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The Importance of Yoga Practice in Busy Life



Yoga is an art and it is one of the most ancient forms that originating in India 5000 years ago. It is the union of spiritual, mental, and physical balances and teachings that assist to restore the spirit, stimulate the mind, and nourish the body.

Yoga practice is becoming popular nowadays and people are showing interest towards it due to its benefits. It can be practiced by anyone irrelevant of the age and gender and it is designed to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Yoga practice is the most efficient and natural form of exercises that provide benefits not only for the body but also for the relaxation of mind, especially for the people in today’s busy life. Yoga techniques can be used to lessen the stress and refresh the body.

Benefits of Yoga Practices in Busy Schedule

The benefits of yoga practices are numerous. Yoga practices helps reduce the stress and provides you a feeling of complete relaxation. You can achieve all the benefits of yoga by practicing it regularly and by scheduling it into your busy life. But it doesn’t work out as you’re busy and can’t always go through a yoga routine.

However, there are some busy people generally try to accomplish the yoga practices, too much, in too little time and as a result they undergo a lot of stress in their lives.

It will be better if you can get time for a couple of sessions in a week. If your schedule is that busy, then you are definitely in one of those that require yoga practice the most. Yoga was introduced many centuries ago and it wasn’t meant for half an hour or hour per day rather it was meant to be a way of life.

The benefits of yoga practice can be achieved only just taking ten to fifteen minutes out of your busy schedule can prove to be really helpful. There is no need of yoga practice an hour per day. If you prepare a schedule for yoga practice as you go through your daily routine, then it will add peacefulness and increases self confidence that makes almost every situation easier to handle.

Breathing Exercises

There are numerous ways to make use of the short breaks to practice some easy yoga exercises in your busy life, and get some amazing results. Before going to start your busy schedule, try to practice some slow, relaxed, natural breathing exercises. It is important to practice breathing exercises in order to achieve better health.

Benefits of yoga practices with breathing exercises also help to be more aware and relaxed in stressful situations. Increased awareness of one’s breathing directs to the peace of mind and provides a healthy body.

Improved Blood and Oxygen Circulation

There are several stretches to improve the blood and oxygen circulation. Having a good blood and oxygen circulation is really significant as these are our life fluids. An excellent supply and circulation of blood and oxygen will refresh the body and allows focusing and concentrating clearly.

It also helps to increase your senses in order to feel and sense the happenings around you. When you are more aware of your surroundings while driving, you will be a safer driver. Paying closer attention to the beauty of nature, yoga practices, can offer you a peace and calmness in order to make your day flow smoother.

The benefits of yoga can be obtained by regular yoga practices. You are more tuned into your surroundings and will gain a special power and that is transmitted by the words that originate from your mouth. For an instance, if you are in a meeting and completely aware of your surroundings then it may help you add something that’s very valuable.

In order to gain the benefits of yoga practices, be in the moment, and recognize what is going on inside your body and mentally. During your break at work, if feasible, try to close your eyes and practice some slow breathing exercises because it takes a little time to practice and good breathing connects both the body and mind.

It is more essential for you to practice breathing correctly because you will not gain the benefits of practicing yoga even if you make out some time in your busy schedule for breathing exercises.

Oxygen is an essential element in our body for every cell, if we dispossess them of this needed nutrient, they will not stay healthy. So, try to take time to breathe deeply and also take slow, deep breaths that fill your diaphragm with the required amount of oxygen.

Breathe out until your lungs are unfilled because that helps to eliminate the toxins from your body. Benefits of practicing yoga with breathing techniques properly or breathing correctly will automatically help your body to relax. Your neck and shoulder relaxes.

So, try this simple exercise, deeply inhale the air as you count slowly to 3-4, hold it for the same count, and then exhale to that count. With this simple process, you will find that you have more energy. As a result, this healthy breathing will automatically come with you.

These simple yoga exercises will provide benefits to your mind and body. So take a few minutes each day, while cooking, or driving and definitely you feel the variation in your body, mind, and spirit. Benefits of yoga practices are evident for those who practice it, enabling one to have a long and healthy life.

