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Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises



Today, the process of mobile app development has been largely simplified, owing the presence of several Mobile App Development Platforms. Each platform comes with its own set of capabilities and hence, is significantly different from one another. Choosing the most suitable platform remains to be an intimidating task, nevertheless, if you are clear about the kind of app you wish to develop, the process gets simpler. In our post today, we have compiled a list of top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs) that can sustain your precise requirements for all your enterprise’s projects. Let’s have a look.

1.    Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile is a proficient cloud service that was introduced by Adobe last year. Having a centralized web interface, AEM Mobile allows enterprises to create, manage and sustain efficient mobile apps all from one place, radically plummeting time to market. It comes with a well-organized built-in analytical system that permits accurate monitoring of the app performance as well as user response. By leveraging this amazing platform, organizations find it extremely easy to keep their customers engaged by proffering them valuable content on demand.

Benefits of Using this Platform

AEM Mobile is the perfect app solution for businesses of any kind. They allow your enterprise to:
➢    Fast-track your mobile app development process by prototyping, testing, developing and deploying apps in the same environment. This not only reduces the time to bring an app to life but it also considerably lowers the cost involved.
➢    Engages users by providing them pertinent and highly personalized content on demand.
➢    Improves efficiency by allowing enterprises to manage several apps from a single dashboard.
➢    Gathers valuable discernments on the app usage statistics which assists in deciding the popularity of app among its users as well as for amplifying the relevancy of content offered.
➢    Incorporate Adobe Marketing Cloud into your existing mobile app management workflow in order to directly interact with your customers and augment your brand outreach.
AEM Mobile allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

2.    Axway Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows you to create immersive mobile apps and easily integrate them into your existing system with the help of APIs, control backend services as well as augment performance by gathering a detailed analytics. This is an amazing tool that works for all kinds of enterprises as it integrates public, private clouds and on-premise environments.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    Axway Appcelerator uses JavaScript as its enabling language.
➢    It features Titanium SDK that allows for the development of fully native apps for a smooth and rich user experience.
➢    It helps in collecting real-time usage information and performance analytics for every app.
➢    Secures instantaneous support for every new OS release
➢    Reuses approximately 90% of the code across various device platforms.
Axway Appcelerator allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and HTML5 apps.

3.    Kony Studio

Kony Studio allows app developers to create resourceful native or cross-platform apps by using a single JavaScript codebase. Apart from cutting down on the creation and implementation timelines, this feature lets the developers concentrate on creating the best possible app without distressing about reproducing it to meet the requirements of different operating systems. With Kony, you can deploy either apps on premise or public and private clouds. It features a unique built-in native and web debugging tool which assists in detecting and resolving problems in the code rapidly.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    A one-stop solution that offers a plentitude of mobile app development tools and topographies to help developers cater to their precise native and cross-platform app development needs
➢    Allows for the creation of cross-platform apps with a single codebase. The code offers adequate flexibility of manipulating it in order to customize apps according to the precise requirements.
➢    It offers full freedom to deploy the app as native, hybrid or a web app.
Kony Studio allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Java ME, and WebOS.

4.    Mendix Platform

Offering a collaborative environment, Mendix is a smart app platform that allows small enterprises to build and deploy compound apps faster than ever. By combining Agile methodology, entries process integration, visual modeling, social productivity, drag-and drop interface and a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, Mendix allows enterprises to build every kind of app is just a couple of weeks. The platform seeks to improve your organization’s flexibility by seamlessly integrating into your existing systems, thus increasing the adaptability of your IT landscape.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    Mendix makes use of reusable building apps and therefore delivers apps 10x faster than conformist approaches.
➢    It easily integrates with your existing services, databases and legacy systems and adds custom functionality to improve user experience.
➢    It helps to create user-friendly mobile, web and tablet applications that are intelligent and related to IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning Technology.
➢    Mendix apps use HTML5 and work on all devices. You don’t need to build separate apps for supporting different mobile devices and operating systems.

5.    Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center

Recently introduced by Microsoft, the Visual Studio Mobile Center is a competent cloud-based service that integrates all features needed to support the complete mobile app development lifecycle. Leveraging the support of Azure Cloud, Visual Studio Mobile Center allows developers to build, test, distribute and manage mobile apps with 100% efficiency.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    App developers can test native and hybrid apps across 400 different devices via Xamarin Test Cloud.
➢    It offers effective crash reports in the form of stack traces to help you fix them as soon as possible. Additionally, events can be monitored and tracked to find out which features are most popular among users so that they can be prioritized for future improvements.
➢    It offers detailed analytical reports regarding the number of active users, number of downloads by language & country, average session duration, etc.
➢    It keeps your users engaged by sending them push notifications with pertinent information.
Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android and iOS in languages such as Xamarin, React Native, Java, Swift and Objective-C.


