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Text Status is Not Lost, WhatsApp Brought Back The Feature



After the purchase of the instant messenger app by Facebook, the app has come up with various new updates in its user interface.

WhatsApp’s new feature was leaked

Any new feature that is been tested by WhatsApp is soon leaked to the public by the most famous platform WABetaInfo. All the beta version features and the details are informed on their Twitter page. Similarly, the status feature was announced to the public by the WABetaInfo before the official announcement made by the tech company.

The new status feature was released by the company on February 24th, 2017 on the eightieth birthday of WhatsApp. Like all other features that were released by the company, the users were excited to check out the new feature and started updating their instant messenger app. When some of the users were happy about the feature, most of the users of the app criticized the new status feature and wanted the older version of the status option.

Later after the failure of the new feature, the instant messenger team brought back the old version of the status feature with a twist. The spokesperson from WhatsApp said that users missed the ability to set text status in their profile, so the company has come up with a new idea by integrating the status feature into the About section in the Settings option. Therefore the users can view the status next to the profile name when they view the contact, like looking for the group info or while creating a new chat.

Status update for Android

The Android users can roll back to the older version of the status update by upgrading the instant messenger app through the Google Play Store. After the upgrading process completes, the users can click on the dot icon that appears at the top right corner of the instant messenger interface.

By clicking on the icon, the users can see the drop down menu from which they have to choose the ‘Settings’ option. The option has a list of other tabs from which the users must click on the ‘About and Phone number’ option. Here the users can set the text status message as before and it looks similar to the previous version that has all the other status options like the At school, Busy, Available, Urgent call only, At movie and other options. There are no changes in the interface of the old status version and there are no changes made in the use of the option. Also, like the new status feature that disappears after 24 hours, this text status feature does not disappear after twenty four hours.

Status update for iOs

The user can login to the App Store to upgrade their older version of the status feature because many people opposed the new feature. The latest version 2.17.10 rolls back the text status messages that are updated in the profile. The feature is added to the ‘About’ option from the settings session in the WhatsApp interface, the user can get to the older version simply by selecting the status feature from the customized status message option.

Though the old version is back, it does not mean that the new status feature will be removed from the interface. Both the old and new version of the WhatsApp feature is available in the interface. However, the contacts tab that was available in the earlier version is not rolled back, so to view the status of the other users in the contacts- either user must start a conversation or they have to see through the group information.

Status update with cool features

The new status feature is similar to the Stories in the Instagram and Snapchat and it comes with the reply option and mute and unmute notification.

The new status feature allows the users to added different formats of status messages unlike the older version which allows only text status messages. But, now the user can add photos, videos, GIFs as the status message and all the messages disappear after twenty four hours. The status message comes as a separate tab next to the chats and calls tab in the interface, while the contacts option is moved to the top right corner of the screen. And the users can view the status messages of the others by viewing the status tab and the users can receive notification about the status update of the other users in the contacts list by using the mute and unmute option.

And when the user selects the mute option, they will not be able to view he status message of the other users in the contacts list and they will not receive any notification when other users modify their status message.

It is found that all the Facebook owned applications are similar to the ‘Stories ‘ feature, the Messenger app of Facebook comes with a new feature called the Messenger Day and has rolled out the option in many countries and is expected to hit worldwide. The ‘stories’ feature in Instagram is accessed by more than one hundred and fifty million users and is taken out by Snapchat because of the traffic. However, the feature did not work out well for WhatsApp and so the old version rolled back.

Non-stop updates

When there was confusion with the status message feature, WhatsApp is adding the GIF support to the app keyboard of Google, called the Gboard. The GIF gallery is available for the Android users for more than two months, but the users were unable to search for the GIFs when they choose to enter the emojis from the menu. So the modifications were done and so the beta version supports the Gboard.

The app keeps introducing new features in the recent years with the call feature, sending different formats of files and sharing location with others and viewing other user’s location and so on. The video chat and voice mail features were popular among the users and many people tried out the feature and were amazed by the technology that made them close to their loved ones, despite the long distance. And the location sharing feature made it easy to identify the location of the friends and made traveling even more exciting.

The recent update before the status notification was the edit and revoke message feature that is an amazing option by the app. At times we happen to send the messages wrongly to some other user and even if we erase it from our end, it might not be discarded from the recipient’s end. But now the new update in the instant messenger platform helps the users to delete or edit the messages before the recipient reads the text. And the messages are erased from the sender and receiver’s end. This new feature is one of the unique features of the app. Similarly, the user can send revoke messages t the other users when they are unable to communicate with them.

With different instant messenger apps available in the market, each one of them is introducing new features in their messaging interface that will help them to retain the existing app users and also attract new participants into the messenger platform.

Author: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.


Whether The Establishment of GIF-s Attracted The WhatsApp Users ?




Whatsapp messaging application lets the user send multiple chats, videos, and audios to the existing contacts in your smartphone. This smartphone app is fast, easy and simple to use with the most appropriate application on your smartphones. You can even sit back, relax and innovatively rethink of using this app to the best of its use when you travel.


