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Step-by-step to Hiring Reliable Cargo Forwarders



cargo shipping

The new age, we live in, has made everything much easier. Any services or products you might need are just a few clicks and a phone call away. Even though technology has added quality to our lives and provided us with time-saving tools, it also has its downsides. Having so many companies to choose from and looking for services online can turn out to be daunting. The internet can’t always provide us with the first-hand impressions and reliability information. Therefore, while in process of hiring reliable cargo forwarders, you should take a few steps further and look into the company’s reputations and work ethic. Having your cargo transported safely and according to the international regulations should be a high priority for all top-rated international freight forwarders.

All you need to know before hiring reliable cargo forwarders

When looking for a company that can arrange storage and shipping of your cargo, choosing the cheapest option might not always be the best solution. Rather than focusing solely on the cost from the beginning, you should look for a company that will meet your needs.  In order to find the best cargo forwarded, you should do an initial research and choose a few to contact and pick from. All top-rated international freight forwarders in Japan should be able to provide you with various shipping options and additional services.  A reputable cargo forwarded will take care of all of the seemingly endless, complicated and frustrating administrative tasks of logistics in a timely manner.

Things to do before contacting a freight forwarding company

If this is not your first time to look for a reliable cargo forwarder, you will know that there are some preparations to do before grabbing the phone. The very first thing you should be aware of is what kind of services you will need. Having a clear image of your specific needs and expectations will let you focus on finding a reputable cargo forwarder.

Questions to ask yourself

In order to evaluate your shipment and cargo needs, you should follow a few simple steps:

  • Which of various cargo services do you actually need?
  • Are you looking for air or sea freight services when hiring reliable cargo forwarders?
  • What is the size and value of your shipment?
  • Are there any additional licenses you need for importing or exporting your cargo?
The freight forwarding services

Hiring a company for international freight forwarding services means that you will pay for the administrative aspects of shipping. Therefore, keep in mind that not all of the logistics companies out there have the transportation services. This means that there is a chance you will need to transport your cargo to a port or airport on your own. However, if you don’t want to deal with door to port transport you can always hire a reputable company to do it for you. Write down any cargo transport options you might need and use this list as a reminder when contacting a cargo forwarder.  Also, think of any additional shipping services that may come along useful. Therefore, if you are shipping your cargo to Japan, you will probably need to look for reliable moving and storage companies in Japan as well.

Another important thing to keep in mind is packing. Will you do it on your own? Or is it better to ask for help from your cargo forwarder? Besides affecting the overall shipment cost, packing will be crucial when it comes to safe transportation.

Air freight forwarding VS Sea freight forwarding

In order to help you choose let’s compare both options:

  • Air freight forwarding is much faster and a better solution when you are on a tight timeline.
  • Sea freight forwarding is cheaper and more suitable for large shipments. Keep in mind that there are different weight limits for both options.
  • Air freight is safer when it comes to regulations. All cargo shipped by air goes through the strict checkpoints. Therefore, your cargo forwarder will be obliged to follow all of the regulations. 
  • Are you concerned about the environment? Sea freight forwarding is more eco-friendly and the emissions of CO2 is much lower. 
The weight/size and value of your shipment

When hiring reliable cargo forwarders it is crucial to evaluate your shipment properly and in advance. Is it hazardous? Will you need more than a few containers? Are there any fragile items? All of these are very important questions that will affect your budget and freight transport options.

Is there anything else?

Don’t forget about any additional paperwork and documentation you need to prepare. Does the country you are shipping to or from require any additional licenses. Be aware of any import or export laws and regulations you will need to respect and follow. Hazardous shipments will, most likely, require some additional documentation. Research in advance and ask you cargo forwarder for an advice.

Hiring reliable cargo forwarders- how to choose the right one?

Following all the steps above, by now you should have a clearer picture of services you need from a freight forwarding company. Now is the time to start evaluating the companies themselves. The very first thing you should do is to find a few cargo forwarding companies you find reliable by the first impression and continue researching their reputability further.

