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The Software Features Every Inbound Call Center Must Have



The call center industry has a plethora of inbound call centers. This has given rise to the level of competition. In order to stay ahead of their rivals, these call centers don’t just need to have proficient human resource but latest technology as well. Nevertheless, there are some of the software features that no call center can do without. So, if you also have a call center or work in one, keep reading as herein, we tell you the must-have software.

  1. Automatic Call Distributor

The first software that you must have is the one that helps you in call distribution. An excellent automatic call distributor (ACD) helps your team in routing the call to the agents according to the requirement of the caller. They also act as strong foundation for other software and processes like call monitoring, call metrics, skill-based routing and similar.

  1. Multi-Level IVR

Multi-level automatic voice response software is the second software that is integral to the smooth functioning of the call center functions. The software helps in ascertaining the caller’s problem according to the series of responses given by him to the IVR system. The managers can use this to customize the menus and greetings. Such software is a savior for a busy inbound call center as a lot of time otherwise gets wasted in knowing the problem of the customer and transferring the calls. This in turn also increases the average call handling time and affects the results and targets of the call center adversely.

  1. Skills-Based Routing

This feature helps the agents in transferring the call to the best agent. Different agents in an inbound call center handle different kind of customers better according to the skillsets they have. So, this feature routes the call to the agents based on their skills after understanding the IVR selections of a caller. Moreover, the IVR also sees the history of caller’s interaction and the phone number. It also takes into consideration the language they are most comfortable with and the geographic location, and skills. All this promotes first- time call resolution and hence is an essential software feature.

  1. Customized Call Queues

There are times when a call center starts receiving ample of calls at a particular time of the day and the agents they have become less in proportion to the number of calls they are receiving. In such a situation, call back from queue and Queue to voicemail comes to the rescue. They help in reducing the stress and frustration that the customers face while waiting in the call queues.  Moreover, the managers should also customize queue calls by making different queues for different departments.

  1. Software with a Built-in CRM

All the first four points were related to call routing. Now, to improve the satisfaction of the customers, you also need to have software to ensure a good customer experience while they are on the call. The agents get the Enhanced caller ID in which they get the phone number, picture, name, company and the position even if they are calling the call center for the very first time. Moreover, if there is some call history, the call center agent also gets to see that along with the recordings and voicemails. By knowing all these details agents get an idea of how they should be approaching this caller to make sure he gets the solution to his problem quickly without any frustration. This is precisely how a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) software is what will help you in increasing the satisfaction level of customers.

  1. Dedicated Phone Numbers

This is a great tool for inbound call centers, especially the ones who are B2B. If the call center already knows the VIP clients or customers, vendors and other business personnel, they should direct there calls to the agents of that department itself. In such a case, the IVR system shouldn’t be used as it makes the caller feel frustrated. When a customer calls, he wants to have human interaction and not responding to the IVRs. In a case when the IVR is long and complicated, a customer might even need to start the call all over again.



Pick an Apt Working Environment for Your Enterprise




Over the years, thousands of businesses have emerged. Every single week, new companies are starting. But what makes good businesses good is their way of working, working space and of course credibility. Skills and knowledge alone are not enough; there has to be a proper working environment too. If you have a good team of experts but a shallow working space for them; it might mar their productivity and lead to less effective results in business.

Of course, you can look for options like Commercial offices for lease in sohna road Gurgaon. But it is also true that renting a commercial place comes with so much of hidden costs and other costs. Moreover, the commercial space should support your team members and help them flourish. So, to pick just any random office space would not be an option. Before you end up with any decision, consider the following things:

Location does count

In case you are considering a devoted business space for rent then the location should be the most vital criteria to consider before you finalize the deal. You should check whether commercial space is conveniently accessible or not. Then find out if your team members conveniently commute to the place. Similarly, can your clients locate it in a proper manner? Then find out if space is easily accessible via public transportation or not.  If the answer is yes then you can’t think about that space.

Is there any additional expense?

Before you opt for any specific commercial place for rent, you have to ensure that you understand what is involved in the rent and what is not. most of the times, the actually quoted rent does not involve expenses like additional repairs or even the installing electricity and phone lines and so on. You have to make it clear that the landlord is going to take care of these additional expenses. If the property owner is going to take care of these things and areas; you can take a sigh of relief. Otherwise, you might have to think again about your budget and all.

