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Whether The Establishment of GIF-s Attracted The WhatsApp Users ?



Whatsapp messaging application lets the user send multiple chats, videos, and audios to the existing contacts in your smartphone. This smartphone app is fast, easy and simple to use with the most appropriate application on your smartphones. You can even sit back, relax and innovatively rethink of using this app to the best of its use when you travel.


There are some available Whatsapp features that will keep you stay connected when you have fun with the travel experience. The Facebook-owned Whatsapp brings out new features in order to keep the customers to stay connected in their application. Now, there is a new feature emerged in Whatsapp which lets the user share videos and texts in the form of GIFs.
Whatsapp application for Android users seems to argue, in the end, gets help for giving live gif pictures or partly to share videos as gif images. The new quality from Whatsapp will allow the user to change a video of 6 seconds or lower to a gif image. The new gif image help is made accessible to Whatsapp for Android customers who are executing beta versions. The latest beta version for Android users are made available on Google Play bears the gif image characteristic. Android Police first stated that the gif image help was visualized on the beta version of Whatsapp for Android.
Gadgets somehow freely tested the gif image support on the beta versions of Whatsapp for Android. To assign a gif image, Whatsapp for Android beta users need to head to the coupling icon at top of a chat screen in the application. After choosing accessories, users will head to record video option and record a video for less than 6 seconds. Earlier than sending the listed attachment, the edging video page will come with a camcorder symbol on the top right corner of the page.
By choosing the icon, the recorded video will be converted to a gif image. Especially, the specialty will also operate when splitting the actual videos from the gallery which is less than 6 seconds, or cut shorter to be lower by using Whatsapp inbuilt video trimmer. It also benefits the user when they are attributing an available video from other app and sharing through Whatsapp.
It costs indicating that the camcorder icon will not be published for videos that haven’t yet been cut down in size to 6 seconds or less. Android Police also finds out that the videos are indeed changed and send as audio files that play automatically using the chat option. The GIF which users receive or send is rescued using the Whatsapp Animated Gifs as mp4 files. Only on the front end users obtain a notification that a gif image has been acquired, which was also displayed in the Chat tab.
To remember, Whatsapp was the first one described to add gif image approval back in June. The feature somehow was then anticipated to land on iOS first. Unluckily, there is no talk when the feature will arrive at iOS users. Whatsapp at present added the callback and voicemail specialty to its Android app. The feature emerges on iPhone devices at first, and later exhibited for Android users with the help of Google Play.
Whatsapp lively GIFs folder within the Whatsapp directory on local mobile storage is just reproaching hard. However, for those who need not want to base our devices or install unauthorized hacks, there’s light on the extent. The first GIF approval case has proved up in Whatsapp and I was able to confirm it on the beta version. It’s apparently there on the two recent releases and possibly even on slightly older versions of the app, but I can partly tell you it’s there on 2.16.242 version.
Whatsapp users can’t share the GIFs from using the gallery files or as media files inside the Whatsapp. Users cannot send a GIF link to anyone and everyone believe that it will display the animated image inline as the GIF option has not yet existed still. But there is an option where you can convert the newly documented video to a GIF. It can be done by just tapping the attachment icon in any of your conversation and then choose a camera, record video and then click the OK icon I the Whatsapp application. In Whatsapp integration for sharing the video, tap the upper right corner camcorder icon and once the process is done it’ll shift you to a GIF icon.
The video will be reformed to a GIF and infused into the chat to play inline. Whether you’re glancing for the GIF on your smartphone, you won’t find it quickly. But it is assured that what is truly sent and received is a GIF actually. Above all, it gives inline in the chats and it gets described in the chat list and the warning as a GIF.
Up until now, this is the smart way to send a GIF in Whatsapp that they have found.  It is quiet a finite support for GIF sending on Whatsapp but gives us the hope that the essentials are just around the corner. It won’t be too soon.
As pointed out by Simeonico, sharing videos as GIFs works anywhere in Whatsapp as long as the length is 6 seconds or less than that. So if you’re recording a new video, or sharing an existing video from your gallery app, or fixing an existing video in between the Whatsapp, for it is there earlier or nice it to be 6 seconds or less, you will acquire the GIF switch button. This is better than what the user reported previously.
Whatsapp for iOS beta release is now playing a huge role and distinct from abundant bug fixes and advancement, it bears support for auto-playing gif images. Whatsapp application has truly opposed the gif attack till date, and support for giving active images will absolutely be a welcome feature extension for users. As of now, it is not clear when gif image support will demonstrate to users of the actual release, or when it will be published on Android. The alteration in the latest beta release for iOS was expressed by Whatsapp Beta Info, which marks the beta publication of the app.