There are some available Whatsapp features that will keep you stay connected when you have fun with the travel experience. The Facebook-owned Whatsapp brings out new features in order to keep the customers to stay connected in their application. Now, there is a new feature emerged in Whatsapp which lets the user share videos and texts in the form of GIFs.
Whatsapp application for Android users seems to argue, in the end, gets help for giving live gif pictures or partly to share videos as gif images. The new quality from Whatsapp will allow the user to change a video of 6 seconds or lower to a gif image. The new gif image help is made accessible to Whatsapp for Android customers who are executing beta versions. The latest beta version for Android users are made available on Google Play bears the gif image characteristic. Android Police first stated that the gif image help was visualized on the beta version of Whatsapp for Android.
Gadgets somehow freely tested the gif image support on the beta versions of Whatsapp for Android. To assign a gif image, Whatsapp for Android beta users need to head to the coupling icon at top of a chat screen in the application. After choosing accessories, users will head to record video option and record a video for less than 6 seconds. Earlier than sending the listed attachment, the edging video page will come with a camcorder symbol on the top right corner of the page.
By choosing the icon, the recorded video will be converted to a gif image. Especially, the specialty will also operate when splitting the actual videos from the gallery which is less than 6 seconds, or cut shorter to be lower by using Whatsapp inbuilt video trimmer. It also benefits the user when they are attributing an available video from other app and sharing through Whatsapp.
It costs indicating that the camcorder icon will not be published for videos that haven’t yet been cut down in size to 6 seconds or less. Android Police also finds out that the videos are indeed changed and send as audio files that play automatically using the chat option. The GIF which users receive or send is rescued using the Whatsapp Animated Gifs as mp4 files. Only on the front end users obtain a notification that a gif image has been acquired, which was also displayed in the Chat tab.
To remember, Whatsapp was the first one described to add gif image approval back in June. The feature somehow was then anticipated to land on iOS first. Unluckily, there is no talk when the feature will arrive at iOS users. Whatsapp at present added the callback and voicemail specialty to its Android app. The feature emerges on iPhone devices at first, and later exhibited for Android users with the help of Google Play.
Whatsapp lively GIFs folder within the Whatsapp directory on local mobile storage is just reproaching hard. However, for those who need not want to base our devices or install unauthorized hacks, there’s light on the extent. The first GIF approval case has proved up in Whatsapp and I was able to confirm it on the beta version. It’s apparently there on the two recent releases and possibly even on slightly older versions of the app, but I can partly tell you it’s there on 2.16.242 version.
Whatsapp users can’t share the GIFs from using the gallery files or as media files inside the Whatsapp. Users cannot send a GIF link to anyone and everyone believe that it will display the animated image inline as the GIF option has not yet existed still. But there is an option where you can convert the newly documented video to a GIF. It can be done by just tapping the attachment icon in any of your conversation and then choose a camera, record video and then click the OK icon I the Whatsapp application. In Whatsapp integration for sharing the video, tap the upper right corner camcorder icon and once the process is done it’ll shift you to a GIF icon.
The video will be reformed to a GIF and infused into the chat to play inline. Whether you’re glancing for the GIF on your smartphone, you won’t find it quickly. But it is assured that what is truly sent and received is a GIF actually. Above all, it gives inline in the chats and it gets described in the chat list and the warning as a GIF.
Up until now, this is the smart way to send a GIF in Whatsapp that they have found.  It is quiet a finite support for GIF sending on Whatsapp but gives us the hope that the essentials are just around the corner. It won’t be too soon.
As pointed out by Simeonico, sharing videos as GIFs works anywhere in Whatsapp as long as the length is 6 seconds or less than that. So if you’re recording a new video, or sharing an existing video from your gallery app, or fixing an existing video in between the Whatsapp, for it is there earlier or nice it to be 6 seconds or less, you will acquire the GIF switch button. This is better than what the user reported previously.
Whatsapp for iOS beta release is now playing a huge role and distinct from abundant bug fixes and advancement, it bears support for auto-playing gif images. Whatsapp application has truly opposed the gif attack till date, and support for giving active images will absolutely be a welcome feature extension for users. As of now, it is not clear when gif image support will demonstrate to users of the actual release, or when it will be published on Android. The alteration in the latest beta release for iOS was expressed by Whatsapp Beta Info, which marks the beta publication of the app.

Alterations filed by the crew include approval for auto play gif images when joint as a link, the capability to save the gif image to your camera, and the potential to straight away reply to gif image texts, encoded support for gif sharing, and for Peek and Pop behavior on gif images. The announcement of projected support for gif images in Whatsapp emerges as soon as after the competitor messaging service Viber brings gif image support to its premises.

Most other competitor platforms which even include Facebook Messenger earlier support gif image sharing. One of the major feature inclusions is expected to come soon for Whatsapp is video calling, with a lot of information in beta publication indicating to the firm’s plans for the forthcoming future. Last but not the least update to the platform was last month which adds method of document sharing on Whatsapp Web. Right away the firm rises out its first desktop app for Windows and OS X.

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