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Lyft Plans to Begin its Shuttle Service for the Travelers



Lyft Shuttle is the ride-hailing firm’s recent product to relate the defined routes and smooth expenses of a city transportation service. The new feature is being proven out in San Francisco and Chicago, is an enlargement of Lyft’s carpool service, Lyft Line.
The main essential feature is that, instead of appearing straight away at your door and then dropping you off at the desired destination, the operator operates along a fixed route, with prearranged pick-up and drop-off locations. So, people who use this service may save a little money, but they’ll need to walk for a fewer distance.
The service is made available during weekday drive hours, starting from 6:30 to 10 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM. The expense of the journey is also fixed at the lowest price, a spokesperson said. Though the prices are fixed at lowest rate it is also driven by time and distance. Fares for Lyft Shuttle are not affected by surge pricing.
Lyft says the expense of a Shuttle ride will differ counting on the length of the journey; a screenshot the firm shared with BuzzFeed News offer a standard price for a Shuttle ride of about $3.50.
It is also said that people don’t have particular on prices and how it will operate exactly, for instance, do the operators just cross the routes waiting for signals or do they move back and forth by desired locations every few minutes like a bus with Lyft hoping to disclose more details in the future.
Travelers who like to use the service are being presented a discount until April 30th. Operators are paid the normal Lyft Line charge, except surge pricing is in effect. That’s when Lyft will have to plunge into its own transport to cover-up the difference with premium.
Lyft says Shuttle is a continuation of its Line service, a cheap and essential carpool feature that is in competition with Uber Pool. A Lyft spokesperson said operators will get the usual fare while driving Shuttle as they do in driving a Lyft Line.
It is expected that Lyft Line is the future of ride-hailing service and people frequently believe that they will have a great impact towards the travelers in the transportation feature, says a spokesperson. People determine to give comment on Shuttle from the Lyft association; we see a number of softening use cases that this mode will make it much better.
But this is not a new approach in the world of ride-hailing services. Uber and Lyft have been testing numerous fixed-route products for more than a year. In 2015, Uber started testing a service known as Uber Hop in Seattle, in which numerous travelers who are riding in a usual route are paired with the same operator. This was designed on the modified Smart Routes which Uber was testing in San Francisco and Chicago before that a year.
Lyft had a more carpooling commodity that it was testing in the Bay Area, in which none- amateur operators could get paid to carry away passengers on their way to work. But that pilot was ceased after Lyft decline to find satisfied operators to join.
If Uber and Lyft enlarge to satisfy more passengers to share trips and use established path, and the firms inevitable routing systems grow more accurate, it’s easy to frame a future where a group of minivans or else buses use Uber and Lyft’s service and transport horde of traveler to and from work every day, along the subways, vans, and other modes of transportation services.
To book shuttle transportation, travelers need to type in their destination, get paired with a Lyft shuttle path, and walk to the pickup point. Travelers try to make the morning meeting can predict Shuttle to evaluate how long it will take to walk to the pickup location, how long the trip will be, and how long it will take to walk from the drop-off location to the final end.