With a plethora of mobile devices, operating systems and their iterations existing in the mobile environment, choosing the best app development platform is quite a daunting task. However, all the aforementioned mobile app development platforms deliver engaging, five-star apps that keep users coming back for more. You can get in contact with a reputed mobile app development company to find out additional information about these platforms and thus, make an informed decision for your enterprise.

Author Bio:
James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.


How To

How to Create an Eye-Catching Call Center Website



call center solutions

These days if you are in the call center business, you need to create your own call center website. Your call center website should be eye-catching to pull your consumers. As call center business is one of the busiest industries out there, you need to be careful while creating your call center website.
Presently we are living in 2018. And in this era, it may become a challenging task for us to make an eye-catching website. Be that as it may, we are going to tell you four basic methods to make an eye-catching website for your call center.

Get the Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name that speaks about your brand is always important for any kind of business. If you are in call center business you will have to deal with massive customer responses. Your domain name must represent what you provide and how you value your consumers.
You can go through the web, and search for domain booking websites. There are hundreds of websites out there to provide you domain hosting facility.

Choose the Right Platform

After you choose the right domain name for your business, you must focus on choosing the right platform to develop your website. As websites are the gateways of your business, you must carefully choose the appropriate platform.

Nowadays there are various options are available to build websites. Here you can also search through the internet for website builders. Every choice takes into account the diverse requirements that you may have, so you can make an awesome client encounter on your site. The platform that you pick will have an effect on the quality of your site.

Select an attractive Template

Today everyone is busy on the internet. No matter how good service provider you are, if the design of your website is not good, none will love to visit your website. No matter what your business or passion is, an attractive template for your website will make your visitors fall in love with your website.

There are many classifications including music, plan, online store, photography, business and significantly more. All template formats accompany a similar center highlights and are completely adjustable, so you can pick a layout and change anything to make it yours.

Make Content Rich Pages

Content is the main part of getting good ranks on search engines like Google & Bing. What you need is traffic on your website and it is not possible for you to get organic traffic without good content. After setting up your call center website, it is your responsibility to make your pages content rich.

For a call center website, good yet simple content is appropriate to attract visitors. There are a lot of people who are not familiar with technical terms like inbound calls, outbound calls, IVR and many other terms used in call centers. You need to try to put such content that defines these terms well.


In this article, we tried to tell you four basic requirements for an eye-catching call center website. Once you follow these methods, we believe you will be able to find the right ways to create a good call center website. If you find this article useful, please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box.

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What Factors Makes a Good Logo?




Most companies have one and it is part and parcel of their corporate identity. A logo figuratively illustrates what a company stands for and what it does. True to the motto “A picture is worth a thousand words”, a logo should be both individual and somewhat simple in design, so that it can be easily and quickly understood and remembered as well.

In the best case, you will be immediately associated with the logo and its colors as a company. A professionally designed logo should be best created by a professional. After a preliminary talk with the logo designer, he often has first ideas about what a suitable logo can look like. As a rule, then several suggestions should be the result, which in turn can then be discussed together with the designer and adapted if necessary.

Logo Design: What should a logo contain?

A logo has three particularly important tasks:

  • It is a symbol – it stands for the company with its brand and its brand values ​​in the form of a pictorial representation.
  • Recognition value – images can be captured and remembered better and faster. A logo should therefore be structured in such a way that it can be quickly and directly recognized and assigned.
  • It is used for communication – everything a company wants to say should be transported and communicated via the logo.
  • In order to fulfill these tasks, however, a logo design must also fulfill a few basic content requirements and contain important components.

In order to fulfill these tasks, however, the best logo design must also fulfill a few basic content requirements and contain important components.

A logo should, in order to continue to be usable and successful in the long term:

  • Unique
  • Reproducible
  • Clear, understandable and
  • Be distinctive
  • To express the company philosophy


A unique logo is what enables us as consumers to internalize this logo as quickly as possible and recognize it later. Professional logo designers therefore do not rely on standard templates in most cases, but develop a completely new logo for the customer. There are different ways to approach the logo design here.

  • About the products
  • The sales areas
  • Or the company name

The first conversation with the respective company often already provides an indication as to which direction it could take. First drafts and further discussions bring further clarity into the logo design and form important milestones on the way to the final logo.

Reproducibility of a logo

Since a logo will be presented later on many different but common advertising media, the company, it is important that the design is also reproducible accordingly. For example, a logo consisting of a combination of colors should not lose its meaning and reprehensibility simply because it has been printed in one color, for example.

