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13 Microsoft Word Tips You Need to Learn Them Now



Microsoft Word is the best typing software preferred by all the typists in the world, typists are so much in love with this tool because it provides them a lot of abilities just not typing. Along with typing, the other options that come along with Microsoft Word are it checks for the spelling mistakes and gives you the correct one, its checks on your grammar, provides thesaurus, autocorrect words, and provides you with a lot of facilities which makes it the best among all. The constant updates of the Microsoft Office apps have always proven to be the betterment of the apps consisting inside it. With that Microsoft Word also have been updating from a very long time and the latest version of it is the Microsoft Word 2016 with some more awesome features consisting in it.Microsoft also provides a Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number for solving any technical issues.

Despite of this there are a lot of other tips and shortcuts that you might have never heard of before and you might be in for a big surprise. So, below mentioned are 13 tips for the Microsoft word that you need to learn now. These are:

  1. Find your Previous Location

When working at a lengthy document, sometimes when we open another file or go away from the Word app, we can’t find the cursor in the position and it then gets difficult to get it on that particular position. To solve this you can use the Shift+F5 shortcut and get your cursor back to where you’ve previously saved your document.

  1. Automatic Generation of Filler Text

At times when you need the Lorem Ipsum, the Microsoft Word can automatically generate it for you. Just type “=lorem (p, l)” into your document. The p and l in the brackets represent the no, paragraphs and lines respectively.

  1. Double clicking to hide White Spaces

While viewing the page in the print layout option, you can hide the white spaces by placing the mouse cursor between the page and the toolbar, and then double click on it, after that double click again to bring it back.

  1. Inserting Hyperlink

The shortcut way to Hyperlink is to highlight the text that you want, click Ctrl+K, when the dialog box appears paste the URL and click on Enter, the text will be highlighted and the link will be build on it.

  1. Double click and write anywhere

If you are creating tables and columns, then it could be very much time consuming for you. While working on the basic page layout of the Word you can just double click anywhere and start writing.

  1. Using Smart Lookups

Highlight any line, word or a phrase and then right click and select Smart Lookup. This will help you in researching about the particular thing that you’ve highlighted without having to use your web browser.

  1. Get your own Ribbon

The Microsoft Word comes with a default ribbon of its own, but you don’t have to keep using it. You can choose your own, click on File, then click on Options and then choose Customize Ribbon and perform the functions as you want to.

  1. Hide your Spelling and Grammar mistakes

In the newer version of the Microsoft Word, you can turn off those green and red underlines clustering in your documents and making it look like a rookie mistake of a 3 year old. You just click on the File menu, then click on options and then select Proofing. At the Footer of the dialog box you will see two hide options, click on them and get started with your documents.

  1. Rule you own Autocorrect

Autocorrect is very important function of the Word and also can be very annoying and frustrating. The rules of autocorrect can be changed and set by you, just open File and then Options, then choose the Proofing tab and click on the AutoCorrect Options.

  1. Deleting entire words at a time

Just hold on ctrl while pressing backspace and erase entire words at a single time and make it easier for you to clear the unwanted space.

  1. Using the Built-in calculator

Click on the Quick Access toolbar menu at the top left, and then pick More Commands and All Commands and then add to it, the Calculate option. Then whenever a sum (4+5) is highlighted in the text document, then the result will appear on the status bar.

  1. Highlighting the Entire Sentence in a click

Click on the first word of the line that you want to highlight while pressing Ctrl key, the whole line will be then highlighted. If you are using Mac, then you can use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.

  1. Translate in a click

If you have written a document and want to send it to someone who doesn’t understand English, then you need to click on the Review tab and click on Translate you can choose from the given options according to your need.Find best Laptop Repair in Gurgaon for any issues regarding Microsoft Word.