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10 Smart Phone Trends To Watch In 2018



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Smartphones users have much more to see in 2018. Now the smartphones will become thinner, faster and more intelligent device.

Artificial intelligence technology are become the part of smartphones. Which will give you a much better graphics, high resolution screens and large storage. Now you also use smartphones to pay for goods and record into the websites.

Deep learning of smartphones will help to solve the past experience and enhance the experience of mobile users. There is also a rebirth in the design of smartphones. As well as head phone jack can replace by wireless audio which is now become the fashion. USB-C will replace charging cables.

Below There are 10 Smartphones Latest Trend That You See in 2017 Smartphones.

1. New Designs: There are lots of rumors about the new smartphones design. The noticeable rumors are Apple phones has renovate their traditional iPhones design and now Samsung is coming with a folding design smartphones. As all the users are expected something new in every year.

The fashion of 2017 smartphones design was a customizable smartphones design such as Moto Z and LG G5, which were partially stimulated by Google. Some of the new inventions are revealed for this year which include Lenovo C-Plus which is an example of folding smartphones. Also Samsung and LG are also come up with a folding displays.

2. Faster Chips: Visualization will become more flat and application will execute faster on coming years of smartphones. Qualcomm has introduce a Snapdragon 835 which is now installed in some best Android Smartphones. Helios X30 has 10 core CPU, which is highest with all other mobile processor. It has a fire power processor and hand set which is close to PC in whole performance.

3. Virtual Reality: The focus on mobile device is that to execute these application which include virtual reality. Which required large amount of resources. Now it is happen to plug in your hand set into Google day dream and through virtual reality hand set to watch movies, travel the whole world and play games.

But these virtual reality hand sets are working on Samsung Galaxy S7, but do not worry about the normal smartphones users in the coming next year. For virtual reality the smartphones need a high resolution display screen to get a fabulous visual experience of virtual reality.

4. Faster LTE: LTE will amazingly boost your new modern technology. Top Smartphones include Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 7 can easily download data through LTE network at a speed of 600 Mbps and data are uploaded at the speed of 150 Mbps. Also a download speed of Snapdragon X16 will be 1Gbps Qualcomm. Internet speed is determined the network capability of a carrier.

5. USB-C: With the help of USB-C the micro USB port will replace hand set in Android smartphones. It is very multi-tasking thing after the charging. USB-C can be useful and easily connected your mobile device to any monitors, head phones, speakers, flash drives and any other external storage device.

6. Wireless audio: The users of smartphones who have still jack of head phone but like Apple which is not have these jacks. These smartphones will move to Bluetooth earphones. Which give you free for the expenses of buying branded hand set and also head phones jack are remove due to which screen will become thinner and lighter in weight. Some smartphones include Motorola have adapt this technology of wireless audio.

7. Quicker Charging: As it is experimented that Smartphones will charge much faster with USB-C cables, which transfer more power to a battery. There is a technology named, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4, with the help this smartphones will run for five hours even after just for five minutes of charging. That technology will adapted in different smartphones after that year.

8. Device Smarts: Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro amplified reality smartphones that has the ability to recognize objects, give related information of an object on the display screen. So with this feature user had a great experience of using a smartphones.

Technology of deep learning in smartphones has contributed a lot to design smartphones much friendlier. Like machine is learn how hard ware can be used by any certain application, fir increasing battery life modulate power can be used. The previous technology is smartphones are speech recognition and image recognition through an internet availability. But with the help of deep learning you can use these technology even when you are off line.

9. Bluetooth 5: Now Bluetooth 5 wireless characteristics can be adapted by different smartphones. It has double the speed and four time predecessor than the Bluetooth 4.2. The connectivity of Bluetooth 5 will be 400 meters. You need a smartphones to use a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

10. Storage: Large and extra storage of a smartphones are always delighted users, and enjoy storing of images, games and videos. Presently the highest internal storage has 256 GB and SD card storage is 512 GB. In future company use a SanDisk feature SD card.

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