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SEO – The Organic Way to Increase Visibility



Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is basically one of the prerequisites which ensure a good stability for online businesses in their niche as it helps to give the visibility that is required to stay ahead of the competition in both B2C and B2B market. For the medium-sized business. The most convenient way to gain access to SEO services is an in-house expert or a small team of a consultant. However, the more ambitious businesses can hire a multifaceted SEO agency which ensures the higher level of expertise and broader insight with respect to particular needs and goals. Still not all the agencies provide quality services, so ROI is must before going for a particular company. Given below are tips that will help to get a good SEO agency in the market.

  1. Go for an SEO agency that is willing to give a concrete example of multi feasible optimizing techniques. – As every client looks for a unique SEO, it is important to look for a service provider who is capable to adapt to the exact needs, requirement and expectations of the clients. If the agency that is selected is capable of exemplifying the exact way they require approaching the project based on the inputs given by the clients and their own preliminary analysis conducted using the data acquired from the client website then, there is a chance that the agency selected are a competitive provider worth hiring.
  2. The agency that is selected should be capable of maintaining close collaboration with the client’s developers, content teams as well as other agencies. In other words, the agency should act as an extended part of the client team. Being a homogeneous group the service providers should work closely with tech teams, creative and PR, display agencies and much more.
  3. Opt for the agency that can offer both standardized and highly customizable solution. An agency that is aware of the niche of the company can be advantageous in many ways For example; the provider that matches the company profile can give more insightful tips and information about the competitor companies. They can also point towards the proven and keyword strategy and can find suitable link exchange partners more quickly. However, it should be confirmed that the solution presented by them can be customized to accommodate the individual requirements of clients.
  4. Avoid service providers that restrain all the link building within a network of their own website. A service provider who emphasizes too much on the internal link building practices should always be avoided. There are innumerable examples of websites that completely links out to the customers of the similar SEO agency and this, not a proper way to link building campaign. In the maximum situation, it is much better to use various methods to generate links rather than generating just one.
  5. Opt for the service providers who promise complete transparency in the way of their work. If the company successfully identifies the service provider who has no problem in displaying their process followed for link building, examine indexing issues; evaluate competitor’s site profile etc. This guarantees that none of the issues will be handled without informing the clients. Also, they should confirm that the agency will stick to safe and white hat techniques.

SEO agencies also use video marketing techniques to rank the websites. This preferred by almost all the companies as it more effective than text messages. The best thing about it is that they are short crisp and delivers the message to the targeted audiences. But both SEO service and video marketing cannot work effectively without the support of each other as they go hand in hand. For video marketing companies can approach a video marketing agency or a digital marketing agency who are specialized in providing both SEO services and video marketing services.

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The tradition of watching videos started in the year 1941when the first TV was introduced to the market. But it started booming after 70 years when the use of internet flourished worldwide. Videos got viral through different social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. Tracking the virality of the videos, businesses started focusing on creating enticing and imaginative videos that raised the huge popularity of the brand in the global market.

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Though it is a bit expensive but, is one of the best tools for digital marketing that has the potentials to grab more customers and generated most the leads and converted them easily. Human minds are more proactive when a message is delivered both verbally and visually and so videos have a greater impact than written scripts. Videos capture a larger mass of people at a faster pace than any advertising tool. With the help of the social media sites, this tool can be used to its optimum level by rolling over from one profile to another.

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Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the process through which search engines rank pages in their search results. The way this process works is by judging the quality of the content, the keywords that the content uses and lastly, content’s relevance to the search term used. (more…)

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If we have an e-commerce, that is, an online store, let’s say you run a shop online that provide Sofa repair in Dubai, our first objective will be the sale of the products that we make available to users on the web. For this we must work and focus on three priority strategic aspects:

  • The VISIBILITY : if I can not get visibility, that is, that my target audience can find me and visit my website, I will never be able to sell anything. Raising a visibility strategy is essential.
  • The CONVERSION: I must bear in mind that if getting the right target is vital, getting that visit to buy is not the least. We must raise the web with all the elements of structure, design, usability, etc., to facilitate the conversion as much as possible.
  • LOYALTY: If we are selling a repetitive shopping product, it is essential to work to the maximum all the elements that can facilitate the repetitive purchase of the product, through promotions, e-mail marketing, etc.

Among the actions to increase visibility, one of the most strategically relevant, due to its impact on the potential of qualified visits it can provide, is to be well positioned in Google , that is, SEO .

Well, we know that working with SEO is something as important as it is complicated, but there are certain elements that are easy to apply and that are very relevant, which can help us a lot to establish a good SEO base from the beginning.

One of these keys is to correctly configure and structure your website from the beginning based on a keyword strategy logic.

We must start from the basis that we can classify the user’s search in three different blocks:

         1- Product searches : are those that the user makes when looking for a specific product, for example, if you have an online store  that sells TVs, a possible search could be TV SAMSUNG UE40H6400 . It is a search with a high level of quality and very close to conversion, if above the user incorporates the word buy ahead, even more.

        2- Category searches:  would be a type of search that would not be as close to the purchase as the previous one. It is a user who is looking for a product typology but who is not yet clear about the product. In our example of TV, the search could be “buy Samsung TV” or “LED TV”. The user searches within a category.

        3- Indirect searches or information: these searches would be those that would be related to the search for information when executing a possible purchase in the future. It is the type of search farthest from the purchase, but it can be the starting point of the capture of that potential buyer.