The online research when looking for a reputable cargo forwarder

There a few important things to keep your eye on when researching a cargo company online. The very first one is to pay a close attention to their online profiles and websites. How do they present themselves? Any reputable company will be more than proud to brand their premises, vehicles, shipping material etc. Not having a transparent branding should raise a red flag.  Do they have visible contact information? Also, look for the services’ descriptions. A reliable cargo forwarder will always have detailed information about their company, services, and products.

Ask around and look for online reviews of former clients. If you want to take it a step further, contact the people who gave bad reviews and ask for more information. In addition to your research, you should consider contacting the FIATA ( International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association) for more a more detailed check-up. Authorities in the company’s origin country that oversee the freight forwarding regulations might also be a great source as well.

Contacting the cargo forwarding companies

After a thorough research, you should contact the selected companies in order to check their reputability and ask for a quote. Use the lists you have already made and ask additional questions. Pay a close attention to their behavior and customer service manners. Hiring reliable cargo forwarders will mean that you will always have whom to contact regarding your shipment location and additional information. A reputable company will always be more than happy to ask any question. Them refusing to do so all rushing to end the conversation should raise a red flag.

Questions to ask when hiring a reliable freight forwarding company

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they provide you with few recommendation letters?
  • Tell them the list of services you might need and ask for additional information on all of them.
  • Ask about their network of partners and agents? Which are the third company services they will use?
  • Require more information on insurance options and advice.
  • Ask for a quote and which services does it include.
  • Hiring reliable cargo forwarding might still mean that you will have some additional fees and charges added to you quote later on. Ask for specific information on this subject. For example: will there be any dock fees? How about requiring a few containers more than expected?


Brush Up Your Wilderness Travel Tips If You Are Traveling to Tadoba Jungle Safari




Tadoba is supposed to be an enthralling Tiger Reserve which is a popular wilderness travel destination in India and is becoming extremely popular among international wildlife enthusiasts. Tadoba is an extensive pristine forest with 12 safari gates spread over this extensive area and every gate is anywhere between 20 Kilometers to roughly 145 Kilometers away from each other. Booking a Tadoba jungle safari could be slightly confusing as there are certain steps to be fulfilled for booking the safari but many tourists assume that paying online is supposed to be the complete guarantee that your safari is booked for you. You would require paying more once you reach the safari gate.

You would be confronted with slight issues that are typical of wilderness travel but you must know how to cope with them and enjoy an amazing wildlife vacation by polishing your knowledge before setting out for your trip to the Tadoba. Traveling to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Andhari could be slightly demanding if you are traveling alone but you could rest assured of some of the most scintillating natural views. Here are some general wilderness travel tips to prepare you for the Tadoba wildlife vacation.

Prepare Yourself Again & Again

The most vital part of a wilderness trip is to prepare yourself so that you do not encounter surprises. Do adequate research and try to educate yourself about the destination you are heading for. This implies you must have a proper idea about how much time is involved in traveling from one point to another, how much water and food you require to take along with you, and you must be aware of the possible safety risks and prepare yourself mentally and learn ways to avoid and combat the hazards. You must realize that little bit of extra planning could help you enjoy your wildlife vacation a lot more.

Educate Yourself

There are certain fundamental wilderness travel tricks and tips that you must learn before leaving for your trip. Learning basic first-aid skills or learning to make a fire etc. would go a long way in making you feel safe and fully secure. You must do a thorough research online as you must know about the perfect place to sleep or the right spot to take cover in case of heavy rains and storm. Moreover, you could learn about ways to identify some edible plants that grow in the Tadoba region. It is best to know your facts about Tadoba Tiger Reserve and also, book your room in a reliable Tadoba accommodation before stepping out for the wildlife vacation.

Take Safety Measures

You must necessarily let your family or friend know exactly where you are traveling to and precisely how long you would be gone. This could prove to be vital information in case something goes wrong. Cell phones and flares are wonderful ways of informing someone about your exact location if you are in some sort of a trouble. Always make it a point to carry a first-aid kit, some extra water, a compass, and a map. Trust your instincts and use common sense while in a jungle.


