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removing makeup

Sleeping with your makeup once or twice isn’t the worst thing ever. But what if you don’t remove your makeup at night regularly, it might legitimately make your skin crawl. From unwanted pimples to blackheads are few worst nightmares. While it’s true that cosmetic can contribute to skin problem, makeup remover also has the potential to damage your skin. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the consequences of not taking off your makeup.

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Take All Makeup Off

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear during the day. It is important that you remove it before you go to bed. Some sunscreens and cosmetics can clog your pores. It contributes to acne breakout and makes your skin look dull. Not removing mascara overnight has been shown to trigger puffy eyes. Worst than that, leftover makeup can lead to eye infections. These are all good reasons to reach for makeup remover.

Choose Makeup Removal Wisely

Removing makeup is an important aspect of skin care, but it can be problematic if you don’t use the right products in a right way. Makeup removal products that contain alcohol can be dehydrating and particularly if you have dry or sensitive skin. Using baby oil and other greasy products to remove your makeup can contribute to clogged pores and breakouts. Fragrance-free products and hypoallergenic are the best for people who have sensitive skin as well as, those with a skin condition like rosacea and eczema.

Never Use The Same Wipe For The Whole Face

Using one wipe for your whole face won’t give you a thorough cleanses. You might risk transferring your eye makeup on your face or vice versa. Pressing it into your pores and possibly clogging them. There could be leftover makeup residue left behind on your face. That why, it’s a good idea to use two wipes. Use the first wipe to remove makeup and the other one to remove leftover makeup.

Use Smooth Moves to Remove Makeup

Use gentle movements to remove makeup, particularly around the eyes where the skin is very delicate. Make sure that you don’t rub or tug at your skin.  Make soft and mild wiping motions instead. Eye makeup remover is necessary for hard-to-remove liner, kajal, and waterproof mascara.

Choose Right Cleanser

Use the right cleanser according to your skin type (Normal, oily or combination). You are still confused about your skin type then make an appointment with your dermatologist to figure out your exact skin type. After that, use a cleanser that will meet your skin’s needs so you can continue to have the clearest and most hydrated skin possible.

How to Remove Makeup

If you are not sure how to remove your makeup then follow these simple steps

  1. Use a makeup removing wipe to gently remove makeup on your face. If you are wearing a heavy makeup then it is essential to use a heavy formula such as an oil-based cleanser. This will make sure that you remove most of the makeup from your face
  2. You need to cleanse your face. This will help you get rid of any impurities without being harsh on your face. You can use oil-based cleansing to avoid causing your skin to dry out when you are finished cleaning it.
  3. Now it’s time for removing eye makeup. This is the most difficult to remove when dealing with makeup removal. Use specially formulated eye makeup removers and applies a small amount on a cotton ball. You need to lightly press the cotton ball against the eyelids and then lightly wipe the formula over your eyes. You should avoid rubbing at your eyes to stretch, which will gradually turn form wrinkles.
  4. Make sure that you don’t forget to re-hydrate your skin after makeup removal. You can use a moisturizing or hydrating cream for your face and lightly dab it over your faces such as the cheeks, forehead along with the contours of your nose, cheek, and the neck.