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What not to pack when shipping to Saudi Arabia?




Traveling to Saudi Arabia is a very exciting process. It is a great place to visit. When you travel there you need to prepare in time. There are many things you need to think about while you do this. One of the most important things you need to think about are the items you should not pack when shipping to Saudi Arabia. If you pack something that the law forbids you will have a bad time. This article will show you what you need to avoid when going to Saudi Arabia.

Packing food when shipping to Saudi Arabia

When shipping to Saudi Arabia you need to know about the rules about bringing food into the country. First, you must not bring any alcohol into the country. This means no alcoholic beverages, but it also means no extracts with alcohol, cooking wines or other such items.

In Saudi Arabia, the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited

When it comes to food you need to avoid pork or food that contains pork. Consider hiring professionals for planning and logistics handling assistance if you are confused about what items you should take with you.

Transportation of medications

If you use any medications you need to take some extra steps when you pack them. You need to have a prescription for all the medication. When shipping to Saudi Arabia visit your doctor and get the prescriptions you need, if you forget this step you will lose all your medicine. If you use any injections or medication for diabetes you have nothing to worry about, you can bring it to Saudi Arabia as long as you get the prescriptions. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia you need to save money. Not having to get new medicine is a huge money saver. You need to be sure you save money on international relocation. And that goes for every country, of course.

Religious items

If you want to bring any religious items with you to Saudi Arabia you are going to have to forget about that. It is forbidden to bring any religious items to the country. Saudi Arabia officials will confiscate any object of worship that is not from the Muslim faith. Do not bring Christmas trees, Buddha figures, crosses, stars of David etc. If you want to have a bible with you it should be for personal use only, this means one Bible per person.

Books and other types of entertainment that are forbidden

When you come to Saudi Arabia you need to make sure you avoid some types of entertainment. First, you need to make sure there are not politicly sensitive materials in your possession. Be sure you also avoid any books or articles that are opposite to Muslim beliefs.

Next things you must avoid is pornography in any form, no magazines, DVD’s, or other types of pornography. Fashion magazines that show women in revealing clothing are also forbidden. Do not bring items that are related to gambling to this country. It’s always better to check and be sure than to make a mistake.

Restriction on dogs

Once you start to pack when shipping to Saudi Arabia you need to leave your dogs at home. This is not the case with seeing-eye dogs, hunting dogs, watchdogs, or hearing dogs.

Even when bringing those dogs you need a veterinary certificate. You need to research this before you start the trip, you have to get the permissions you need. You can obtain these permissions at the embassy or consulate.

Going to Saudi Arabia with your cats

When shipping to Saudi Arabia with cats you will have a much easier time. There are no restrictions on cats in Saudi Arabia. This doesn’t mean you will not need any paperwork when bringing cats to Saudi Arabia. You need to have two veterinarian health certificates when bringing cats into the country. Another important piece of paperwork you have to have is rabies inoculation certificate.  Once you get these certificates they need to be approved by Saudi Arabia consulate.

Do not pack weapons, military uniforms

Do not try to move weapons over the border, even if it is a simple knife. When shipping to Saudi Arabia does not try to pack any weapons. This means no firearms, ammunition or explosives of any kind. Do not try to move any types of blades. Avoid clothes with camouflage or military uniforms.

There is some equipment you should also avoid. The officials will confiscate things like binoculars, telescopes, drones and night vision goggles. Saudi Arabia officials will confiscate things like a radio transmitter, walkie-talkie etc.

Plan what to pack in time

Once you figure out what are Saudi Arabia laws forbidding you, you to need to plan how to pack. Packing takes a huge amount of time, and when you have to consider all the restrictions it will take even more time. This is why you need to be sure you have enough time to plan your trip on time. But do not worry it is not impossible to plan your trip at the last minute. There is just a bigger chance you will make a mistake since you will be under more stress.

When shipping to Saudi Arabia you need to follow the rules. There are many rules and restrictions you have to have in mind. Many people avoid going to this country because there are so many restrictions. Do not be one of those people, since Saudi Arabia has many things to offer for travelers and for people that want to move here.


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