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10 Lucrative Leasing and Renting Small Business Ideas



In the constant search for a new way to earn money but doesn’t have a big amount of capital to start a business with? Why not try to start up a leasing and rental business?

Venturing on leasing and rental business had been popular even before because it makes luxury living accessible to people who couldn’t afford to buy the real thing, yet. Example, a person who got relocated to work on a different place for 6 months would somehow feel the need to have a car in order to be more mobile. However, purchasing one only in a span of 6 months is not practical at all and much expensive too and so he settles on renting one instead, while he stays there and finishes off the contract. Another one is, yacht parties are being popular now, yet your bank account is negating you from purchasing it. So you rent one, on an hourly basis instead.

Since purchasing a yacht to have it rented out is too expensive to do, below are 10 other profitable ideas you can venture on if you wish to start up a leasing and renting business:

Apartment rental

This might be a no-brainer since having a place to live in is a basic necessity for everyone. Regardless if you have an extra apartment in the city or in the suburbs, you will always have tenants. You can have it for long-term rentals or offer it for short-term rentals too. Try enlisting yours at Airbnb or the like.

Car Rental

Another item that is included as a basic necessity is having a car, but not everyone has the ability – financial ability that is, to buy one. And so when the time comes that one is needed, people turn to car rental companies. You’ll be surprised, that even special vehicles are also being offered in the market for rentals, such as ambulances, towing vans, and cranes.

Investing in truck rentals and renting out vans is also a great small business idea. If you have a substantial capital, you can easily acquire a truck that you can rent out. These vehicles are useful when hauling large amounts of items, making them common for moving out.

Bicycle Rental

This idea might sound easy, but do not forget the fact that finding the right place to start a bicycle rental is vital for this new venture. You can’t just easily start one in a place where private transportation is popular and the roads are always packed with it. So a proper feasibility study should take place before starting one.

Electronic Gadgets Rental

One of the popular past-time of people of all ages these days is the use of different gadgets. And unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the continuous improvements of such. On the brighter side, people now have an option to try gadget rentals. It allows the user to experience the new gadget first-hand even before spending loads of bucks on it. Being said that, electronic gadgets rental is considered to be one of the best budding business for this year.

Trekking Items Rental

Are you an experienced mountain climber who loves to collect trekking items as you go? And are you thinking of what to do with your valuable possessions while they are not being of much use? Well, you’ve got the right investment. Why not rent them out? Surely, it is a lot better idea rather than let your high-end trekking gears sit on the corner of your closet and collect dust, isn’t it?

Computer Rental

Although technology is currently taking over the world, there are some who still not have the full awareness of it, hence would rather turn to renting out a computer that can fulfill the requirement needed. A potential client for this business are students, particularly those who are into web developing or computer programming as they might need a computer that has an up-to-date operating system or such.

Party Rentals

People love parties but sometimes doesn’t want to be bothered of going out from one shop to another to get the party needs they require. And so a one-stop-shop party rental place could be really a great help in times like that. Another good thing about this profitable idea is that you could also expand the business and not just offer party rental services, but at the same time be the party organizer as well.

Audio Equipment Rental

A party wouldn’t be complete without audio equipment. People, most of the time, rather rent out instead of purchasing one. Come to think of it, people would not want to keep a bulky equipment around the house after using it for a night. This kind of business is perfect all year-round because people love to spend time with parties, simple or grand, for sure you’ve got them all covered.

Wedding Accessories Rental

A wedding preparation can be fun, and stressful at the same time. Especially if budget is to be discussed. If you’re one of the practical couples, then renting out wedding accessories will not be an issue. Renting items such as tux or even the entourage gowns can save you from stacking things in the storage room after the event. You can easily pack and return them after using, could it not be any simpler than that?

Book Rental

Books are sometimes only read or used once and the best thing to do with them after is to have them rented out. You did not only declutter your study room, you also earned extra money with it. You could even expand your business too by starting up a small coffee shop which offers different types books to read. This could also help you with the problem of the growing school textbooks that kept on piling up in the stock room.

Leasing and rental business, just like any other businesses, can be vague at first. However, it is perseverance and dedication that lets any budding businessmen succeed. At the same time, being resourceful can also be of help. So go on and check your available options, even if it may not be available for now, if you put your mind to it you can make it possible and even make it bigger.


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