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Wedding Planning

We understand the splurge of emotions a bride goes through her wedding preparation. You will feel the nervousness, excitement, happiness, confusion, and stress all together. If you are “the bride” just relax and read the best helpful 32 tips to plan your wedding.

  1. You need to think about the finance weeks ahead of your wedding day. Make sure to include the contributions made by you or your husband’s family.
  2. You should not hurry yourselves while making decisions. Remember that these decisions are going to impact your big day and will be remembered for your whole life. You can hire a wedding coordinator to manage the pieces together.
  3. There will tons of advice available. The most trustworthy is the one provided by your married friends because they can give you the itsy-bitsy details you might not find online.
  4. Other than pieces of advice from friends and family, online blogs, Instagram accounts, and magazines can be a great help to take ideas.
  5. You can use various mobile apps to keep a record of your favorite ideas. For other stuff such as paper drafts, contact cards, and bills, you can keep a hard-bind folder to keep things arranged.
  6. Traditions are fancy to keep only when you are comfortable with them. You don’t need to stick to old school traditions when you find them unsettling. Get creative and find new ideas.
  7. Whatever you plan to do, you cannot do all the stuff on your own. Request your bridesmaids, family, and friends to get involved with the preparations.
  8. Every friend or family member is able to handle a different kind of task. Delegate the tasks as per the expertise. Ask them to choose for themselves if you are not aware of their strengths yet.
  9. You need to write down all the tasks you can think of in a list. A checklist is a great way to start as keeps record of what’s been done and what is left.
  10. Feeling overwhelmed is quite normal during the preparations. You should go by the principle of one thing at a time.
  11. Prioritize the tasks so that you do not miss on the absolutely necessary items.
  12. Make a guest list. This will probably be the most important task of your wedding plan. Venue selection, catering, food, and seating arrangements all depend on this important decision.
  13. Keep the number of guests limited if you have a limited budget. You can entertain a smaller number of guests in a much better way. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  14. The wedding date should be decided after proper consideration of wedding blackout days. You don’t want your wedding day to clash with some local conference, charity walk or another important event.
  15. Think about the weather before you make the arrangements. Venue selection highly depends on the climatic conditions.
  16. Local vendors are well aware of best service providers around the town. You can seek help from your florist or caterer to reach out the other best services.
  17. While you are deciding the menu, do not forget the working crew. You must arrange enough food to entertain all the people.
  18. Research well before deciding about catering service.
  19. Taste check is a quality way to choose food providers.
  20. You will need one bartender for 50 guests on average. Hire enough bartenders so that all of the guests get their drinks.
  21. Choosing a theme color for decoration and dresses is a great idea. You can check the Pantone color of the year for some unique ideas.
  22. The organization is the key to success in every wedding but remember that things go wrong at all weddings. This is what “normal” is. You don’t need to panic a lot.
  23. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, arrange for the accommodation of your guests.
  24. Start booking weeks ahead for the hotels and venue.
  25. A marriage license is an important document you must not miss. Check your local authorities to get one and then keep it somewhere safe.
  26. Call the fashion police from your friend circle to buy the dress for the big day.
  27. Do not forget the photographer.
  28. Order the cake after proper consideration.
  29. You must not forget the music band.
  30. Go easy with the stress or you might ruin your skin.
  31. Get enough sleep.
  32. Hire the best among the wedding planning companies in Zionsville IN.

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