You must read and follow the signs if you come across them as they could be trail markers, warning about the weather, and even existing rules and regulations about using campfires etc. Do not ignore the signs. Moreover, do not leave any trace. You must carry the garbage back with you to show respect to the wildlife. Moreover, refrain from carrying plants and rocks back home, as souvenirs. Respect the magnificent flora and fauna and rest assured to have an amazing and memorable trip.

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The 5 Best Parks to Visit in Dubai




A holiday in Dubai often means hanging out at one of the celebrated hotels and beach resorts in UAE, going on a desert safari, checking out the tallest building in the world, and indulging in various luxurious food and experiences.

But aside from doing the usual touristy stuff, you can also commune with nature in this city known for its hot weather and rolling deserts. There are several beautiful parks and gardens you also have to visit in Dubai.

  1. Mamzar Beach Park

Although this park is a bit far from Dubai’s central commercial area, the trip here will be worth your time and effort. This is because Mamzar Beach Park is one of Dubai’s top and biggest beach parks.

This park covers acres of open grassland, five beaches, and one large outdoor swimming pool. It has several restaurants and cafes and barbecue pits if you want to grill your favorite meats and veggies.

The Mamzar Beach Park is also home to:

  • Beach cabins
  • Basketball and football courts
  • Children’s play areas
  • Grocery stores
  • Bikes for hire
  • Train rides
  • Running and bike path

If you want to hang out at a beach but still have access to other activities and facilities, you won’t go wrong with spending a day at the Mamzar Beach Park.

  1. Creek Park

One of the oldest and most popular parks in Dubai is the Dubai Creek Park. It is located in the heart of the old city, on the shores of Dubai Creek.  

Aside from being amazed by the beautiful landscape and green turf and getting a feel of Old Dubai, there are various activities here everyone has to try. These include:

  • Riding the cable car
  • Biking or cycling
  • Riding the miniature train
  • Roller skating
  • Riding the go-karts

Enjoy al fresco dining in this park by bringing your own picnic basket and using one of the barbecue grills. If you don’t want to cook, you can have your fill of great dishes, snacks, and beverages at a restaurant or café here.

  1. Safa Park

Safa Park is another well-known and relatively old park in Dubai. This 150-acre urban park has three lakes, over 200 species of birds, and 16,924 types of trees and bushes. 80% of the park is covered by grassy lawns and, as such, it is one of the greenest and loveliest places you can visit in this emirate.

The park also has a little forest, a waterfall flowing from the hill, and three lakes, with one featuring a fountain.

Other facilities you will find in this place are:

  • Playgrounds
  • Fun fair
  • Picnic areas
  • Washrooms
  1. Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is one of the more modern and largest parks in Dubai. This park is so big that it is split in half by a road (Shaikh Zayed Road). To traverse the whole area, you can use the pedestrian bridges which connect the different parts of the park.

Aside from marveling at the landscape and interesting plant life, you can also enjoy these fun activities here:

  • Ride a bike along the cycle track
  • Ice skating
  • Explore the maze
  • Play tennis
  • Climb the 45-meter panoramic tower
  • Karting
  • Hang out at the Stargate – an educational entertainment center split into five domes

Similar to the other parks, you can also enjoy a picnic here or eat at one of the top-notch restaurants and cafes located within the park.

  1. Mushrif Park

This family-oriented park is located in the eastern part of Dubai. It has a swimming pool which visitors can use for escaping the heat temporarily.

One of the biggest attractions of this park is the Small World replica houses. In this area, you will find replica models of traditional houses from the Arabic and Western worlds.

Other activities worth trying out here are:

  • Riding the train
  • Visiting the mini-zoo
  • Playing basketball, volleyball and handball
  • Horse and camel riding
  • Cycling
  • Enjoying a concert at the outdoor theatre

Mushrif Park is also great for picnics and barbecues. There are also several cafes and restaurants worth visiting here as well.  It is simply a fantastic place for simply enjoying the outdoors with a green, lush background and fresh, cool breeze.