Working on Lyft shuttle with respect to email sent to customers
Lyft Line is a door-to-door ride-hailing transportation network service with additional stops to pick up and drop off the passengers along the way, but Shuttle has established routes, and riders need to walk to exact points on both the ends of the journey.
Depending on the email, it notices like the Shuttle paths in San Francisco will generally help the riders who live and work in the city’s more luxurious surroundings as like the Marina and Russian Hill and the South of Market surroundings, where ample of tech firms have their responsibility. Lyft says Shuttle will look as an option when you begin the app only if you’re near one of these paths.
The use of exclusive shuttle buses rather than public transit options is a classical quarrelsome issue in San Francisco, where busloads of tech peoples use private, firm-funded shuttles to get to and from work in Silicon Valley each day. But there is also a lot of chance, and thereby contest, in the commuter’s space; last fall, Ford seized Chariot, a San Francisco-based shuttle firm which is also meant to add to public transportation services.
People look in front to comment on Shuttle from the Lyft association, said a Lyft spokeswoman. They even arrive at a large number of driving use cases that this ride type will make it much better.
Close to Uber, Lyft has been thought of as second-string in the ride-hailing transportation network space. While Uber is evaluated at $68 billion, Lyft is treasured at the rate of $5.5 billion. Although Uber is in more than 450 cities in the world, Lyft is in 300 US cities. But the competition is boosting as Lyft persists to grow and Uber is up to its nape in public embarrassment.
Uber also joined an update on Thursday stating that the new feature allows riders to adjust their stimulant location after they have called for a trip. The concept is to make that assignation much easier.
Pickups are one of the difficult parts of the practice to get right, and they’re especially hard when a traveler unintentionally asks for a pickup from the wrong place, Uber wrote in a blog post. It usually starts with a phone call and ends with an eliminated trip.
Uber states that the pickups aspect, along with a large group of other updates, in November. The firm said pickup adjustment will be made feasible to all riders in the US, Canada, and the UK in the upcoming weeks.
As for Shuttle, Lyft suggests that it will share more details on its San Francisco and Chicago test runs, as well as feasible pilot tests in other cities, in the upcoming future.
Uber’s CEO said in a press meet guiding Tuesday at the firm’s swanky San Francisco headquarters. This is a radical rebuild and overhaul of the app from the mark.
Uber’s argument is much simple. It pairs the operators with riders through a smartphone app. In the past several years, it has gone from a small startup firm to the largest transportation services on the planet, working in more than 70 countries. With an evaluation of $68 billion, Uber is the world’s biggest valued venture-backed firm.



The Top Travelling Destinations in West Bengal



West Bengal is a great state to travel. Tourists can choose from a rich repertoire of hill stations, beaches, forest regions, and historical sites. In spite of being so varied in its topography, tourism in West Bengal is mostly associated with only one place – Darjeeling. Famous for its tea plantations all over the world, there are many tea estate resorts in Darjeeling that have come up in the last few years as a direct response to tourist demand.

But Darjeeling is only one small part of the huge canvas that is West Bengal. There are so many more tourism destinations in the state. Below, we have compiled a list of some great places to visit in West Bengal.


The most popular weekend destination in West Bengal, Digha is a seaside resort town famous for its spectacular beaches. It lies in the East Medinipur district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. A visit to Digha is incomplete without taking a bath at the Digha beach. Other attractions include Marine Aquarium and Research Centre, Lord Shiva Temple at Chandaneswar, Old Digha, Shankarpur beach and the Udaipur Beach. Digha is an extremely popular tourist spot in West Bengal.


The crowning jewel of West Bengal tourism, Darjeeling is a hill station located at an elevation of 2,042 meters above sea level.  This picturesque town, set against the backdrop of the lesser Himalayan ranges, is well known in the whole world. Each year, the amount of tourists that visit here keeps increasing and as a result, there are many resorts in Darjeeling that have come up to deal with the rising demand. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a UNESCO world heritage site. With tea plantations set up all over the hilly slopes, and Buddhist monasteries dotting up along the way, there are many beautiful sights to see here. Darjeeling is known for its spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga Mountains. There are many tea gardens in this hill station which double up as resorts for the visitors. These tea estate resorts in Darjeeling are seeing a growing popularity among the tourist’s population.


Bengal is famous in the world for two people – Satyajit Ray and Rabindranath Tagore. Regarded as the home of Tagore, Santiniketan is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. Tagore founded the Visva-Bharati University here in Shantiniketan, whose central premise was that learning in a natural environment would be more enjoyable and fruitful. The Shantiniketan campus is adorned with splendid sculptures, frescoes, murals, and paintings of Rabindranath, Nandalal Bose, Ramkinkar, and Binodbehari Mukhopadhyay. The town is also famous for its Baul Singers and various cultural festivals that keep happening all year round including the Poush Mela in December, Joydev Mela in January, and the very famous Basanta Utsav (Holi) in March.


Located in the Bankura district of Bengal, Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples that date back to 15th century. For almost a thousand years, this historical town was the capital of the Malla kings of Mallabhum. Under their patronage, Bishnupur became one of the principal centers of culture in Bengal. Most of the exquisite terracotta temples, for which the town is famous today, were built during that period. Apart from the craft of terracotta, Bishnupur is also well-known for its local production of Baluchari sarees.


