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Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development



Mobile app Development

The cross-platform approach concerns the creation of an application through a single development process, where the end result will be apps launched on different platforms (Android and iOS, for example). This is possible thanks to tools and development frameworks that use web languages like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (or other possible programming languages).

The main mobile operating systems support these languages and their APIs, so that when creating an application based on these tools, the same code can be compiled for different operating systems.

Cross-platform development pros

  • Allows the development of apps for several mobile platforms, from a common code;
  • It does not require the existence of specific development teams for different systems and platforms;
  • Accelerates development time because the application is developed for multiple platforms at the same time;
  • Costs are lower because the team is leaner.

Cross-platform development cons

  • Internet connection is 100% required
  • Limited access to device hardware
  • Because it does not require installation, it loses visibility in stores
  • Although the tools are approaching the graphics and native characteristics of each mobile system, there is still a considerable disadvantage when it comes to user experience (UX).

Cross-platform tools

Multiplatform development has gained many supporters over the years. As a result, the market has also expanded considerably. Soon, new cross-platform tools were emerging in the mobile development world. Given this scenario, currently, if you choose the cross-platform approach, it is essential to be within the main tools in the industry. With that in mind, we’ve listed some of the best-known tools to make it easier to find and choose:

1- FireMonkey

FireMonkey is software developed by Embarcadero. With the tool, it is possible to develop for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac OS. It is a tool focused on developing visually rich applications. Therefore, the software has a great feature to visualize the appearance of each new addition of code. See more on the official website.

2 – Xamarin

Xamarin was created by Xamarin Studio in 2013. It is an IDE that allows the development of apps using the C # language. In addition, the tool has integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, which allows users accustomed to this IDE do not need to migrate environment. It is an especially attractive tool for C # developers. Download and learn more here.

3 – Motorola Rhomobile

The tool developed in Ruby. It is an IDE that supports development for a considerable number of platforms, such as:

  • Windows Mobile;
  • Symbian;
  • Android;
  • iOS;
It is based on Rhodes, an open source framework for cross-platform development. Visit the official website to learn more.

4 – PhoneGap

This is a framework for developing mobile apps. The software uses Apache Cordova technology to access common functions on smartphones (geolocation, GPS, camera and so on …). With PhoneGap, it is possible to develop for:

  • Android;
  • Symbian;
  • Palm;
  • Blackberry;
  • iPhone;
PhoneGap courses and documentation are interesting differentials compared to their competitors. Learn more about the tool on the official website.


The mobile cross-platform development is nothing more than the creation of an application through a single development but that will be used for several platforms. In general, this approach is possible thanks to the use of HTML5 language and CSS, where the visual part of the app is designed to be later applied to a browser of the native SDK of each operating system. Opting for mobile cross-platform mobile application development has the great advantage of cutting development costs by almost three (if the application is developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), since only one developer or team will implement the program for all three systems.

Author Bio:
Angela Joseph is a digital analyst and technical writer. Currently, she`s working in Digital Gravity, a mobile application development company in Dubai and trying to improve herself in the blogging career.



What Should You Expect From Your Mobile Apps?





We have read and heard enough about mobile apps, its importance and how it could be instrumental in getting your business up and moving to greater heights. But as retailers, aren’t you on the lookout for the “ideal mobile app”. The single source of turbo boost for your business which could skyrocket online presence and bridge the gap between you and your customers. Sounds great but is there a set of hard and fast rules for an ideal app? Doesn’t the mobile app differ based on requirements and type of retail business?

Well, though mobile app development, you fully depend on your specific requirements as online retailers, your target audience, reach and so on, there is indeed a checklist of basic necessities which are looked for in almost all kinds of mobile apps. Let us look into the primary features of any mobile app for it to be customized and built upon.

The common aspects expected from a competent mobile apps are:

Let it be simple:

Mobile app users need not be necessarily tech savvy. There are users who are beginners or are probably trying to accustom with the way mobile apps work. Let your mobile apps not scare them. Keep your app simple to understand and use. From the design to the navigation, an ideal mobile app is one which can be used by everyone.


This is an important aspect of the technical part. The mobile apps should be compatible across platforms of iOS and android. It should also give space for future improvisations and development. Cross-platform compatibility is yet another feature which needs to be duly addressed.


The first thing to catch the attention after the look of your app will be its performance. Any lag or delay in loading would definitely aggravate users and stop them from using your mobile apps. So doubly ensure that your app is highly performing without any chances of hiccups.


This is the need of the hour. A secured platform to exchange information is pivotal. With fraudulence and misuse at its peak, it is cardinal to check the medium of communication for its reliability. After all it is used to pass on customer related information which could be sensitive.

Stay connected:

The first and foremost purpose of a mobile app is to maintain connectivity. The information on the mobile app should be updated regularly without any lag. Customers should be able to rely on the app for timely information.

Linking social media:

Linking the mobile app with social media and forums is a great way to propagate your online store. Give options to share, export information from the app to social media platforms to activate this medium. You could bet that it is proactive and will give you exemplary results.

Personalized looks:

Let the app be yours but give your customers the freedom to select the looks and appeal of the app. Provide them with options to change colors, fonts, themes and primary data to personalize the app. This feature would create a feeling of belongingness and help in connecting better with your target audience.

So begin listing the features for your ideal mobile app and accelerate the reach of your business.

