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10 Drywall Installation Mistakes You’ve Probably Made Before

It is recommended to hire a professional drywall installation service in San Fernando otherwise unprofessional DIY installation leads you towards these silly but crucial mistakes.



Drywall Repair & Installation

Many people prefer to install their drywall’s themselves instead of hiring a professional drywall installer. And drywall’s, too, are relatively easy to install as a DIY project too.

However, it is always recommended that you go for professional drywall installation services because unprofessionalism always throws you into the pit of mistakes which then leads to affect the quality, lifespan, and utility of the drywall.

The common mistakes which an unprofessional make during drywall installation is discussed here.


The first and foundational step in installing drywall is measuring the surface and then buying the drywall according to it. Many DIYers make a mess in this process due to their unprofessionalism. Due to the absence of skill, experience, and appropriate equipment, the unprofessional installer ends up measuring the surface wrongly and then thoughtlessly buys the drywall according to the wrong measurement.

After taking this chaotic step, the installer is then unable to make anything out of that already bought drywall. In such a case, a lot of money goes wasted along with time and effort. It is recommended that the measurement process should be crucially executed by a drywaller installation expert who can free the process from any kind of flaw.

Construction of T-Braces

Due to the unfulfilling skills of the unprofessional, he/she ends up messing up the construction of the T-Braces. The construction of the T-Braces requires high skills and expertise. After all, T-Braces make the basic foundational support for the drywalls. In such situations, the trial and error method is not favorable at all. If you do not know how to construct T-Braces, you are anyhow going to end up consulting a professional.

Cutting of Drywall Panels to the Right Size

The cutting process of drywall panels is a sensitive one. Because, if you make any mistake in the cutting, you will probably damage the whole process and will be left with the ruin of money, time and effort. The cutting of drywall requires you to make highly accurate measurements and expert level drywall cutting skills. A mistake in acting on any of these factors will lead to unfavorable circumstances.

Not marking the Framing Locations

Another very big mistake that DIYers do is that they take the marking of framing very casually. Instead of marking, the unprofessional installer relies on his/her guessing abilities. They guess where the drywall can be fixed in some certain way, and when the reality hits and they are actually framing the drywall, their guesses go wrong and they sit down arguing that why they went wrong. Not marking the framing locations accurately can ditch you big time so it should be looked upon in a careful manner.

Tight Fit Cutting

The accurate measurement is of no use if you do not leave room for any alteration. Tight fit cutting with lead you towards tapered edges.

Not leaving a room for tapering of the edges

If someone does not follow the advice of not-tightly-cutting the drywall right according to measurement, it always brings him/her down in the drywall installation process. This should be kept in mind that when the tightly cut drywall is tried to be installed, then the chance of drywall’s edge tapering becomes high. The tapering can become a source of creating bigger damages. So, it is recommended that you cut the drywall a little shorter than it is supposed to be and then fill the gaps afterward.

Cutting Unnecessary Small Panels 

When the panels are thoughtlessly cut into smaller measurements and consequently excessive panels then the process is unimportantly exceeded. The large and simple process of installing the drywall is then divided into a lot of small tasks, which take a lot of time and effort separately. And the need for joints also arises.

Not fitting before Fastening

Another mistake that unprofessional make is that they just simply do the outer boundary measurement and cutting and try to fasten the drywall onto it. But, if unfortunately, some outlet box is present there then forcing and pushing can cause the drywall to break.


The unprofessionalism and untidiness of the drywall installation are evident by the use of a lot of joints. The joints should be used only when there is an avoidable need for joining. The excessive joints not only donate unprofessionalism and untidiness but they also take a lot of your time during installation. The bigger the number of joints, the more areas you have to cut, measure, frame, glue and install.

Installing It Right Near the Openings

Another mistake that the unprofessional make is that they fix the drywall tightly next to the openings like doors and windows. The opening and closing of these openings can somehow damage the drywall and produce cracks in it.

Hence, It is better to consult professional drywall installers in San Fernando Valley in CA, rather than making these mistakes.

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