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How to Get In the Best Body Shape



Best Body Shape

Nobody is born perfect and definitely, we don’t have a perfect body either. Now that, crop top and boyfriend jeans are in a fashion we have the urge to wear them. There is no secret solution or perhaps miracle tablets of which will let you gain and keep the best physique for lifetime.  Usually, we just want to stay inside and watch a movie or watch your favorite show on NetFlix, ultimately leading to another new year’s resolution to get a shaped body unfulfilled. A perfectly healthy body builds confidence and fights against diseases. There are number of women’s in the world struggling to get a perfect shape for their body. They adopt different diet programs and join gyms for workouts to get their body in shape. But it’s very difficult to get that perfect toned body but not impossible.  Regardless of what body part bothers you, you would like to see it toned.  Getting into a shape is not an overnight method; it requires time, determination and consistency. You need to work on your muscles besides getting rid of your fats deposits. If you are in New York City then don’t worry you can hire a personal trainer in NYC. There are few things to need to do before showing your gorgeous body on beach and pool parties. So for your own benefit, these are the list of the top eight tips to get a perfectly shaped body.

Have Regular Meals and Exercise

A regular diet plan is extremely important if you want to lose your weight and have a high level of energy every day. The fact is, when the body gets food at right time every day, it won’t feel the need to store fat. So, it’s very necessary to that your body gets food at right time and never try to skip your meals. Have a proper breakfast; lunch and dinner also have snacks in between. You should definitely need to avoid junk and oily foods also avoid eating sweets, fried and fast food. Those ‘’diet” drinks and foods is not a great choice. Have your meals at home with a simple healthy salad with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have time to cook during weekdays, start preparing at the weekends which will save you a lot of time and effort. It will also ensure a healthy meal every day.

Have Plenty of Water

Water is very essential if you are looking to shape your body. Consume 2-3 liters of water every day. It helps you to wash away the fat deposits and keep your Appetite away. So, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Never get fooled by those “diet” drinks, as they contain added sugar. Plain water is the best option to start your day. If you want, you can have a lime juice, herbal tea every day. Just make sure you carry a water bottle with you.

Take Proper Rest at Night

You need to sleep for 8 hours if you want a perfect body. Getting a good night’s sleep is an important method for shedding those extra pounds. Sleep deprivation kills your motivation to workout.  According to research sleep deprivation is one of the reasons people end up getting fat. Having a right amount of sleep keeps you energized and motivated.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Besides following your regular diet plans, you need to follow regular exercises. Physical exercises will not just burn your body fat, but also lead to the formation of lean muscles. These muscles are the ones that provide a toned body shape.  Walking, performing cardio exercises, biking and swimming can be a great workout plan. You need to stop making excuses to postpone or avoid physical exercise. Try to involve in those actions where you can enjoy more. Regular exercise can be your best way to relax at of the end of your busy day; it releases stress and pressure from your body. Be regular with your workout routine.

Do Your Cardio

Cardio is a great way to burn down calories and get a toned body shape. You can always start running for half an hour or ride a bicycle for two weeks. It is okay to stop and rest for a while if you are out of breath. But, don’t stop long enough for your heart rate to slow down. Don’t forget to stretch after you are done with your workout.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

It is advisable to moderate your Alcohol consumption. Heavy driving can lead to inflammation of the liver. It also increases your blood pressure, can damage the heart muscle. Alcohol can disrupt your sleep pattern, which will lead to weight gain. Alcohol serves up 7 calories per gram. Consuming alcohol is very harmful and can lead to cancer. You can have alcohol once a week and that too within a specific range.

Increase Your Motivation

People find many excuses to avoid physical activities. Once you start doing any physical activities regularly, you will slowly start enjoying it. You should stick to your goals and follow the plans to get into a shape. You should motivate yourself by accepting the challenge to achieve a particular goal. There are many times you feel like quitting it but you try to overcome that situation and focus on your goal.

Say No to Cheat Day

Remember you have set a goal and you have to achieve it. Be very firm about your decision. “One bite won’t hamper anything” never fall for this trap. You see one bite today, one bite tomorrow and very soon you will on your way to gaining all those weight that you lost back. So try to avoid cheat day. A bite of cake and a slice of pizza won’t be visible tomorrow, so there is no point of checking your weight on the scale. Don’t be too generous with yourself; you will soon out of your goal. There are many healthy recipes like sweeteners and healthy fats. So, embrace this kind of recipes and have a healthy diet.

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The Ultimate Guide To Patrapinda Sved Treatment



Application of the heat and there by inducing perspiration by using heated pack of specific herbal leaves is known as Patrapinda sveda. The procedure is similar to shashtika shali pinda sveda. Following the abhyanga procedure any part of the body may be subjected to svedana procedure by the method of patrapinda sveda. As the oil is applied before the svedana procedure this belongs to the category of snigdha sveda.