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Future of Brand Marketing: AR Apps




In market the picture of the brands revolves around brand marketing and Augmented Reality acts a bond between the user and the brands. It is all about the brand marketing that attracts the customer and converts them into investors. And this makes AR an integral part of marketing communication.

Traditional brand advertisement is out the picture. Now it’s time for AR advertisement for gaining trend of the brand in market. Augmented Reality brings life to imaginary objects. Our real world augmented with virtual objects can help us to learn more in a better way. Smartphones are commonly used by many people. This helps Augmented Reality to create a perfect choice for telling any story.
Moreover Augmented Reality is extremely easy to us. Due to that the story based marketing improves efficiency when projected with augmented reality. With such features of AR, game developers are also keen interest in augmented reality.


To develop an effective marketing beauty brands have brought augmented reality with an interesting idea. This tool on mobile can explore the features of product which marketers could benefit from different sources. It provides easier steps for consumers to try products and feel its presence as if in reality.

With technology there are varieties of brand that are growing to connect with their user. Incorporating augmented reality into marketing strategies there possibility of beauty looks opens up a cohesive opportunity. Let user virtually check all products anywhere and anytime for better analysis without wasting the time and cost. There as AR tutorials to guide user to provide the perfect results. This way the marketing can be done avoiding the old process and strategies

Smart Packaging & Sustainability

Augmented reality offers intelligent packaging solution that seems to be in different era for the packaging industry. Augmented Reality packaging helps to create a connection with a customer and meanwhile helps to sell a product on main side.
AR is beneficial along with smart packaging can modify temperatures, atmospheres or provide the customer product in a non-marketing approach. Augmented reality in Packaging World is strengthening the connection with their customers.
To display a product details and even the actual product different firms can use augmented reality with smart devices. The possible uses for augmented reality mobile apps are seemingly endless right now. With the time new companies are likely to emerge as technology continues to advance.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Augmented reality can benefit consumers and brands across the boundaries. It can also improve your restaurant marketing. It is just a matter of time from ordering to finally enjoying your meal in couple of minutes. AR these days is also helping restaurants to manage towards customer’s health. With different approaches AR can educate people about their healthier, low sugar, calories-free menu options and many others in list.

Augmented reality changed the eating experience by just adding some advance feature and entertainment to it. Providing different promotional prizes on cultural events encourages frequency of customer visits.


Augmented Reality is driving automotive industry to higher level and providing inconceivable experience to customer. The engineer using AR solutions can visualize concepts in a different or effective way. Likewise train employees for better performance and results.

Without actually driving vehicle Augmented Reality helps automobile companies to allow their customers to experience the vehicle ride. AR based test drive setups integrated with three-dimensional effects provides experience without being physically present in the vehicle at all. It is contentment and satisfaction about the product that the company can offer to the user for using Augmented Reality.

AR also plays a vital role in a vehicle’s design and redesigning phase. AR technology, allows modifying the parts during premature stages. This small step helps in reducing the cost and time during the product launching phase. Talking about manufacturers, taking AR help they can estimate the exact picture of how the car will perform once it gets on the road.


Augmented reality marketing is a powerful tool to achieve communication with consumers by offering value. It helps in pushing the traditional boundaries out. It is helping in adopting the upcoming tech world.

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Tips to Hire the Best App Developers for Your Business



Coming up with a great app idea might take a considerable effort from your end but turning up with a great mobile application development team is not that tough. All you need to do is be a bit selective and act wise. The success of your app is directly reliant on the type of developers you are hiring. So, in case, you are taking a decision without putting much thought into the same, you might run the risk of making a wrong choice. Well, this blog is going to provide you with a few tips on how to meet the team of your dream.

Focus on a geographical site

Focusing on a particular destination would always make sense. The most common app development locations should be your top priority. North America, the UK, India, and Ukraine are ranked first in this regard. North America accounts for more than half of the supply of information technology in the world. Silicon Valley speaks for itself, obviously. Other than that, the headquarters of the leading IT companies are located in the USA, even if their R&D offices are somewhere across the ocean. According to research by VisionMobile, though, North America is the third largest continent by the number of app developers after Asia and Europe.

Speaking of Europe, guess where most app developers hang out? You probably think it’s London or Berlin, and this is exactly what Google research found out. The Foggy Albion makes more than a third of revenues from mobile software in Europe, which is why it’s the second most important tech hub in the world after the USA. By the way, Berlin comes in the second in Europe. Ukraine is in the Gartner’s list of top 30 outsourcing destinations. Ukrainian app developers get frequently employed by companies and individual entrepreneurs from Western Europe, UK, the USA and Canada. So, giving a special focus on these locations will definitely help you to a significant extent.

Never forget to check the developer’s profile

Those looking for an answer to ‘how do I find an app developer who can deliver the best mobile app development services?’ can primarily start with researching on a freelance website, where they can check a candidate’s profile, a list of clients and their references, and projects as well. Choosing any random developer would not be beneficial to any of your purposes. So, always be mindful enough to opt for the best one.

Making a list of candidates also makes sense

At the first glance, it may seem that finding a developer isn’t that difficult. But once you find someone, you need to make sure this app developer can meet all your expectations. We wouldn’t advise you to snap up the cheapest or the fastest offers. We’d recommend you to shortlist the preferred candidates at first and then, proceed the further steps

Never forget to compare! It often leads to the perfect decisions!

Once you have the list of candidates, you should ask them a lot of different questions which can help you make the right choice.

The above tips should really help you in hiring the best app developer.

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