as well. For instance, it is easier to get duped on online platforms than if you physically meet your buyer or seller. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give online portals a try. Instead, make sure you are cautious. Do your research about the platform you are using. Make sure your seller or customer is not a fraud by researching about them.


Go ahead and buy or sell your car. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Shop or sell away from the comfort of your home. Life is undoubtedly getting more and easier by every passing moment. It is a great time to be alive, isn’t it?

Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs.