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10 AI Technologies Trends That Will Dominate 2019



10 AI Technologies Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) has made machines that emulate human knowledge. The expectation behind the creation and proceeded with the development of machine intelligence is to increase our daily and the way in which we cooperate with machines. Artificial Intelligence has figured out how to touch the most intense buzz on the worldwide market with its dynamic trends and methodologies.

Changes in the technologies will illuminate the artificial intelligence growth and others beyond our creative imagination. Now, Sci-Fi is no more the segment of books and we are surviving in this innovated approach. Artificial Intelligence elements have figured out how to set it at our home and workplace with no trouble by any means.

I am sharing the top 10 Artificial Intelligence trending technologies inclines that you ought to predict in 2019. Read this blog to discover!

10 AI Technologies That Will Dominate 2019

  1. Content Creation:

As we all know, content marketing is moving digital marketing to an entirely new level. It displays content creation with new media with amazing traffic like blog posting, infographics, videos, white papers, and many other visual creations or content resources.

Many SEO service company in India, USA, and many other organizations are now utilizing AI to generate their creative content. Now there are many innovated ways to share content in 2019, we will ready to observe another type of creation through AI that can help in precision.

content creation 3

  1. Chatbot:

Chatbot is an application program or a website that serve 24*7 customer help. It is an excellent tool that will let you process multiple requests at a time. Also, it helps companies to know better about the customers intent and needs.

This platform-agnostic technology helps to save your time, easy to install on a different platform and requires less maintenance cost. Through Chatbot, anyone can easily share their reviews, order its from shops, ticket booking, and can make appointments, etc.


3. Speech Recognition:

 Speech recognition gets enable by signal processing and has officially gotten massive appreciation and adore from their clients such as Sire, Alexa as well as Google. Now in 2019, many companies are focusing on this voice automated technology in their process to carry a competitive approach as computers can be taken spoken audio, translate it and create text from it which will work much faster than typing it.

speech recognition 4

4. Marketing Automation:

Today, marketing automation arena has turned out to be totally dedicated to numerous different advantages of AI after some time. There are such a large number of motivations to place AI in high respects because of its effect on worldwide media. The web-based social networking is only a case of the security experience of this AI world.

Promoting firms and different digital marketing companies are as of now subordinate on Chatbots to increment productivity and commitment. In 2019, it won’t be a stunning thing to encounter an improved type of such a system and AI will impact the unrest of the marketing industry on multiple online channels.

marketing automation 2

5. Emotion Recognition:

Emotion recognition is a procedure to determine human emotion, verbal, and facial expression. Before that, we used to analyze the emotion as per text messages, but now it’s time to understand it with emotions. In this, an image or audio system is used to analyze the micro expression of a person. Verbal details and body language are also getting popular.

These type of systems are using audio data processing or image processing system to understand the micro expressions of an individual. In addition to this, there are vocal data and body language cues that are becoming famous for the advancement procedure I.e. feelings.

emotion recognition

6. Biometrics:

Regardless of whether it is to monitor the entry and exit of the employee or to secure an entryway naturally. It can without much of a stretch investigate and relate to precise measure about the conduct of an individual. The primary viewpoint that is utilized in such structures typically pursues physical structure and body structure.

Progressed biometric permits an intuitive structure as far as human and machine. It tends to be concerning picture, speech, and body language recognition man behavior and physical aspects of the body’s structure and form. Affectiva, 3VR, Agnitio, FaceFirst, Synqera, Tahzoo, and Sensory are all biometrics organizations striving to build up this territory.

Biometrics 1

7. AI- Improved Hardware:

AI technology makes equipment a lot friendlier. Through new illustrations and focal preparing units and handling devices specifically designed and organized to process AI-improved hardware tasks. This technology is accessed recently by Google, Intel, IBM, and Cray. It can also be accessible with certain systems and devices as per the customer’s choices.

AI improved Hardware

8. Machine Learning Platforms:

Priory, when we have physically handled every one of the tasks of a PC. One year from now, you have to invite an innovation that permits the PC to learn on their own and additionally to work incredibly on it.

This part of AI and software engineering discipline has accomplished another achievement to cover. Presently, the developers are attempting to build up a calculation that can enable a PC to understand the procedure. Also, the application programming alliance supports in the application, huge data, and also preparing tools.

machine learning platforms

9. IoT (Internet of Things):

Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a great deal of reputation after some time due to manual gadgets and home appliances. Presently, people are reliant on electronic software, connectivity, sensors, as well as actuators.

It helps to gather, connect, and swap data effectively with no disturbance. Likewise, the IoT is presently assisting AI innovation with outstanding smart homes. This has made the correspondences among hardware a reality with insights that we are surviving in.


10. Cyber Defense:

Today cybersecurity is the major issue that is looked by every small and large organization. Each information is currently getting viral on the web, might be it cloud or Azure. Consequently, it has turned into real objectives to keep it protected and secure.

Subsequently, we can see a propelled type of cyber protection in 2019 that centers around serving, recognizing and averting against any burglary or assault. The framework is completely founded on the data and structure.

cyber defense


AI is really revolutionary, it will assist organizations with performing exact and precise main cause examination. Its effect can be heard nearly into each part, from IT support to business applications to IT support, AI is now impacting the business fundamentally in the upcoming years.

These are only the most commanding stage that we are going to see. Aside from this, we will observe the headway of self-propelled vehicles however they may be with us continuously 2020. Notwithstanding, till then we can understanding and appreciate this automation in our world.


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