Explore your building

Before you finalize the deal, you should check whether the building where you are renting the office has the needed amenities or not. Find out if it is safe and secure for your team members. Does the building or space has a security guard or takes good fire precautionary measures? What about the after-hours security?  These are some of the many issues that have to be considered before you pick a space for your business. After all, the building in which your office would be matters a lot. What is the point if you have sealed the deal but then, later on, you discover this or that about the building? It would be really disappointing.


Thus, if you are going for virtual office space in Sohna road Gurgaon then you might not have to think about all these things. But if you are hiring a physical space of your office deeds then these points might be of great help.

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5 Steps to Creating a Millennial Marketing Strategy [ Infographic ]




5 Steps to Creating Your Marketing Strategy for Millennials

5 Steps to Creating Your Marketing Strategy for Millennials

Originally published on Sales Force.

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7 Proven Benefits of Business Events to Steer Business Growth



business events

Business events always prove to be a special treat for any size and type of company. Though we are in the era of digital marketing and technology, still such gatherings have a huge impact on the growth of any company. Besides generating revenue and bringing new clients, business gatherings are also lucrative in hundreds of other ways. No matter, if you are participating in an event or conducting it yourself, it has to offer much to your business. But, conducting events yourself is always much more lucrative than just participating except for trade show. The most common types of events for corporate outfits are a trade show, conference, seminar, product launch events, and expos. Let’s see how companies can steer business growth with such professional gatherings.

Brand awareness:

The first ever and much-talked benefit of business events is brand awareness. Though you can reach out to clients digitally today, it does not bring such juices as connecting with them locally. Therefore, when you are available to your clientele under the same roof, it does foster brand awareness. Also, the main reason to switch towards hosting events is that these remain a topic for longer time spans.

Where a digital ad will only show up twice or thrice to a single person, attendees will self-promote your brand long after the event. Moreover, most people try to attend such gatherings with their closed ones. So, you can get more and more traffic. You can also offer interactive experiences to attendees to make your gathering unforgettable. Think how much engaging VR rentals for product launch demonstrations could be.

Face to face meetings:

As we have discussed earlier, connecting with your customers behind the computer screen is lucrative. How much beneficial for connecting with them face-to-face could be? The chances of such face to face meetings are very limited in the virtual world. Also, local events not only enable organizers to connect with clientele but also provide a chance to connect with like-minded businesses and organizations.

Not only does face to face meeting would build a local clientele but also help in fostering industry relationships that could result in amazing partnerships.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

All your marketing efforts scale to making more profit and crushing the jaw biting competition in your niche. But, you do not have to adopt different plans and employee secret agencies, on the lighter notes, to find out what your competitors are up to. Keep an eye on what events you are competitors are organizing or participating in, you can follow them to find out the latest changes to their marketing or business plans.

Also, you can find out the latest marketing and customer acquisition trends your competitors are following. Sometimes this information can prove to be massively valuable to the organization. Hence, you can either copy some good strategy from the competition or generate your own to break the competition.

Service to the community:

By hosting you can do some great service to your community. This service can become beneficial in long terms. Not only attendees will interact with your brand, but also will connect with each other. Thus fostering a trend of sharing and caring in your community. And because you are the reason for this service, your brand will always be remembered by attendees one way or the other. Also, this offline engagement will reflect online and in business growth with brand awareness.

Building trust:

Trust is the most important factor. If you are a new firm this becomes even more important. After all, why should customers leave the existing seller and buy from you? There is a serious need to build trust among your customers. But how can you do that? Don’t worry Business events to the rescue.

By participating in such gatherings such as trade show or hosting your own conference or seminar, you can make your brand name to be heard. It is all the matter of interacting a few times and the audience will start recognizing your brand, ultimately building trust which would then help in selling and reselling.

Increasing Sales:

Business events like trade show are most commonly known to increase sales and generate revenue. This is not the case in every type of as mostly in events like conference, seminar or product launch, you will be connecting with customers to deliver valuable insights. However, organizers of such business events can still generate leads. These leads can then be followed up to convert into sales. So, there is always some kind of return on investment coming from every type of event.

Reaching new horizons:

Exploring the world of business events, not only you will be able to leverage all the upper described benefits, but also reach open new doors to relevant industries. These new horizons could be in form of invitations from other like-minded companies in their conferences, seminars and product launch events. Thus, hosting or participating in an event can open new doors to explore the worlds and reach new horizons.

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