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Top 4 Uses Of PVC Roll




PVC roll is used across a wide range of industries for a variety of reasons. It is used in the industries of catering, food manufacture, pharmaceuticals, transportation, packaging and much more. Versatile, hygienic and insulating; PVC roll can be used in a range of ways making it the popular solution to a variety of challenges faced by companies all over the world.

PVC roll can be bought in a range of styles and sizes with certain types of roll being specifically designed for certain roles. So what are the top uses for PVC roll and could any of them be of use to your business?

Temperature Control

PVC roll is commonly used in food preparation and manufacturing kitchens to help keep the different areas of food storage and prep at a constant and specific temperature. For example, PVC roll can be cut into strips and used as a door curtain to be hung across the door to a walk-in fridge or freezer. Without the PVC roll, the temperature of the fridge or freezer will rise every time someone opens the door to get in or out. PVC roll helps to maintain the temperature of the room when workers enter or exit the fridge or freezer. In food storage and manufacture premises, keeping a constant temperature, especially a cool temperature, is vital to ensure that bacteria do not grow on the food and it doesn’t spoil.

Pest Control

PVC roll is often used to form strip curtains across large, frequently used doorways and one of their primary uses are to keep pests out of specific areas. Again, in the food industry, it is essential that pests such as insects and rodents are kept away from the food storage and preparation areas. Open doors and windows allow insects easy access to food and food prep areas, but a PVC roll strip curtain helps to create a barrier against such pests in order to keep them away from the food.

Clean Rooms

One of the most significant benefits of PVC roll is that it is easy to clean and so it makes the ideal material for strip curtains for clean rooms in research labs or data centres. The easy to clean surface means that they can be cleaned quickly and easily and they also do not attract much debris on the smooth surface. PVC roll helps to keep clean rooms free of contaminants, such as dirt and insects, and they also help to regulate the temperature of the clean room. The insulative nature of PVC means that it will also keep a clean room at the designated temperature as people enter and exit the room.


Warehouse operators are some of the biggest users of PVC roll due to its versatility and durability. Warehouses are home to plenty of heavy moving machinery, and solid doors are not always practical as doorways are often very wide and warehouse operatives need to be able to move freely and easily around the storage area. PVC roll curtains are used to separate areas of the warehouse to ease organisation of products stored within. They can be colour coded for ease of use when products are being brought in and out and their benefits as mentioned above, such as aiding in temperature control, means that a variety of products can all be stored in one warehouse, no matter what storage conditions they need. PVC strip curtains across doorways also make it easy for machinery, such as forklift trucks, to move freely around the warehouse without the driver having to stop and start opening doors each time they leave an area.