A visit to Dubai doesn’t only mean basking in the sand and crystal blue waters. You can also marvel at the green, lush landscape and plant life which you will find at its various local parks. You will also find a variety of fun, exciting things to do at these parks, too.


Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”

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Fantastic Trip to Belgrade



Belgrade is the up and coming city in South-Eastern Europe that seems to draw more and more tourists year in and out. The main reasons for it are the same reasons that have made Berlin popular with hipsters in the late ninety nineties and early 2000s – it’s cheap, it’s got a thriving nightlife and a budding cultural scene. Although these might be reasons enough for a prospective contemporary traveler,  there is so much more to it than just the three. And it is safe to assume that the reasons to visit any place in the world go for Belgrade as well.

This brings us to the question: Why do we love traveling? The smart people from the aptly named website, have come up with five compelling reasons why we do it in general. Now, although it may seem counterintuitive to sum them up (instead of letting prospective travelers realize them after visiting the place), we will try to leave you with these foregone conclusions as ways of enticing you to visit the place and see if you would think the same.

So, we travel to learn.

And if you visit Belgrade soon while the marks of its recent history are still visible, you will learn pretty soon that Belgrade has had it rough in terms of history. As Ms Eve-Ann Prentice from the Guardian has put it  it is the where the tectonic plates of Islam, Orthodox Christianity, and Roman Catholicism, alongside socialism and capitalism, have all collided in the past and this has left its mark on the city’s architecture.  You will also learn that the place has been around for millennia, and yet the oldest surviving building dates back only 3 centuries, as it has been swapped between the empires for countless times.

And as Ms Mary Holand from the Vogue has said it – it’s in this moment of emergence that Belgrade should be visited. It’s a moment where attractions are plenty, but tourists are few.

Oh, and you might learn that the double S (silicone valley and skadarlija bohemian quarters) are nothing but tourist traps. Neither of them represents today the thing they were popular for in the first place.

So you travel to escape?

Well depending on which part of the world you come from you might escape the tidiness and punctuality of the west, or change the hectic pace and chaos of the East with a moderate chaos of the Balkans. In both cases, you get to see the middle ground. And if you come from the Balkans… well, you will feel pretty much at home, with a linguistic twist, and find that you have so much more in common with your neighbors than you have previously thought.

Oh, if you come from the West you will definitely escape the smoking ban, as Serbia is still quite a smokers friendly place.

To discover…

An indigenous culture, that has a spoiling number of museums (which include automobiles, African Art, Nikola Tesla, and a non existent country – Yugoslavia), galleries, creative designer hubs (Drugstore, Supermarket), and really fine dining that amounts to the 1 fifth of what you would pay in some European or US capitals. You will get to see art noveu mixed with ottoman heritage and fairly authentic brutalist architecture all meddled in one. You might also discover that there are some damn fine spaces behind those dilapidated facades that can stand tall with their world peers. And you might also discover that in Belgrade you can get some pretty affordable accommodation that is at the same time world class.

Finally, you might discover yourself and your place in the universe. For older generation, it was all about juxtaposing the first, the second and the third world. For millennials, it is the developed and the developing…

To make friends…

That might be one of the easiest things to do in Belgrade. Belgraders are curious, hospitable and generally speaking warmly to exotic and different cultures. If you go with the flow and accept spontaneity as your mode of thinking, you are bound to strike a friend or two on your nighttime escapades.

And to experience…

To see what it looks like when the bulk of society lives on the fringes of poverty, with little or no prospects of thriving in the foreseeable future in a European setting and experience the priorities of people in such a setting. The atmosphere where partying like there is no tomorrow, because it either looks bleak or it belongs elsewhere, can lead to some pretty interesting connections in a moment. And life is really just a series of moments…

Did we get your attention?

Then book a first cheap flight and spend some of those moments in Belgrade. It will definitely be worth your time.

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