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3 Ways to Increase Your Security on the Internet




Today’s world is full of internet stuff. Even for one simple thing, we go for searching the stuff on the internet and yes, we definitely get the desired stuff we were looking for on the internet. Not only that we can do those tasks which are only possible with physical movements by just searching those services on the internet who can do that for us. Unlike doing it physically it is much smoother, faster and relevant with the Internet. And that’s the general thing I just explained. The main purpose of this article is to know about the security and how to improve this while having our time on the internet because it’s something which can fully turn the plate and can give you desired to inappropriate satisfaction. So, the question will arise that how to get the maximum security here, or what are the ways to increase the security on the internet.

Here are some ways i,ll be explaining you. So without wasting further time lets start with the 3 Ways to increase your Security on the Internet.

Improving Browser security:

It’s simple as it seems because we usually use browsers to access websites and other stuff on the internet. However, nowadays this becomes more easy with apps but when it comes to reliability and using it more according to yourself then the browser is the best option even for the general purpose we use browsers, doesn’t matter if it’s for surfing, browsing or some other specific purposes.
To increase the browser security and save yourself some attacker, spammer and a variety of viruses you need to be using the safest browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer or Microsoft edge which is the latest browser from Microsoft comes with windows 8 and 10.

  • Also, remember whenever you are accessing websites with HTTPS connection which identifies the secured and connection which simply means the data between you and website will be fully encrypted and no one can access or no one will ever know which data you get from the website or whatever you look for on that particular website with HTTPS connection.
  • Make sure you are properly logged out from your account whether it’s your social account or any other site account.
  • Always use search engines like duckduckgo, ecosia and others who actually don’t track your activities and let you down anytime with a bunch of unreliable ads instead of getting the desired info from SERP instead of using search engines like Bing, Yahoo and google sometimes.

System Security:

The 80% of data loss through malware and viruses happens only because of low system security. System security includes lots of major and minor facts and solutions which you can apply for better security of your system. However, I am only going to tell you only those tips for better system security which can fix a lot of minor system security issues and some major as well.

  • Do not enable autorun in your system which is the main reason behind a lot of keyloggers can easily get access to your system because the function autorun makes it easy by not asking permission for any particular execution on your system. These kinds of keyloggers can enter your system through a spam email(includes, images, exe files), or through any download files from a low trusted site. So, you gotta be careful what you are clicking on.
  • Use a highly secured and trusted Antivirus so that you,ll be aware of stuff you are downloading or what you already have in your system from your previous downloads. These antiviruses even provide you such facility by which you can predict about the site trust and keep your system safe by not allowing such malware to get access in your system by auto-deleting them or blocking the root of their access.

Network Security:

As the internet is all about the area of the network, the network which connects you the variety of things, Connects you with people, makes your routine easy and lets you survive with reliability. But if someone can ruin it then you are probably no more exist in this world, because all your identity on one the internet so let anyone stole it, and to make sure you are having a safe network connection which can’t lead such sarcasm things by making it private. Here are few points you can use to make sure you are doing fine with it:

  • Use a better, high-speed ISP, because if you belong to professional society then you probably don’t compromise your ISP on the basis of money because those less pennies can lead to thousand dollars of loss. So if you got a better internet speed then you are not going to face such situations where transactions got stuck due to low internet speed or your LAN goes down coz of some crises or numerous reasons can be there.
  • Use secured connection using some VPN Services. VPN which basically stands for virtual private network, provides you facility of remain anonymous by hiding your IP address which is the things that can reveal everything about you, also by hiding your Geo-location as well. There are a lot of VPN available so you can use either Free VPN services or Paid one both works good but for more assurance, i will suggest you go for paid one always coz paid VPN always gives you much better, secures, encrypted connection. VPNs mostly helps you while you torrenting and saves you from being caught.
  • Remove your default setting, especially when you are a windows user then you should dig for it first. Almost all setting in windows comes as the way they can be reliable for you. So it’s better to not start with your default network settings. As long you maintain the default network settings then there will be chances for trouble for your system, so make sure you set them according to your needs and to make the security stronger than before.

These three above tips are pretty useful and probably good enough to make sure that you are safe on a standard basis. These three (Network security, browser security, and system security) are the main things decides whether you have good security or poor. If you are good enough to set them/use them as the way told above then you are good to go and look around all over the internet for your things, stuffs, routine work etc. Its all upon you after all.