The abhyanga carried out before the svedana by virtue of its unctuous quality likely to correct the imbalances of vata dosha. In addition to this, the sudation procedure helps in rectifying the morbid kapha dosha as well. Therefore the patra-pinda sveda is very much efficacious in such clinical conditions where vitiation of vata dosha is the predominant like, sandhigata vata or Arthritis. More to say:

  • Beneficial in the vitiation of vata dosha.
  • Alleviates the pain and swelling.
  • Cures arthritis.
  • Effective in disorders due to degeneration of bone.
  • Effectively relieves pain in tendenitis.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of muscle sprain as well as strain.
  • Cures low back ache due to variant causes.
  • Pain and swelling of sinoveitis remits when treated with patrapinda sveda.
  • Effective in the treatment of peripheral neuritis.


No specific preparation of the client is needed. And this procedure may be performed at any time of the day depending upon the requirement.



The therapist should closely observe the client for the symptoms indicative of proper effect of svedana.


Client is asked to take rest for few minutes, and the part treated with Patrapinda Sveda is washed with warm water.

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Best Tips For Housewives To Get The Perfect Fit Body



Best Tips For Housewives To Get The Perfect Fit Body

In India, the housewives work 24*7 for her family without getting tired. Unlike the corporate women, she does not get the salary for doing it. In return, the family members often ignore to express their gratitude towards what she does for all. From morning till night she works like a machine and she does not even get to enjoy the weekends like a normal person.

With such a hectic schedule she forgets to pay attention to herself. She hardly eats anything and performing those exercises are surely a dream. Therefore, they start gaining weight and this makes them unhealthy. Not only this, many housewives become prone to many of the incurable diseases due to such kind of lifestyle. But not anymore!

Here are some of the tips that will work to improve the health of the housewives and make them healthy. So if you are one, pay attention to it!

1. Stick To Healthy Food

Well, supermarkets are definitely your best friends. So, the simplest way to start eating healthy is whenever you go to the supermarket, shop for the green vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, low-calorie stuff etc. Also, prepare the list of the healthy food and do not buy anything extra. Make it a habit. Also, keep the stuff in those cupboards that you use on a regular basis so that you use them when you see them.

2. Exercise When You Have Time

Well, the good news is you can still make time for your cores and take out time for the gym to get some exercises done. When your kids are at school and you have nothing else to do than sticking to your TV soaps, hit the gym. It is the best place where you will get to meet people just like you.

There are many fitness centers that do not cost much and provide good services at lowest cost. Contact them today for your own good and get the perfect fit body.

3. Slow Eaters Get The Best Health Benefits

Here is the fact that when you take time to eat your food in a slow manner, you do not overeat. Before you start taking the meal, eat some salad. This way you avoid the calories of the meal. If you want to lose weight, eating slowly and peacefully should be your habit. To all the housewives, you can do all the other work sometime later and not consume your food in hurry.

4. Fitness Apps Are On Trend

Gone are the days when your kids used to think that you are old fashioned and not tech savvy. Well, show them how you are up-to-date with the latest technological trends. Download a fitness app for the healthy tips and exercises.

The app will surely help you to track the exercises and calories intake by the body which will solve your major issues. You will probably know where you are lacking and can correct them in an easy way.

5. Are You Planning To Diet?

Say no to dieting. Get in the habit of eating in small portions whenever you want. If it’s a home cooked food then this is going to be the best for your body. Do not miss eating pastries, doughnuts, sweets etc occasionally. This will encourage you to make healthy choices in the future.

6. Take Smaller Steps

The kids just love sports activities, isn’t it? Then why don’t you join them? It will keep you healthy and in case you skip exercising for a day you will still stay active. This will surely keep you fit. Other small stretches and exercises are dance, yoga, treadmill, cycling, stairs etc. They do not need much time to execute. They are also fun.

7. Replace Snacks With Water

You have got some oats and healthy cookies from the supermarket so that you can eat them whenever hungry. Try to drink water more instead of eating snacks. That does not mean you stop eating them. Whenever it is time for your morning or evening tea and coffee then replace your cup with the water.

If you find the bad taste of the water unavoidable then you can put some mint in it. This will keep you refresh.

Get in touch with the healthy habits. Make smaller goals first and then try to achieve them. This will surely reduce the work. Also when you talk to your loved ones or friends over the phone then make it a habit to walk instead of sitting or sleeping. This will help in burning the calories and you will surely feel light.

These tips will not only keep you healthy but also happy. You will find it yourself then you are more active throughout the day. Follow them today to get the healthy body.

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