Expression of the corporate philosophy

A professionally designed logo always includes a certain part of the corporate philosophy. It expresses essential components of the company with colors and shapes. Thus, a logo for a technical career direction will be more straightforward or edgy, as it is the case for example with a beautician.

Simple design, without much frills

In the logo design, care should be taken to ensure that the presentation is not too extensive. This way, viewers can better remember the logo, discover its meaning, and recognize it all the faster.

Distinctive: The logo for the brain!

A logo is the figurehead of a company. It should therefore be as individual and unique as possible. So it cannot be confused by mistake with other companies later. For those who create or create a logo for their company, it is particularly important to be immediately and correctly recognized. This ingredient is equally important for optimal branding.

The mix makes it

With good logo design, a good mix of well thought-out components comes together to produce an effective result.

This mixture consists of:

  • The coloring
  • The shaping

The message that is communicated

The effect of color

The color effect is decisive for the effect on the customer. Blue, for example, inspires confidence, red noble or as strong signal color. The matching color combination should therefore not be geared exclusively to the personal taste of the contracting company, but should also be tested in terms of impact.

The taste of the company should be considered, but not solely decisive for the final design. The colors should also harmonize well with each other, as long as there are several shades. A good instrument for color finding is therefore the color wheel that we already know during school hours.

  • A few tips at the end:
  • Never use more than two different fonts within a logo.
  • The logo should be easy to read.
  • The logo should be tried in advance in different sizes.
  • Use vectors to make your logo scalable
  • Vary with different background colors to make your logo most usable on different surfaces.
  • Photos have no place in your logo – and they’re not scalable.
  • In logo design you should rather follow any current trend, but find their own way.
  • Your logo should also be available in black and white – z. E.g. for press reports.
  • Have others look at your logo and get their opinion on what they associate with your logo.

A little test of uniqueness – just turn your logo and turn it upside down – this helps to see how unique your design is in the end.

Wrapping Up

The free logo design tool can give you an expert idea to design an appealing logo in no time. Your logo must portray a perfect picture of your company. You can seek assistance from some of the best online logo makers that facilitate its users with a huge range of features and icons.

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How Multi-tenant PBX Software Benefits Business Startups




Startups in business must manage many different things before their enterprise runs smoothly. One such area that needs to be set up and operated well is communications because it is one of the keys to successes. Choosing the right communication package does help a startup get off on the right foot and for this, there is nothing better than multi-tenant hosted PBX solution. Here is how it helps startups.

It is hosted

When a startup opts for hosted PBX software he gets the finest communication system in place but does not include any capex. Call costs are low, ever international calls. All that a startup has to do is subscribe and the hosted IP PBX software is up and running with a lot of business communication features right from the start. Among the many features is phonebook, call recording, speed dial, caller ID, call forwarding with rules, extension pickup, fax to email to fax, voicemail, find me/follow me and plenty others that one usually finds in large enterprise environments. One can even enjoy the facility of interactive voice response in the hosted PBX. One of the main benefits of hosted IP PBX is that all users can use office systems or, if they are out of office, they can use mobiles, maintaining continuity.

It is multi-tenant

A multi-tenant PBX hosted in the cloud allows access across various locations. Startups that have agents or remote workers can use this feature to allow them to stay in touch, collaborate, interact with vendors or customers and perform more efficiently. Such multi-tenant IP PBX software usually ties into a CRM at the backend. It also allows the use of mobiles. Communications become seamless, especially omni channel when the multi-tenant PBX includes fax, voicemail, email, chat and other avenues besides porting to mobile phones.

Audio-video conferencing

PBX software does need IP enabled phones to make use of VoIP technologies. However, if the multi-tenant IP PBX software includes WebRTC phone then life for startups becomes even better. For one, they do not need to invest in hardware and one can use desktops with mic and speaker or a mobile phone for telephony as well as for audio-video chats and conferences. Collaboration becomes so much easier for startups with WebRTC IP PBX software.


Hosted IP PBX is feature rich and a versatile communication tool. It can have features like music on hold, IVR and WebRTC all of which combine to convey a specific impression: that the startup is a large business enterprise. This creates a favorable image and makes it conducive for the startup to make progress and succeed.

Revenues for ITSPS and VoIP service providers

While the hosted IP PBX is invaluable for business startups, it is just as perfect for startups in the VoIP sector. The multi-tenant feature can be used to deliver services to different customers and the integrated billing, reporting, and analytics automatically takes care of billing and payments. ITSPS and VoIP service provider startups are off to a running start when they opt for a hosted multi-tenant IP PBX.

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