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For a lazy sloth like me,autumn is definitely the best time of the year to snuggle in a blanket sipping away hot cocoa. Autumn is nature’s way of bringing us closer to experience sheer joy in doing simplest of the things. Shouldn’t that be what HOME is about?

As summer turns to autumn, there’s no better time to get stuck into giving you interiors a reboot. Here are 12 easy peasy ways to cozy up your home. So, let’s get started.

1. Create Focal Point:

Instead of spreading few fall décor here and there only to have them visually lost, choose natural focal points and work along. For instance, start your interior home decoration with your fire place mantel orbookcase to create a seasonal vignette. In case you need extra help with insulation, you can always turn to home interior design services.

2. Swap out Blankets and Pillows:

The easiest and the most affordable way to change your space up to reflect a cozier environment is to switch your blankets and pillows. If not, just replace your pillow covers. Use plaid blankets over a rocking chair or a small round table. And let the blanket drape to the floor. Replace your regular decor with fabrics such as soft cashmere, faux fur. Choose autumnal colors for your throws and pillows.

3. Fall Candles and Fairy Lights:

Isn’t it wonderful how fireflies light up the forest! Fix table lamps with warm toned LED lights. Get creative and spin magic with fairy lights all over your bed room. Purchase scented candles to have aromatic evenings. With lots of tutorials available online you can go ahead and make some for yourself.

4. Rug Love:

Bring out the rugs hidden away in your closets. Be it porch area or living room lay out a rug outfitted with sofa and a coffee table. Together, they create a cozy, rustic aestheticthat stands out throughout the year.

5. Plant a tree:

With a change in temperature also comes change in sunlight. Your plants which thrived in other seasons might curl and drop this autumn. To spruce up your space for the season consider investing in some low-light plants like English ivy and Snake plants. They are not only low-maintenance but also remove toxins and purify the air.

6. Color Play:

Fall is the second spring. For it leaves every leaf singing like a flower. Get inspired from what’s around. Sweep of something from your garden – hydrangea, oak leaves and pumpkins against a breezy backdrop. These natural elements add a lot of character to your home.

7. Cozy up Dining Space:

To craft an elegant table start by removing the clutter off your dining table. Accessorize the table with fresh fruits and veggies. Pair white dishes with fall themed napkin rings and branches with berries.

8. Wreaths:

Add your twist to the traditional wreaths andhang them over a mirror or window, above a mantel or on an interior door.

9. When life gives you pumpkins:

Yes. You heard it right. Tis’ the season of pumpkins. And not all pumpkins need to be carved into spooky monsters. Paint patterned pumpkins or add a lace dolly over the stem. Or even make real pumpkin vases removing the seeds out. Let the creative juices flow keeping up the fall spirit.

10. Fall Art:

Create your ownstained glass art and save it as an autumn souvenir.

As Kelly Hoppen, a London based luxury interior designer says, “Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart. How else will you know how to design your home?”

I am Lynelle Thompson and like to write on Interior Design and Home Decor related topics. I am associated with InStyle Direct – a leading home staging and buy to let furniture packages company in London.