Regarded as the longest drivable beach in India by some, Mandarmani is a seaside resort village in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal. A pristine long stretch of sparkling clean beach, it is soon developing into a popular tourist destination. Spotting red crabs crawling around the beach side is one of the special attractions of Mandarmani. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful and quiet time.


A favorite choice for honeymooning couples, Kalimpong is located at an average elevation of 1,250 meters above the main sea level. Nestled in the foothills of Shivalik ranges, this hill station overlooks the Teesta River valley. The town is home to many ancient Buddhist monasteries, some old churches, and the popular flower market here that boats of a wide array of orchids. A popular destination, there are many resorts here offering beautiful panoramic views to its visitors.


Perched in between the Siliguri and Darjeeling highway, Kurseong is a small hill station located at an elevation of 1,458 meters above sea level. Set against the picturesque background of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, the town is dotted with little tea plantations all over the hilly slopes. The literal meaning of the word Kurseong means the ‘Land of White Orchids’ in the Lepcha language. During spring in every year, the hill station comes alive with large groups of white orchids seen growing abundantly in the region.


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5 Outstanding Places to Camp in California



Places to Camp in California

When you think of an adventurous vacation, camping would be the first thing which comes to your mind and there is no destination better than California. The state is one of the best places to go camping thanks to some terrific campgrounds and a variety of spots to pitch a tent.

Whether you prefer to wander on the beach, dwell in the desert or hop in the forest, campsites in California has something for everyone. So pack your gear, call your friends, and head out to sleep under the stars at one of these beautiful campsites.

1. Lake Tahoe

The country’s largest lake is a stunning location for camping. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in both California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is also a favourite outdoor recreation destination and is a top spot for kayaking, boating, hiking and bicycling. There are many worth seeing sights such as the beautiful sunrise, the crystal water of the lake, and if you’re lucky, you might get the chance to see the fog hovering just over the water.

2. Yosemite

Yosemite is packed with many amazing campsites. Yosemite National park is a geological wonder, and it is voted as one of the top 5 national parks for camping by the readers. The park has 13 campgrounds, many of them are seasonal, and in high demand.

Yosemite Valley is not only pleasant for camping, but it’s also an excellent destination for climbing, hiking, and sightseeing. The valley has phenomenal natural beauty including 5 of the world’s highest waterfalls. Yosemite has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it covers over 1,100 miles of land. Approximately four million visitors visit the park on an annual basis. So hurry and pack your luggage to camp in Yosemite.  You can see Sequoia trees, waterfalls, and forests in the valley along your way. Some of the famous campgrounds in Yosemite include the Pines, Camp four, Bridalveil Creek, Wawona, Crane Flat, Hodgdon Meadow, and Yosemite Creek.

3. Big Sur

The land in the south of Monterey along the coast of California has been inspiring artists, musicians, and travellers for years. The natural wonders of this place will stun you for sure. What you need to remember is that the area has a severe winter and landslides. The best time to visit Big Sur is from April through October.

Big Sur has a variety of accommodations from camping and cabin rentals to luxury hotels and home rentals. The best part is that the place is budget friendly for everyone.

There are many scenic spots to camp in Big Sur. In fact, it is the preferred location for travelers for its spectacular views and hiking.

 4. Death Valley

Death Valley is the driest and hottest area in North America. It is located in Eastern California’s Mojave Desert. The land has diverse wildlife, spring wildflowers, snowy winter peaks, and record summer heat. The National park is the best destination for recreation and seasonal camping.

Death Valley is the perfect place to explore with family. There are tons of sightseeing spots and fantastic sunset locations including;

    • Zabriskie Point
    • Badwater basin
    • Artist’s palette
    • The Racetrack (4 wheel vehicle required)
    • Devil’s Golf course
    • Natural bridge

5. Redwood National and State Parks, (Northern California)

Redwood Nationals and State Parks are 2,000-year-old beauties, and camping on this natural wonder is a divine experience. The site has four campgrounds. Redwood national park, Prairie Creek Redwoods state park, and Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park are located in the Redwood forest.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park stretches out along the Pacific coastline at Gold Bluffs Beach. With proper planning, camping in Redwood National and State Parks will be a delightful experience for visitors of all ages, and backgrounds.

