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10 Best Places In and Around Delhi for Love Birds



Delhi is a place of ever-happening love and lovers constantly are at a lookout for new places to explore and go on dates to. But after visiting few iconic places like India Gate, some famous malls, and some busy street places the options seem to exhaust. But that’s just lack of awareness guys! There are so many places in and around Delhi that you still need to explore if you want to get some real amazing experience. Visit these places for your next dates and make each one of them memorable. In case the place is out of Delhi you can use abhibus coupons to book your tickets and travel. Here are some of the must visit places.

Fio and Magique, Garden of Five Senses

The garden is so enchanting that it will take on your romantic date and cast a magic spell on it. The zigzag walking lanes surrounded with lush greenery and mild breeze makes all the ambiance fresh and breath-taking. Along with the greenery and the walking lanes there are several restaurants like Magique which will ensure your food needs. Just sit and have some delicious food to add a spicy touch to your date.

Parthsarathy Rocks, JNU

A perfect place situated in the heart of nature makes it a perfect place for the lovers too. Ever wanted to witness sunset with your partner? This place will give you a majestic view of the spell bounding moment which you can relish holding the hands of your partner. Book your tickets using the abhibus coupons to get discounts on your ride to this beautiful place. Being the heart of nature you can let both your hearts to come close for a long happy life.

Paranthevali Gali, Chandni Chowk

Well why to have conventional date when you can have some adventure! Get into this Paranthevali Gali to relinquish the best moments you will ever have on your date. This market has got some best paranthas to savor your taste buds and different street shopping options to keep your partner busy. Food is the one thing that can help your love grow even faster than any other methods. So try the best street food in this Gali. The hustle and bustle of this place will definitely add to your book of memories.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Moti Bagh

Want to do some adventure sports? They say taking your date to adventure sport will make your bond even stronger in very quick time. And, hence here is the place which you don’t want to miss. There’s an artificial climbing wall which you have to climb just like climbing a mountain. The wall has got international standards and will make you feel like climbing a real mountain. And climbing it along with your partner will definitely make is an experience. Take amazing pictures of both of you and your partner to add to your adventure album.

Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Does your partner have a good taste in performing arts? Then what better place than the Kamani Auditorium! Watch thoughtful plays and then discuss about the plays after the performance with other spectators for hours long. Explore the value of love through arts and theater. As theater has been one of the best medium to express love it will definitely grow yours and make the bond stronger. Provoke your intellect and express your thoughts about the play. This date could not get any better if you love to discuss and share your own thoughts on literature.

Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Another beautiful place blooming of arts and love. The IHC is one place where every kind of audience comes and spends quality time witnessing the marvel of art and having a conversation about it. If you want to watch some of the best documentaries or special screenings then mark your date along with your partner to this happening place. There are also some eating joints here where you can sit and relax and talk.

Ridge Road, North Campus

Want to get away from the chaos of the city? Then head straight to the silence that Ridge Road offers. This deserted road covered by huge trees from both sides assuredly provides a quiet ambiance away from the loudness of the city. The area also has some monuments like Mutini Memorial and the Baoli near Pir Ghaib for you to explore. Travel to this place along with your partner and save money using the abhibus coupons.

Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point, North Point

Alright, this might not sound like an actual dating spot but once your taste buds get rolling after eating the delicious Maggi at this joint so would your date! There are several street food options available around this area like the Rico’s burgers. Sit at roadside, eat the best cooked delicious food and chat about your future life with your partner. Create a love story you would want your children to listen.

Skydiving at Mahendragarh, Narnaul

To visit this place you have to travel out of Delhi for quite a while but that will be the best decision you will ever take. Once you reach Narnaul you will be flying along with your partner in the sky for a lifetime experience. How about proposing right when in the sky? You wouldn’t get a no for an answer that’s for sure! But, on a serious note, this place will take both of yours adrenaline levels high. So book your tickets and use the abhibus coupons to save on your travel.


Take a long-drive with your partner and visit this mysterious place hidden en-route Delhi-Chandigarh highway. Bring out the explorers inside you to unveil the mystery of this place. After exploring for a while you have the option to savor yourself the tasty butter ladled paranthe along with hot tea just near this place. The place is not much crowded so you will also find some quite time alone.

Explore the Beauty of Love and Places

Love has always been a beautiful thing that can ever happen in a person’s life. And one should do everything one can to help it grow healthily for a lifelong bonding. Love demands changes and exploring various aspects of it. The monotonousness will make it boring and unwanted. So make sure you don’t let it happen with your partner and your own love-life. Take long surprise trips along with your date and add twists to your love story. Take that trip you have been planning to go to from a long time and use the abhibus coupons to get amazing discounts on your booking.


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