Alterations filed by the crew include approval for auto play gif images when joint as a link, the capability to save the gif image to your camera, and the potential to straight away reply to gif image texts, encoded support for gif sharing, and for Peek and Pop behavior on gif images. The announcement of projected support for gif images in Whatsapp emerges as soon as after the competitor messaging service Viber brings gif image support to its premises.

Most other competitor platforms which even include Facebook Messenger earlier support gif image sharing. One of the major feature inclusions is expected to come soon for Whatsapp is video calling, with a lot of information in beta publication indicating to the firm’s plans for the forthcoming future. Last but not the least update to the platform was last month which adds method of document sharing on Whatsapp Web. Right away the firm rises out its first desktop app for Windows and OS X.


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Top 4 CRM Apps That can Help Boost Sales



Top 4 CRM Apps That can Help Boost Sales

Today businesses can’t do without CRM software solutions. If a business has to maintain or develop customer relationship, CRM applications are a must as they help by collating data relevant to customer preferences. The advantages of a CRM system are boost in sales, improved efficiency and productivity, better security for data, mobile operations, better decision making and availability of real-time data.

Did you know that 79% of leads fail to convert without CRM?

A typical CRM application has the following features – collection of data, analysis of the same and processing that collected information to help understand all about today’s customer from a business standpoint. The data collection may happen via various channels such as websites, social media, mailer campaigns, phone calls/sms and other kinds of feedback and data collection platforms.

CRM solutions result in lead cost reduction of about 20%!

Many UI/UX developers and iOS application developers are either using these apps for their businesses or working on one themselves to capitalize on the immense popularity of such apps. CRM applications have moved towards the mobile arena in recent years and we will take a look at popular CRM apps that have helped boost sales in this blog.

#1: Salesforce

The name must surely be familiar for it is the top CRM solution in the world. The CRM app from Salesforce is a powerful tool that can be integrated with your ERP and helps the sales team analyse data in real time, share feedback and manage leads on the go. Many android and iOS developers and mobile app development companies rely on Salesforce themselves to manage their leads and lead conversions.

#2: HubSpot

HubSpot is a full-fledged CRM application and it boasts of a rich and easy UI interface apart from amazing features and functionalities. Customization of the interface is one of the major attractions of this CRM app and the best thing about this tool is its ease of use. One needn’t be well versed in any particular software or skill to be able to use the tool well. Most small businesses rely on this CRM solution to ensure lead generation and conversion apart from boosting their sales. The best part about the app is that it is affordable and even start-ups can eye this CRM solution for their business.

#3: Freshsales

User friendly interfaces, high quality CRM and robust control over the entire sales process are some of the advantages of this CRM solution. This tool is specifically preferred when it comes to sales optimization and complete sales tracking. The analytics and reporting available as part of this app are extensive and extremely efficient thus helping the sales team analyse data more efficiently. Another key advantage of this application is that it is both a CRM and call centre app bundled into one. If you are looking for a full-fledged app with advanced capabilities, this app is certainly for you!

#4: ZohoCRM

Zoho is getting very popular in recent times for its CRM capabilities and it is yet another useful and feature rich CRM application. The app is available on the Play Store, App Store and enables data access from anywhere which is very important for sales. Accessing records at all times, modifying them and collaborating with the team becomes easy with ZohoCRM. Some of the other advantages of this app are its capability to be integrated with ERP systems and providing real time feedback apart from boosting sales.

CRM not only helps with sales boost, it also helps in customer retention by about 26%, improves customer relationships by more than 70% and results in a revenue increase of at least 40%! Given such staggering numbers, it is no wonders that many iOS application developers and UI/UX developers are teaming up to work on such solutions and bring them into the market.

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The Increasing Advancement of Mobile App Development



Mobile Apps

Mobile app development has become a very important field in the world of Technology and software development. Almost every other company who wants to promote their products in the online market has their own applications. There are several kinds of apps like shopping, fitness, games and other accessory application which helps us in our daily life.

Do you want to promote your company? Do you want your customers to get your services in a much better way? Then investing in mobile app development sector will help you to achieve these. Today maximum people access their needed information through their mobile or Smartphone, and they also purchase their goods from mobile apps. So if you need to reach maximum people and increase your sales then you must launch a mobile app. So people can easily download the mobile app from their apps store and use your services from their mobile.