Here’s a Friendly Reminder:

One of the best ways to spend time together as a family outdoors is to go camping. Having the right to- do list and knowing the best camping hacks can help you pull off a trip on a budget. Keep in mind that it doesn’t help that you simply haul everything, or buy the most accommodating tent you can get your hands on. You want to travel light, and you can’t afford missing out on the real camping experience.

It doesn’t matter what climate you are planning to camp in you would want to make sure that everyone is cozy and safe. Choose your tent while considering the campsite and space. Opt for an ecologically friendly tent, one crafted from no toxic substances, without comprising on the quality standards that you look for in a tent. The canvas tent you choose should be waterproof, have the right kind of panels that you need, and quality stitching to make sure that it lasts.

You also have to consider sleeping bags. Unless you are very sure that you will be camping where it is cold, then you want a bag that falls within the range of 20 and 40 degrees. A handy tip is to let your sleeping bags air out on top of the tent if the weather permits it.

You might also need a ground tarp, flashlights or lamps, and towels and other hygiene items for every family member on the trip. If you like you can also take sleeping pads that you can quickly inflate with a few puffs.  In addition to the basic camping gear, some of the extras that you will definitely need are:

  • Small toys for children in your camp
  • Extra sheets to create rooms in the tent
  • A camera to capture the moments
  • A small net with a bucket for when you are camping near a stream
  • Baby wipes to clean hands with
  • A hammock
  • A playpen if you want the children to stay off the dirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A clothesline to hang your wet clothes

It is essential that once you are settled, you make sure that you have a game of camp rules for all the children. It helps if the kids know the kitchen, campfire, and sleeping areas, and that they also know some basics like asking before they take or use anything from any of these areas. Last, instruct young kids not to run around the fire, and never go exploring a campsite on their own or with other kids without adult supervision.

Once you take care of the basics, an overnight camping adventure with family would be a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the world.

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Various Types of Caravans for your Travel



Caravans have evolved as one of the best choices to travel any place especially when you are in a group. The caravans are packed with a number of facilities, amenities and a large amount of space for storage as well. Choosing a caravan for your travel can definitely be a good decision. There are quite a number of options available in the category of caravans so you can easily explore and choose one of them.

Different Types of Caravan Available in the Market:

There are various types of caravan available in the market and you can also customize your caravan according to your needs. Here you can find different types of caravans and their attractive features:

Different Types of Caravans for your Travel

  • Regular caravan – The very first option that you will come across is that of a regular one. It is stretched to about 10 metres in length and has sufficient height and width to accommodate everything. The number of axles may vary from one to three axles depending on the size of the caravan. The best thing about this kind of caravan is the easy towing and can be perfect for any weather. You can consider this option without any doubt in your mind.
  • Fifth wheeler caravan – The next set of caravans that you can go for is the fifth wheeler. As the name indicates the caravan has an extra wheel and usually runs on three axles. The fifth wheel adds to the stability of the caravan and at the same time offers a lot of space too. You can just use this caravan as your home on wheel because you can easily accommodate all your necessary gadgets and appliances inside the caravan. So if you are looking for something that is comfortable and luxurious then this could be your choice.
  • Pop-up Caravans – This is somewhat like the regular one but there is no roof storage. It is because the roof has to be dropped down when the caravan is not in use. When you start moving the roof can be popped up and that is why it has been named on the basis of its function. Though space is limited but you can have a good time with your family and enjoy to the fullest. You can choose this caravan for your small vacation and your small family can easily accommodate and feel utmost comfort inside this small caravan.
  • Folding caravans – Then you have the folding caravans which are more or less similar to a small home. It is comfortable, affordable and durable. It is limited to only 5 people and therefore ideal only for small families. The best part is that these are very light and therefore towing is quite smooth and effortless.
  • Canopies – Last but not the least is the caravan canopies which too give you the best option you are looking for. It resembles likes a canopy and that is why named like that. If you are traveling with a small family you can try this option. There are a lot of popular brands who design such caravans so you can easily get in touch with them and make the right choice. Even you can also customize the design as well as interior of this caravan.

No matter what type of caravan you are looking for, one needs to be familiar with their needs and their budget. If you know what you are looking for it will be easy to decide as which type of caravan is most suited. So do not get puzzled by looking at the various kinds of caravans but take time to explore them and see option suits the requirements best.

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