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20 Ways to Impress Your Partner by Baking Some Delicious Desserts



Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love with your partner, and here we have some fantastic ideas for you all to surprise your partner on this Valentine’s Day. You can start by baking it yourself or get something delicious heart-shaped, pink and red-colored dessert, or just full of tasty flavors. These ideas work whether you’re cooking for a simple candlelight dinner at home. You can whip up some beautiful heart-shaped frosted cookies for your partner. You will find many varieties of recipes that don’t require much time, like the no-bake cake recipes. Here are some fantastic Valentine’s Day exclusive dessert ideas.

#1 – Chocolate Cupcakes


Light, fluffy, and moist chocolate cupcakes can be made easily in just one bowl and then decorate it with these beautiful heart-shaped candies.

#2 – I Love You Cupcakes


It’s a charming idea to surprise your love with these gorgeous cupcakes. You can modify them according to your wishes. You can pick all the best moments of your relationship and customized it accordingly.

#3- Strawberry Macaroons


Take a sip of wine with these delicious macaroons. These are the best thing to satisfy your sweet tooth after a delightful meal. What’s best then to end your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner by having these delicious strawberry macaroons? These Valentine’s Day treats are to make your partner or party guests smile and spread all the love.

#4 – Heart-shaped Churros


How about some heart-shaped churros with hot chocolate? If your partner loves churros then this is something you must add on your Valentine’s Day list. These are very delicious, especially with hot chocolate, and if you’re bored with creamy cakes, then this is something you must try on. 

#5- Classic Trifle Strawberry Swiss Roll


Thinking of something different from a regular cake, then it is a perfect dessert which has custard, fruit, Swiss roll, and jelly. This recipe is super easy to bake, which requires very fewer ingredients.

#6- Heart-shaped Cookies


Another sweet surprise is to wake your love with a steaming hot coffee and heart-shaped cookies with a cute little message written on it.

#7 – Dairy-free Heart-Shaped Doughnuts


Make these delicious puffy dairy-free doughnuts. You can just fill them, glaze them, or leave it plain, which can never go wrong anyway. I highly recommend this if your partner is crazy doughnuts.

#8 – Rice Krispie Treat

Image 8.jpg

Another exciting dessert idea is this beautiful & delicious rice crispy treat, which is fun, festive, easy to cook and will be a big hit for your date-night.

#9 – Red velvet crinkle cookies

red velvet cookies.jpg

These Delicious Red velvet crinkle cookies can describe as – soft, thick, cakey, buttery, and best for Valentine’s Day celebration. These are slightly crispy on the outside like a cookie and sweet, chewy inside which makes it taste just like cakes.

#10- Gumdrops for Valentine’s Day

image 9.jpg

You can also consider this sweet treat, which can be made easily at home. It is a super fun recipe that is great for any holiday. This gumdrop recipe is mix with jell-0, so the flavors and color of this gumdrop are almost endless.

#11 – Love Toast

Love Toast.jpg

Who doesn’t love bed tea with a healthy breakfast? This breakfast idea will be a charming gesture to surprise and wish your partner on Valentine’s Day morning. Express your inner child with this favorite egg dish. Then add a sprinkle of some sophistication: Chop capers with a combo of your favorite herbs.

#12 – Short Chocolate Cake


Heart-Shaped Brownies with Fresh Raspberry Butter cream are the perfect Valentine brownies. It’s a match made in heaven, the ideal Valentine brownies!

#13 – Mini Jam Tarts


These mini jam tarts are super easy to make, and it will take only 20 minutes to get ready, these bite-sized treats are incredibly delicious.

#14 – Red Velvet Waffle

Image 13.jpg

Colorful red velvet waffle mixed with brown sugar buttermilk batter, little cocoa and red food color for that classic red velvet taste.

#15 – Strawberry Shortcake

short cake.jpg

This cake can be made at home very quickly. It consists of a flaky golden biscuit piled up with high macerated strawberries and sweetened whipped cream.

#16 – White Red Velvet Fudge

red velvet.jpg

Winter White Red Velvet Fudge – It’s very delicious, beautiful fudge which you can have it on any season, not just winter! Try it out on this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved ones with this fantastic recipe.

#17 – Strawberry Pancakes


Oatmeal Pancakes is a perfect healthy breakfast with high protein in it. It helps to fuel you up and keeps you feeling full a long time. It is heart-healthy, and you can make it a heart-shaped pancake of it. These High Protein Oatmeal Pancakes swap in oats and cottage cheese (instead of milk) for a higher protein breakfast.

#18 – Red Velvet Balls

red velvet ball.jpg

Red Velvet Cake Balls made with cream cheese frosting and dipped in white chocolate — a beautiful truffle for Valentine’s Day.

#19 – Red Velvet Oreo Brownie

red velvet brownie.jpg

This brownie is luxuriously moist! It takes some time to warm up to the flavor. You can layer with white chocolate buttercream and completely melt-worthy for your taste buds. Red velvet is magical. It’s neither fully chocolate nor vanilla. Just a wonderful mixture of the two paired together.

#20 – Oreo Pops

oreo popsicle.jpg

The best part of Valentine’s Day is these delicious sweets. And also, a romantic candlelight dinner is an integral part of your date night, but isn’t what everyone looks forward to having some cookies, brownies, and cupcakes after the meal? Of course, you might still want to cook a delicious dinner for your date night this year. But if you’re going to do then remember to leave room for dessert, and to help you out, we have given you the ideas of what kind of sweets or surprises you can do for your partner to make him/her feel special and show the love that you have for your partner. These sweet and delectable Valentine’s Day will be the icing on the cake for you and your sweetheart for this Valentine’s Day. And that will end up a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day for both for you.

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