What Is Mobile App Development?

In today’s world, we know that almost everyone has a ton of apps installed on their mobile devices. These apps enable them to get different kinds of features and accessories in a much easy manner. In simple terms, app development is a technique or method which helps a company to introduce an application which promotes the company’s products or services to the customers in a much easy and handy manner.

Mobile apps are present in a different kind of mobile software and the two of the most popular of them are IOS and Android devices. Therefore whenever you see a company has introduced a new app in the market, you will know that it is trying to capture the online traffic. You can easily add your new products and services to your mobile app, and you can easily increase your sales through your app.

Why Is Mobile App Development Important?

  • Developing a mobile app helps a company to reach out to its customers in a much easier and friendly manner. It allows a company to promote its product and services at the reach your fingertips. Mobile applications are much easier to access and handle and therefore customers find it more convenient to opt a company’s product on services through an application. Therefore, mobile app development is very important to keep a company’s app running and updated with changing times. You need to update your mobile app and you must hire a mobile app development company in this regard.
  • Mobile app development ensures that a company has a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly improving and updating their mobile app which is used by probably millions of users. Therefore, to maintain a consistent and comfortable way of opting for a company’s services, mobile app development is important.
  • Mobile app development is also important so that the company can ensure that each and every customer who wants to install the app into the devices is able to do so. The professionals present in a mobile app development team are truly knowledgeable in this sector. Apart from that, your app should be available in all mobile apps store and your customers can easily access your app from any store.
  • Many companies introduce new applications which are majorly based on online platforms so that we can reach out to the customers who love to shop or opt for services online. It is a good way of increasing their sales and services by interacting with these people who are more inclined towards online marketing.

So as you can see that mobile app development is a very important factor in today’s marketing world. A company fetched different advantages and numerous benefits after introduced a mobile app to the people. Therefore if you are running a company, you might think of employing a mobile app development team and introduce yourself.

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App Right Away



There is no doubt in the fact that mobile apps open new business opportunities. Mobile app development is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with end-users, whether the end-user is a customer, employee, business partner, or even a service or smart device like an IP-enabled refrigerator, thermostat, or car.

In order to rapidly innovate and remain competitive in a mobile society, an organization must have a comprehensive mobile app development platform.

Here are the reasons why your business needs a mobile app right away-

A smart way to speed up product innovation

Mobile apps open new business dimensions and opportunities because of the way they are used. Especially significant is the opportunity to put technology to work resolving customer issues and fulfilling client needs. This drives innovation and gives way to new products and services. Take for instance the smart fridge or ingestible medical diagnostic devices. Both alleviate consumer inconvenience by anticipating action, reducing the cognitive load, or improving the experience at hand. How could your business incorporate mobile or IoT technologies to create a more integrated, efficient, or user-centered experience?

An excellent means to increase website traffic

Apple’s app store and Google Play receive millions of hits every day. If your app is properly optimized for the app store, not only can you attract more downloads, but can also route highly-targeted traffic to your website and get backlinks from high authority pages. There are an art and a science to app store optimization. Selecting and placing the right keywords at the right frequency sets a course to more visibility and potential exposure for your business. While it may be easy to launch your app and forget about it, the key to using the mobile marketplace to boost website traffic requires committed maintenance.

The ideal medium to get into social media platforms

Social networking is deeply connected with smartphones. Mobile apps are an ideal platform to involve social circles of the users through different features and options. Information management has become a key part of users’ lives. They memorize or store passwords. They manage complex ecosystems of content publication every day just to stay connected with family and friends. Anything businesses can do to create continuity and cohesion for users will undoubtedly engender appreciation. Proper mobile app development services can truly create a ripple in your profit margin. Consider including Facebook or Twitter credentials to allow users to sign in to your solution.

The perfect channel to get connected to your customers

The most important people in your business are your customers. Depending on their reaction to your product, they can be the biggest advocates or most painful adversaries. Regardless, you can’t distance yourself from them. Their needs, challenges, and barriers must play a central role in any innovation you consider.

Mobile apps consume a major portion of their daily routines. Why not take advantage of this channel?

Panacea Infotech is one of the leading mobile application development companies in USA. Building apps for all the stakeholders of your business – i.e. prospects, customers, employees, partners, and vendors, we ensure that you extend your business functionality to them in real time. When it allows you to bring agility and dynamism in your business, it also strengthens the path towards a strong profit margin. We help you innovate and bring business model disruption with interesting workflows and business cases, thereby coming out as a top mobile application development company in USA.

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