To be able to establish the bases of web optimization towards these types of search, we must ensure that the main elements of contextual optimization of the pages are aligned with the type of search we want to impact.

To optimize the page to the type of direct searches or to buy to (searches of product and category) we will have to act on the website:


If we want to position the category ” LED televisions” , we have to make sure that on the category page of the website, the keywords are included in the following sites:

1. In the URL

2. In the meta Title of the page (as far to the left as possible and without exceeding 64 characters)

3. In the Meta description (although it has less relevance for the search engine, it is still useful)

4. On the H1 label

5. In the text of the page

6. In at least some Alt tag of some image

To enable the improvement of visibility in indirect searches , we must focus on the blog and the writing of the post. To ensure maximum indexation and possible positioning, the most important thing is that the title of the post appears in the URL and in the H1 of the post. This title should be raised literally, with the user’s search format, that is, we should not think about title the post as we would like, but raise the title as the user would look for it:


Wrongly titled: ”
Viewing distance for a television with LED technology” Well titled: “How far should I watch television”

Thinking about these types of search and optimized the web with this orientation, we have a good stretch of the way traveled towards the goal of improving our SEO possibilities and therefore, to improve our sales.

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How to optimize all your images for better SEO




Search engines rank images as well as rich text on websites. So if you optimize your images for each page you can potentially drive traffic to your website. This is because people search images in search engines. If you click on the image from the search results, this will then push the click directly to the website from where the image comes from.

You can also optimize images for a website. Here we have some top tips to get you ahead of the game.

Optimize your images.

There are a few things you can do to get your images ranking well. Consider if your images sell the product first? Are they clean, clear, high resolution and make your products look awesome? If you’re not happy with the product shots, try and get these organized so they look good. The best SEO strategy in the world won’t sell badly presented products.

Although you want your images to look perfect, don’t try and upload huge images to your website. This could slow down your page load times. Keep your images to about 800px by 800px.

Once you add an image, hover over it with the mouse cursor. You will see the word ALT. Click on this. Now add in an ALT description. Keep it short and sweet. Your images are now easier to find in the Google image search results.

Make sure that every keyword used for an image is directly relevant and avoid stuffing keywords into the alt tags.

Create Beautiful Graphics

Canva has thousands of ready to use templates and layouts available for the users to choose from. In addition, it lets users create their own custom templates. The drag and drop feature of the editor lets users create and design beautiful and stunning graphics you can also use the similar image finder for the relevant image for your topic.

Users can also store their brand color, fonts and logos on the editor. They can also show their work through Team Stream and share the graphics and photo folders with their team members.

Consistency is yet another aspect that must be taken into consideration while designing official graphics and info graphics. Canva provides a platform that offers consistency across all info graphics, marketing materials, presentation and social media posts

Size of image

Make sure the image you upload to the website is not of a massive size (2000px) in width for a web page. Especially if it’s on a web page. You might need to upload background images or slider images saved at this size but for everyday images try and keep the constraints between 600px in width by 500px in height. If you start using massive images for your website, it can slow down the site load time and look stupid on the page.

Quality of image.

If you are saving images for your website using an image editor always try and save them in the quality range of 60-70%. This affects the data size of the image and can slow down page load times if the file is saved too large. Overall, depending on the viewer’s connection speed, a high-quality image may take longer to load and result in a bad user experience.

Image Alt tag.

Using the alt tag is a good idea. It adds search value to the page for search engines. Always try and say what the image is in the alt tag. The purpose of alt attribute is to provide a description of the contents of an image file. One of the most cited uses of alt attributes is to provide text for visitors who can’t see images in their browsers. This includes visitors using browsers that cannot display images or have image display disabled, visually impaired visitors, and those visitors who use screen readers. Most website editors will ask you for the alt tag once your image is uploaded to the content management system.

Title tag.

This is normally used if you are making the image a link. If you hover over the image with the cursor from the mouse a title will pop up giving the viewer more Information. Try and optimize your title tag to fit in with the content of the page information. The title tag should be should relevant, short, catchy, and concise. Hover your cursor over the image below to see the title tag pop up.

The image name.

Save the image out to describe what the picture is. Example

  1. jpg(a picture of a landscape)
  2. png(a picture of a milk bottle)
  3. gif(a picture of a chicken)

Image Formats

Understand when to use different formats for your image. This will also help with optimization. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Use a jpgwhen using highly detailed images. You can afford to lose some of the quality as the human eye won’t pick up on it.
  2. Use a pngif you need to save a transparent image. Maybe you want the background color of the webpage to show through. A png is also good for keeping text on an image of high readable quality.
  3. gifis best used for flat graphics and high color objects.
  4. Avoid using tiffson a website page. These images are very high in data and will cause very slow page load times and possible errors.
  5. Using image galleries on web pages can also be a very visual and searchable tool. Make sure to add the titles and alt tags.

Image descriptions

Image descriptions also come in very handy. Some website editors have this built in so you don’t forget to type some relevant text into the image description field. This gives the reader a better idea of what the image refers to.

Conclusion: Now that you have gained knowledge of the most important SEO optimization techniques for the images and the tools that you can integrate with your business and content marketing strategy, it is time for you to start applying them. It will let you find new opportunities for business growth and automate the ongoing marketing campaigns like a pro.

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