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3 Wonderful Tips on How to Design Custom Wallpapers for Your Home



Have you just purchased a new home? Then, all your energy must be vested in trying to enhance the beauty of your interiors. You must be spending all your time shopping for new upholstery, furniture, lighting, and other home decor elements. But have you decided what you want to do with the walls? Walls are the most overlooked aspects of the home interior. Yet, these possess the power of transforming one’s home from ‘drab’ to absolutely ‘fab’. There are plenty of things that you can do with your walls apart from the mundane and regular paint. Nowadays, you have options like textured walls, wall art, wall decals, murals, and even wallpapers. And since your home, at the end of the day, is an extension of your own personality, you should try to personalize your walls. For that, the customized wallpapers can be a brilliant idea.

There are a number of companies from where you can design custom wallpapers according to the size of your home walls and individual taste and preferences. Another great benefit of customized wallpaper is that you can stick to your budget with these products. So, look for a credible and experienced company which will not only offer you an efficient execution of the wallpapers for your home but can also suggest you ideas and designs that will further enhance the value of your home.

Here, we have a few tips on planning your customized wallpapers so that you can take a little inspiration for your home. Take a look.

  • Use it to create a Focal Point

Sometimes, you might have a huge space and need a direction for the placement and position of other furniture and home decor elements. This is where your wallpapers can create a solid contribution. You can use the wallpaper on a single side of the wall to which everything else will be pointed at. This will be the focal point in the room and immediately draw attention when one enters the room. You must pick the colours and the design in a manner which complements the rest of the home decor and yet has something unique about it.

  • Make an Echo for the Space

Some people might not want a focal point in their rooms. They might want a certain sense of cohesiveness and continuity in the whole look and feel of the interiors. This idea is preferred in places like dining rooms, staircase landings, or powder rooms. If you already have a timeless design in mind and have incorporated other elements in the room to reflect the design, then create the wallpaper which echoes the same thought and idea. This can be done in two ways. You can choose similar motifs for your tableware, decorative crockery or vase to be placed in the room. Or if you have a particular colour scheme for the curtains, tableware, and the furniture finish, then you can pick a tone darker or lighter for the wallpapers in order to give it a consistent balance.

  • Express Your Love for Nature

If you are a nature lover at heart stuck in the modern city home, then there is an easy way out. All you have to do is design wallpapers that will allow you to peep into nature. Bring the nature from the outside right into your bedrooms with wallpapers involving floral or lush green elements. It could be a texture or a design but make sure the colour is bright and reflects nature. This will help you to enjoy the outdoors when you are relaxing indoors. You can search the internet for creative ideas that will further help you get the same natural impact on the wallpapers.

So, quickly find the company which can provide you with customization facilities for your wallpaper.


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